LAPD Slam Woman into Tree Over Unleashed Dog (VIDEO)

The details of the story are still unclear but the video was sent to’s email stating that a woman was being harassed for not having a dog on a leash. I’ve reached out to the person who sent the email seeking more information and will update this post accordingly. What we do know at this time is that a woman, who claims to be a police officer from Norway, is the person filming the encounter between two police officers. She provides an interesting perspective to the police abuse she catches on video.

In the video a Male LAPD officer aggressively throws a female to the ground, striking her head into a tree as other police come to provide backup. The woman taking the video can be heard saying, “You hit her head, let her go, let her go” as she attempted to help the woman being assaulted. Additional officers pushed her back while riding in on their horses and then accuse the woman of interfering. It all seems to be extremely over the top for a dog without a leash and even the woman from Norway noticed this before the aggression started when she said, “this is not protective services.” No, no it’s not and we haven’t had that in the United States for a long time.

Isn’t it sad that people from other countries find the policing policies of the United States to be a joke? Insane? Over the top and ridiculous? Shouldn’t this be telling us something? Shouldn’t this tell the police something?

Again, I’ll keep you updated as this story develops and if you have any information feel free to contact us as well. Or check out the Resources Tab to prepare yourself with knowledge, gear and more in case of a potential police interaction.

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