Lawsuit Claims Officer Pulled Down Woman’s Pants, Exposed Himself On Domestic Call

A lawsuit filed in federal court on May 27 alleges a “lewd and disgusting” Las Vegas police officer pulled down a woman’s pants, photographed her, and then exposed himself.

Sasha Boseke says she called the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department on June 1, 2013, after a “domestic incident” with her boyfriend, who assaulted her. The boyfriend was arrested.

The lawsuit claims that after a female officer had already taken photos of her injuries, Officer Solomon Coleman waited until all other officers left, and followed Boseke to her bedroom where he told her to pull down her shorts so he could see her bruises.

When Boseke “refused to expose her body,” Coleman “forcefully pulled down [her] shorts and undergarments, and, further, told [her] to lean over her bed, which exposed her nude body” the lawsuit says.

While bent over her bed, nude from the waist down, “Coleman took photographs of [Boseke’s] nude body with a cell phone camera,” without her consent and then “exposed his penis to [her] and made lewd and vile remarks.”

“At no time did [Boseke] consent in any manner to the lewd and disgusting conduct of  Coleman, nor did [she] engage in any consensual sexual activity with defendant Coleman,” the lawsuit states.

Boseke says Coleman told her, “he had to leave but that he would return that evening.” When the officer did in fact return, Boseke refused to let him in, and called the police to report him.

An internal police investigation into the incident found that, according to his activity log, Coleman remained at Boseke’s apartment for 36 minutes after all of the other officers had left.

After pictures and other materials showing the covert filming of sex acts were found on Coleman’s phone, he was indicted by a grand jury and charged with two counts of oppression under color of office, two counts of open or gross lewdness, indecent exposure, and capturing an image of the private area of another person – all misdemeanors.

Coleman, who no longer works for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, is scheduled for criminal trial on June 29.

In the federal lawsuit, Boseke is seeking punitive damages for assault and battery, emotional distress, civil rights violations and negligence.

Las Vegas police have refused to comment on “pending litigation.”

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  • vegas jack

    Another fine Las Vegas Metro officer. Lets see, just in recent days two LV cops, Pat Taylor and James Henry, were caught with kiddie porn and lets not forget Mike Kitchen who thought he was entitled to rape a helpless lady. Metro has a long history of these “heroes” who work our streets.

  • JC

    It should be interesting to see how this one turns out.

  • steve

    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

  • mobooz

    No deadly weapon enhancement? Weak sauce.

  • Adam Reed

    Citizens of America I would highly recommend & encourage we all take a stand once and for all against police corruption/brutality.The best way to do so,write to your state representative and complain.take a stand,Let them know how fed up we all are from this.Come Join M.A.C.C. (men against corrupted cops) in support,back each other up nationally and help dissolve the corruption quickly within the police forces.Help pass laws for every citizen in case we feel uncomfortable,unease and offended by a sudden attack by a cop so we can protect ourselves.we don’t deserve it so why tolerate it? Together we stand,divided we fall remember that.I urge everyone that’s had enough to stand up and help defend our god given american rights that corrupted cops are attempting to take away with nonsense procedural excuses they literally use against us.please go to the website below,sign up and become a member.Support copblock in your local neighborhood,towns and cities.Enough is enough!

  • weThePolice

    And if out of thousands of plumbers living and working in Las Vegas, a few plumbers committed some of those minor offenses, would you accuse all plumbers of corruption? Guilt by occupation, is that how your ignorant mind works?

  • Terry Moore

    He’s guilty. What more do you need?

  • vegas jack

    Three officers in nine days caught doing despicable crimes and you suggest there is no problem with Metro and who they hire? You are the ignorant one here piggy. Go and shake down a minority or shoot someones dog loser.

  • vegas jack

    Another thing, when did rapists and pedophiles become minor offenses? A statement that dumb convinces me you are a fucking pig.

  • JC

    Were you on the jury? Were you even in the courtroom. Oh wait, he hasn’t gone to trial as of yet.

  • weThePolice

    I wouldn’t shoot a dog unless it disobeyed an order. If a minority is carrying cash, a reasonable assumption can be made that he obtained the cash illegally. All illegal cash must be confiscated in order to prevent crime

  • Hater

    Sounds about right. Give a pavement ape a little authority and watch the monkey shines begin. Groids have very little impulse control. Coupled with their low IQs and high testosterone every woman that comes into contact with a rape ape better be on guard. Especially when said knuckle drager has a badge.

  • Hater

    I wouldn’t shoot a dog for it…

  • fuckcopsuckers

    I’d love to be on your jury. I’d make sure you ended up 6ft under….

  • L

    What about when a cauciod trailer park chimp who does little boys there Gomer? Which one are you a Duggarite, a Hastert, or a Sandusky?

  • Hater

    What’s your family history have to do with this pavement rape ape?

  • L

    Ah History teacher, should have guessed a Hastert. I would have guessed a lonely catholic priest.

  • vegas jack

    Showing your true colors!

  • Sylvain Pimpare

    For doing all that at once that mean he did something a little less before.