Ademo Featured on Keeler in the AM from New York

CartoonAdemoFullBackgroundMonday morning I was a guest for a segment on Keeler in the AM, a radio station based out of Saratoga, New York. The bulk of the interview is regarding Contributor, Adam Rupeka, who was peppered sprayed, arrested and then had all charges dropped after he flipped off a cop. Listen to the interview below.


I appreciate the time Keeler gave me for the interview, yet, it was interesting to hear the conclusion of the interview. To hear the Lieutenant try to claim that video regularly only shows the reaction instead of what actually happened in ‘context’ is just silly. Sure there are times that happens, yet, the very existence of a police officer is a threat of force. So, IMO, if you’re going to say the video leaves out the beginning, how far back do you want to go? You can go as far back as to when the first officer arrives on scene. Or you could go as far back as the officer putting on the uniform and weapons. Gear they feel not only gives them extra rights but that they also expect you to worship (or at a minimum, respect blindly). I’ve blogged about this before and it’s what cops say without saying anything at all. So if you really want to say that people who film the police are only catching the reactions, well they are reacting to the police state that more and more people are realizing we’re trapped in.


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