Xoom Android 4G – need app for instant youtube

Purpose: If abusive and law breaking law enforcement officers observe their illegal actions are being recorded on video, it is consistent that they would also likely destroy the recording that is a threat to their career, gun rights and freedom. This Motorola Xoom is still new to me, but from seeing what it has done for me already, I can imagine it can put real-time live video directly onto the internet as a youtube video. Such an application should become live and active with just one click because there would be no time nor ability to divert attention from events that need to be captured on video and exposed. With it’s high reliability, high speed Verizon 4G Wireless connection, I can imagine there is or should be a way to do this. Such a system can be impounded, have memory chips removed, stolen or destroyed and the owner threatened, but nothing would reverse the fact that that the video is already going viral on the internet. That also serves to some extent as protection for the good people who could be victimized further, denied rights, truth and justice and doing their part as part of our system of checks and balances. I’m also likely to be purchasing a Casio ultra high speed digital camera and I would like to know if this can have connectivity to the Xoom for even more detailed capture of fast moving events. Those who have these devices or similar and have used them as I mentioned or those who have useful insights are invited to comment and telling me how to make this work will be greatly appreciated.

-Ronald H Levine

Editor’s Notes: There are several live streaming Apps (for smartphones – LiveStream, Qik, UStream, Babmuser, and Veetle). Pete is leading up a review of all of these applications and services, I’m assisting with the testing of these. We hope to have an article, videos and more information posted about these by the end of the month.

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