Two Men Stuck in Flood Call Police for Help, Cops Arrive and Kill One of Them, Arrest the Other

(Tulsa, OK) On Friday, two brothers called police for help as they were trying to move their truck after it had stalled on a road that was quickly flooding. Soon after Oklahoma State Troopers arrive, one of the brothers is shot dead by the very people they called for help and the other brother finds himself arrested after he just watched his own brother being shot to death.

The local Tulsa World reports,

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has identified a Tulsa man who died late Friday after being shot by an OHP trooper who claimed he was attacked during a call southeast of Liberty.
OHP Capt. Paul Timmons confirmed Saturday evening that Nehemiah Fischer was killed in an alleged scuffle with troopers. His brother, Brandon Fischer, was booked into the Okmulgee County jail on accusations of assaulting an officer and public intoxication.
Timmons said the shooting occurred in the area of Hectorville and Bixby roads and that authorities received a stranded vehicle report from Bixby Road around 9:20 p.m. Friday. Troopers arrived to see Nehemiah and Brandon Fischer, who appeared to be pushing a vehicle that had stalled due to flooding, Timmons said.

“The water was already fairly deep, and it was starting to rise pretty quickly and it was running pretty rapidly across the road,” he said. “They were concerned these guys would be swept away.”

A trooper on scene told the brothers to get to higher ground, and a physical confrontation reportedly occurred soon after, Timmons said.

“For whatever reason, and this is where it gets a little cloudy, (the men) approached the troopers,” he said. “Shots were fired.”

It wasn’t clear Saturday whether one or both troopers at the scene fired at the men, but Nehemiah Fischer was struck and died at the scene. Timmons said Brandon Fischer was uninjured and was taken to the Okmulgee County jail on one complaint of assaulting an officer and another complaint of public intoxication.

Authorities weren’t yet sure whether either man had a weapon and did not describe what type of altercation may have occurred between them and the troopers. Both troopers are expected to be placed on leave while OHP investigates the incident, Timmons said, adding that investigators will attempt to talk to the man who survived.

Neither trooper was injured, Timmons said.


Nehemiah Fischer was an assistant pastor at Faith Bible Church and was loved by his family and his community.

It’s a little hard to believe that the Oklahoma State Troopers were concerned for the safety of the two individuals like the police captain made it seem, especially since they end up shooting the man to death in front of his own brother and then arresting him after responding to a call for help. Is this protecting and serving? Time and time again, people have learned the hard way that calling the police often ends up in people getting killed rather than helped, which is why I say, if you care about yourself and your loved ones, DON’T CALL THE POLICE.



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