CopBlock Radio Show Preview for June 10, 2015

Don’t forget people. Tonight at 10:00 PM EST, Derrick and DEO and Ademo, will be bringing you the CopBlock radio show on LRN.FM, home of Free Talk Live, and many other great liberty oriented radio shows.
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Tonight we will be talking to Adam Rupeka. You may remember him as the man in Troy NY who was pepper sprayed for giving a cop the finger. The officer was later fired and the charges dropped against Adam. Having Adam is a double shot for us, as he is also a contributor to He has been on hiatus since his case broke, but now that it is over, he is free to talk about it and do our radio show. He was gonna do the show a few weeks ago, but due to the court case, he was not allowed to talk about it.

Also, we will talk about the McKinney TX officer who has also resigned, as a result of his actions at a Texas pool party. That combined with the Texas biker massacre story and we may be able to dedicate the whole show to Texas, sans Adam’s appearance!

Tune in tonight for these and more stories of police interactions and abuse. I almost forgot. We will be giving away a T Shirt to a random caller tonight. Tune in and call in for your chance to win! See you in a little bit!

Cop Block Radio Show

Chuck U Farley

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