McGruff The Crime Dog Has Had Enough and Joins CopBlock – EXCLUSIVE

mcgruff01After 35 years of working with the police to help “take a bite out of CRIME,” McGruff the Crime Dog is turning his back on the police, citing a slew of hypocritical police policies and the realization that most crime is derived from those he’s been working alongside of for so many years. McGruff released this heartfelt statement earlier today:

Dear Fans and Supporters,

For the past 35 years, I, and even some of my family members, have advocated for children to help the police with their quest to keep our neighborhoods safe. I’ve told young adult after young adult to help the police by reporting bullies and crimes in their areas. Yet, for the past 15 or so years, I’ve had trouble believing the things I tell these young adults. That’s why I’m releasing this statement today, to clear the air, apologize and move away from the police state I’ve helped solidify.


The police drag me from classroom to classroom to tell kids how bad drugs are, how they shouldn’t use them and that they should report any drug activity to the police or their teachers. Yet, the cops who bring me to these classrooms smoke cigarettes and often smell like beer. They fool the humans with gum and cheap cologne, but my nose is much better than theirs and I know. When I’ve barked to them about this they say that beer and cigarettes are legal and that’s it’s “okay boy.” I believed this at first, especially when the lies were accompanied by delicious treats and heavenly scratches behind my ear, but when I’d go home with a cop from time to time, I’d see other hypocritical behavior as well. Including, but not limited to, smoking drugs, drinking alcohol while driving and other activities that were a crime for others but acceptable for these cops. They even had people I’d consider ‘bullies and criminals’ over to their houses; you know, the same guys I was barking to the children about! None of this made me happy, but if I barked too much they’d put me outside and often times forget about me.

The final straw for me was when the Police made a “good friends vs gangs” page on my website. At first I was excited about the idea, even Scruff wanted to get involved, but as the page started to come together I had a realization about “the gang.” I came to see that the police are the world’s largest gang! I had to tell my family and wanted to get out of the government police businesses. Scruff didn’t like my plan and told me that we’ve got it good here. Never being one to not bark my mind, I didn’t listen to Scruff. I barked at my current partner, Officer Dodge, about the three main points to the “good friends vs gangs” page, which are:

  • A gang is a group that tries to control some part of a neighborhood and does illegal things. Some gangs sell drugs. Others threaten people, such as shop owners, unless those people pay the gang money.
  • Most gang members wear special clothes or mark themselves with gang symbols.
  • Gangs are violent and illegal. Gangs use guns and sell drugs.

I barked at Dodge, “Are these typos, because it seems like these describe the police as ‘gang’ members?” I barked to him how police claim to protect certain areas, like Greenfield or Keene, but they also threaten people with jail time, fines or property theft if they don’t comply. I noted how many different police have driven me around in similar cars, with similar clothing, with these shield shape patches they all wore that seem like the same symbol to me. Add to it the violence I’ve seen police do and I was certain that the police were also a gang. The look on my partner’s face was disturbing, as if I had finally caught up with the times, and that he didn’t expect me to figure this out. It broke my doggy heart so I barked Dodge one question, “How do you sleep at night?” Dodge replied, “Like a baby, McGruff, like a baby.”

That was it for me, I barked at Dodge one last time, barked that I would no longer participate in the world’s largest gang. That I was packing up my dog house, chew toys and 1980’s trench coat for the better side of the protection world. That I would offer my services to the market, voluntarily, and start writing for That’s right, I’m going to help people stay safe and smart. There’s no better place for my 35 years (dog years) of experience than I’m looking forward to working with adults more, too, because the Police had me spending too much time telling kids all drugs are bad. To have the chance to explain moderation to young adults and express an open line of communication to their parents when talking about drugs is going to be relieving. I never liked the police approach of fear and do as we say. It never really seemed to work with the young folks. You know what they woof, “drug abuse is bad but the drug war is worse.”

Again, I’m sorry I didn’t sniff out the police state sooner but I’m looking forward to taking my first bite out of it soon!


Fred McGruff and Family

banner420I was surprised when Fred McGruff reached out to me. It’s been so long since I was one of the young “Drug Free Class of 2000” kids that McGruff and his former police buddies targeted in the 90’s. I remember when I first started to question McGruff and the “DARE” program and quickly learned that I wasn’t going to get any truth from them, so I gave up. Yet, it’s never too late to turn over a new leaf and it seems that’s what the McGruff family is doing here.

I know it might be a long shot but maybe McGruff’s actions will lead to a wave of LEO’s who will turn in their government privilege jobs for that of the private sector. McGruff stated to me personally that he feels MOST police officers have a valuable skill to offer others. That if they just sought the customer base via individual customers (like you and I), or that of private businesses, then they could get back to actually taking a bite out of crime. I couldn’t agree with McGruff more, but until then, we’ll focus on taking a bite out of the Police State.

You can expect to see a monthly feature from McGruff exclusively at We also welcome any future former LEO’s to share their stories here as well. We know not a single LEO thinks ALL laws are good and that their job is 100% glorious, so share those thoughts and experiences with us, click here.




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