Fresno,CA Police Officer Accepts Probation for Raping Another Cop

A former Fresno police officer pleaded no contest last week to the charges of raping a Reedley police officer in 2010.

William Wyatt, who was an employee of the Fresno Police Department from 2003 to 2012, will not spend any time behind bars.  According to the Fresno Bee, he’s expected to be sentenced to probation instead.

Fresno defense attorney Mark Broughton, who represented Wyatt, said Thursday his client accepted a plea agreement because it offered him “probation with no additional time in custody.”

If Wyatt, 36, had been convicted at trial, he would have faced up to eight years in prison.

Wyatt initially plead not guilty, claiming it was a mischaracterization of a consensual encounter.  The victim says she never consented to having sex with Wyatt, and she didn’t know of the sexual encounter until 2012, when pictures were discovered on Wyatt’s home computer she says show her being raped.

The allegations in 2012 prompted an internal affairs investigation.  Fresno chief of police, Jerry Dyer, transferred the investigation to Sheriff’s Detective Andrea McCormick, because the alleged rape happened in a county island.  According to an affidavit written by McCormick, the rape happened after the victim went out drinking with Wyatt and two of his friends.

The woman said she remembered only arriving at the bar but nothing else “due to heavy alcohol consumption,” McCormick wrote in her affidavit. The woman remembered waking up the following morning in Wyatt’s bedroom wearing sweat pants and a white T-shirt that didn’t belong to her. She then asked Wyatt to take her home.

The woman didn’t know she had been raped until Jan. 18, 2012, when she learned of photographs on Wyatt’s computer that showed her having sex with him, McCormick wrote.

The woman told the detective that the photographs showed “she is clearly passed out while the officer was having sex with her,” the affidavit said.

The woman also told the detective that she didn’t remember having sex and could not have given consent because she was extremely intoxicated, the affidavit said.

McCormick’s affidavit was in support of a warrant to search Wyatt’s home. Several computers and an iPhone were seized as evidence, the court documents said.

In her affidavit, McCormick wrote that Wyatt’s computer had 36 images of the woman, “20 of which depict the victim completely nude lying on a bed.”

Wyatt was arrested in August 2012. After being booked into jail, he was released after posting bail.

Was a consensual night of drunk sex and picture-taking mischaracterized?  Or did Officer Wyatt date rape his female colleague?  Most people would say those questions are to be answered by a jury of his peers, but the justice system works different if you’re a cop. Even if the charges aren’t related to their “duty”, they’re treated with leniency for just about anything.  Even raping other cops.

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  • Tracey Sparks


  • Chris Rickard

    Waiting to see JC somehow explain how she deserved it

  • Mike TheVet

    LOL i know right? I was just thinking, “I bet JC says it’s justified.” hahahahaa

    Fukin trolls are pure entertainment on this website. That’s why I always want them to reply.

  • Steven Galindo

    Why did the lady cop agree to this lesser deal?

  • JC

    Sounds like a he said she said. If there was a real case, the DA would have pursued charges and a conviction.

  • Sounds like another case of the system protecting a corrupt cop even when he pleads guilty.

  • msadt

    Rape victims don’t typically have a say so in any plea deals made with their attackers. I know this from experience. My rapist was a stranger to me and managed to get one of those sweetheart pleas. In the meantime he raped at least 2 other women and finally after decades ended up in prison! And I’m sure its even sweeter for a cop. Stop blaming the victims!

  • RaymondbyEllis

    He’s a male cop, so much pressure, and she isn’t?

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Yeah, the victim doesn’t make the sentence or the charge, and they shouldn’t. Rape, beatings, attempted murder, even murder, the “victims” do not make the charge nor the sentence. (Scare quotes for victim because I included murder.)

    I don’t think he was blaming the victim, I think he thought the victim had a word in agreeing to the lesser charge. Don’t make it into the knee-jerk “blaming the victim”…

    Your case is an anecdote, it has real meaning to you, but it’s still an anecdote. If the police had found someone not your rapist, he was charged, convicted, and he went to prison for raping you, what was accomplished? Nothing.

    Perhaps I see too much in your mantra of “stop blaming the victims”.

  • Steven Galindo

    First, i’m sorry it happened to you. Second, i didn’t blame a victim. Third, i don’t think it is fair and should not be legal for rapists to plead out.

  • martymarsh

    Well, it sounds fair to me.

  • chris968

    Cops always get off the hook. It’s one of the perks of the job.

  • chris968

    Sounds pretty incriminating having video and naked pictures of an unconscious woman on his computer,

  • t

    I’m really torn and conflicted on this one.

  • drinkyourredbullpiggies

    Any real man and true american would hunt down this dog and put him out of the plubics nightmare. Make sure to cut his junk off and mail it to the DA that hooked a rapeist up with such a sweet deal.

    Odds are this wasn’t his first rape and probley won’t be his last now knowing he can get away with it.

  • JCisarapeist

    You are a complete idiot aren’t you?

  • Steven Galindo

    Should not have been a deal cut. Prison for cops who rape. Period.

  • Midnight

    The blue shield of criminality…continues…

  • weThePolice

    That’s a very harsh attitude. The offier had a temporary error in judgement

  • eric

    that fool JC is a punk cop everybody.. But JC guess what, I would have went to that cop house and burned it down with him in it after I med evil torched his ass, cut of his penis and sent it to the DA who let that pussy off..

  • t

    The nice officer had to be let off with probation…the jail needs the room for real bad guys like marijuana users and j walkers.

  • t

    Your attitude toward law enforcement is rather suspicious…I am reporting you to big brother.

  • t

    If the nice officer went to jail as if he were some sort of criminal…it would be a bad example.

  • t

    Whatever mistakes he may have made when he was intoxicaated…going to jail won’t unrape the alleged victim…think of the service he gave the community. Forgiveness starts with you.

  • jack black

    So you would protect the male officer but not the female officer? Is it automatically assumed that she is making a story up and lying in a court of law?

  • jack black

    But they did pursue charges, and he pleaded not guilty, and then they made a deal…if he was really innocent, why did he accept probation? The shocker is that he won’t spend more time in prison, regardless of if he is a cop or not. This is what rape culture is and precisely what needs to be enforced with vigour to set some kind of precedence that this kind of thing is not ok.

  • CC Crimcops

    Then we should let that guy who killed that cop in Memphis go. After all, sending him to jail won’t “unkill.” the alleged victim.

  • CC Crimcops

    It’s not a male/female issue.
    Cops instinctively protect the “bad cop.”

  • Vicky Dunsmore Paschke

    “Cops instinctively protect the ‘bad cop.'”
    Thank heavens I left the hospital because I would back the nurse instinctively every time when under verbal attack…even though in my comments I have the humility to admit when I am wrong. Look at the big, bad cop protecting the bad cop. He nearly kills his wife…but it’s okay…he’s a cop…we have to protect him…its the cop code. Shame on me….but kudos to you….NOT!

  • CC Crimcops

    I have devoted years trying to hold bad cops accountable. If you think any different, you are delusional.