Southern Nevadans No Longer Required to Register Handguns

Gun Registration MapNevada Governor Brian Sandoval has just signed into law a pair of bills that overturn the previous requirement in Clark County to register handguns with the police. Clark County, which includes Las Vegas, is located in the Southern-most region of Nevada and comprises nearly 75% of the population of the entire state. Prior to the passage of those bills, Clark County was the only area within Nevada with such a stipulation.

While Nevada prohibits counties or local governments from passing gun laws more restrictive than state laws, Clark County had been given an exemption in the past with regard to the registration of handguns. Up until now, anyone buying a handgun (or moving from another state/county) had up to 60 days to apply for a “blue card.” In addition, the three day waiting period and restrictions on open carrying within local parks have also been overturned by these bills, although gun bans in some public buildings remain. That currently includes schools, colleges, or universities, although an active bill, dubbed the “Campus Carry Bill” (Assembly Bill 487), would enable open carry (and concealed carry, with a CCW permit) on college campuses.

Via the “Nevada Carry” Blog:

The Details

Here is a summary of what the new language of the state preemption statues say in detail:

  • Only the legislature can make laws regarding transfers, sales, purchases, possession, carrying, owning, transporting, selling, registering and licensing, firearm accessories and ammunition.
  • All local laws, regulations, rules or ordinances on guns, except for unsafe discharge of firearms, are null and void. This means they are unenforceable as if they didn’t exist.
  • Any actions taken to enforce the preempted local laws (arrest, detention, citation) are null and void.
  • Clark County’s previous exemption for handgun registration is eliminated.
  • All local ordinances or regulations must be repealed and signs contrary to state law taken downLas Vegas
  • Metro PD must destroy all handgun registration records (one year to comply).

Read the full text of Nevada Senate Bills 175 and 240 by following the links.


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