VA. Deputy Charged After Dash-Cam Shows Him “Maliciously Wound,” Arrest Ex-Girlfriend

A Virginia sheriff’s deputy was arrested Thursday and is being held without bond after dash-cam footage revealed what really happened during a June traffic stop last year.

That video has not yet been made public but prosecutors say Dinwiddie County Deputy Michael Green pulled over his estranged girlfriend, pulled her out of her car and while on top of her, maced her in the face.

“He had pulled her over and charged her with traffic infractions,” Dinwiddie Commonwealth’s Attorney Ann Cabell Baskerville said. “In reviewing the evidence of what was supposed to be the case against her, we see it is much more of a case against him.”

Green was fired last week and indicted Thursday for “felony malicious wounding with a caustic substance,” by a grand jury.

Legal analysts say Green could face up to 30 years in prison for the charge.

All police department cases involving Green, 12 in total, have now been dismissed and will not be heard in court.

“We cant ethically go forward when a charge is based on a former officer’s testimony and we had doubts about the integrity of that,” Baskerville said.

“Any case involving him, where he would be a necessary witness, was dropped for two reasons. One, we can’t rely on testimony by him when we have questions about his integrity and two, is just a question of legitimacy.”

“I think that’s the right decision on the part of the prosecutor to assume all the cases are tainted and drop the cases,” legal analyst Todd Stone said.

Green is also facing a civil lawsuit filed in April after a similar incident, where a “suspect” ended up with two broken ribs after a traffic stop. That suit is seeking $1.3 million in damages.

Both Green’s ex and the individual responsible for filing the April lawsuit have had all criminal charges against them dropped.

Green continues to be held without bond in the Dinwiddie County jail.

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