Suicidal Man Killed by Police

A 69 year old man is dead after police claim he pointed a gun at them during a standoff late Tuesday night. Police stated that the suspect, whose name is not been released, said the standoff would end in a shootout. According to

Armor vehicles are always helpful to suicidal situations.
Armor vehicles are always helpful to suicidal situations.

A 69-year-old man is dead after a deputy-involved shooting in Sun City Monday evening, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office confirmed.

The incident happened in a neighborhood southeast of 99th Avenue and Bell Road.

According to the sheriff’s office, the man had been drinking and texted his relatives that he was suicidal.

His wife left the house and called 911, saying her husband was suicidal and had guns in the house.

The man reportedly told responding deputies that there would be a shootout if they tried to remove him from the home. Negotiators spent about four hours trying to calm him down.

“During the course of the negotiations, he would come out, and one of the times he came out to feed birds and went back in,” said MCSO spokesman Joaquin Enriquez. “All this adds up to just the behavior, the bizarre behavior he had.”

The sheriff’s office has not released many details about the shooting but said deputies opened fire after the man pointed a gun at them.

Most will probably state that since the man pointed a gun at police he deserved to be shot. Yet, it’s very clear that this person had some sort of issue going on, either with alcohol or mentally. When family members contacted police it was to help them with this situation not to escalate it. This story shows how police are poorly trained in providing helpful assistance. Instead of being patient and talking this man down the police surrounded him, pointed guns at him and probably increased the likelihood of a shootout.

In 2015 if you call the police to help you with a loved one there’s a good chance that the police will arrest, harm or murder them in the process. It doesn’t seem like the police ever bring any sort of solutions, patience or peaceful aspects to these situations. I can only hope that people start to realize this and strongly consider other alternatives to calling the police.

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