North Carolina Police Protect Their Own

Cop Block is a website/organization that encourages supporters to take an active role in the content posted here.  Which is how this story came on our radar.  Below is a post written by Cop Block supporter Xarous, who wants the police in his area to accept responsibility for their actions.  He writes:


Recently an article was featured in the News and Observer of Raleigh, in which a drunken off-duty captain of the North Carolina Highway Patrol was escorted to a motel instead of being arrested for driving while “extremely drunk”. As of writing this, no charges have been filed against James Williams Jr., but an internal investigation has been launched and James Williams Jr. has been placed on desk duty. The other officers involved, Capt. W.B. Williams (supervisor on duty), Lt. D.C. Parrott (initial patrol officer), and Maj. A.W. Moss (supervisor called at home) have not been disciplined for lack of action or derelict of duty.

We need to hold those involved to the same standard as a normal citizen and residents of North Carolina. Attached is auto source of original call from Capt. W.B. Williams to headquarters to advise and to direct situation to Maj. A.W. Moss. The second audio source is the call from headquarters to Maj. A.W. Moss, waking him up in the middle of the night. Both audio segments can be played from News and Observer of Raleigh.

Even thought an internal investigation has been launched, I feel the lack of response from both departments appalling. So please take action and contact:

NC Department of Crime Control & Public Safety

4701 Mail Service Center

Raleigh, NC 27699-4701

Public Affairs Office (919)733-5027

Peter Nivio Zarlenga was once quoted saying, “Action conquers fear.” If this were true, then in our attempt to hold law enforcement agencies accountable for their own actions, we would cease in building fear within ourselves and our communities. So I call to you: brothers, sisters, citizens, shareholders of America’s future. Let our voices be heard and let our actions break us free from the bondage created by fear.”


After reading this post I decided to see what kind of response I could get from the investigators in NC.  I called the number above and got connected to Sgt. Jeff Gordon (I’m guessing no relation to the driver).  As you’ll see in the video below he doesn’t want to talk about anything related to Capt. Williams Jr. arrest.

Think about how others are treated when arrested.  They have to spend the night in jail, see a judge, miss work, pay a fine and more.  If the crime is one that grabs media attention, then your name is in the paper, people make assumptions, police release ‘public’ information about you and much more.  But when it’s an officer it’s hush hush and not one word about how, why or what’s going to happen is spoken.  Just as this officer does in the video, even though he believes he’s filling the oath he took.


Ademo Freeman

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