Cleveland Safety Committee Meeting Gets Heated

Councilmen in Cleveland are feeling the heat from their communities to do something about police brutality. Councilman Reed, who was booted from the community when he showed up at the Brandon Jones protest in East Cleveland last month, actually had the sack to ask about the mistreatment of the protesters arrested Saturday night after the Brelo verdict.

Cleveland_City_Council_seal“Do you believe that the process that kept these individuals in jail for 48 hours was the right process for what these individuals did,” Reed asked during Wednesday’s council safety committee meeting. In true tyrannical fashion, Councilman Matt Zone told Reed the council should focus on other issues.

In my experience with this Zone clown, he is not interested in getting to the bottom of the problem with Cleveland police, only that the discussion about it, be respectful. How can you expect respect for these criminals known as the Cleveland police Mr Zone? Perhaps the movement calling for Mayor Frank Jackson’ recall, should be gunning for your ass too councilman. What do you think?

Zone continued, “I like to work on stuff that makes the city better,” I don’t like to focus on scenarios that contribute to the hysteria and frustration that is going on.” When I tried to show Matt Zone the video I made of the Cleveland police officer harassing me for asking for a complaint form. His reaction was to call me aggressive and walk away in the middle of viewing the video.


It does not seem to me that any of Cleveland’s leaders have any interest in striking the root of the police brutality problem. The police union and the thin blue line make sure of that! I think I see a pattern developing here. Police unions are the major contributor to police brutality. If these assholes would shun officers they know are dirty, instead of covering their asses every single time, we’d all be better off! Instead they just protect the killers, and rapists, and drug dealers, and extortionists, within their own ranks.

If it were me I know I wouldn’t want to work with anyone I knew was involved in that kind of nonsense. I would want to distance myself and let everyone I know what type of person they are dealing with. Unfortunately that doesn’t fit in the teachings of the thin blue bible.


Chuck U Farley

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