Piece of Paradise, by Rap Artist ‘Focused’ (Music Video)

This was received via the CopBlock.org submission page:

Focused  Song VideoMy name is Focused and I am a rapper and videographer from Toronto, Canada. During the G20 held in Toronto in June of 2010, I noticed a massive change in police behavior and attitude towards its citizens. Then I realized that this will no longer be the Canada I remember growing up in. From that day I knew we were on our way to becoming a police state.

Fast forward to 2014: There is a shooting in Ottawa at the parliament building. Now government has been given the green light to launch its own secret bill, C-51, which would allow CSIS to become a special secret police force. This bill will strip all Canadians of basic human rights and freedoms, including freedom of expression. Our environment and indigenous people are being eliminated, and if this bill goes through anyone defending the two will be deemed a threat to the state and be locked away in northern Alberta.

I saw this a mile away and rap about it in my songs. I want to do what I can while I still can. You guys are a great organization (CopBlock.org). Keep up the great work!


~ Focused (see below for additional links)

AM Grinding Productions Website
Focused YouTube
Focused Cd’s For Sale
Focused on Soundcloud

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