Listen to the CopBlock Radio Show Podcast From June 10, 2015

We had a great CopBlock Radio Show last night! We had James Butler from Florida Copwatch on in the first segment. He was discussing a video he made trying to ask about a sign on his high school alma mater property. It said that any vehicle or person on that property was subject to search. James felt it was an overstep and tried to investigate. He was met by a secretary that tried to stonewall him. Checkout the whole video here.

Derrick talked about how judge Burke told him, “I’m not gonna let you plead guilty.” Apparently, an arraignment is not the proper forum to plead guilty in Burke’s courtroom. Stay tuned to Derrick’s blog at to keep up with the story. I’m sure we’ve not heard the last of it on CopBlock Radio, either. I for one am looking forward to the outcome!

The point Derrick is making is a valid one. He is saying that the state is spending crazy amounts of money, in order to collect a five dollar fine. Not only that but, he had the only two parking enforcement agents in the city, tied up for a couple hours. Keene New Hampshire… Derrick J effectively Robin Hooded the entire town for a few hours! Thanks Derrick!!

cop block radio graphicThen there was the Carol Browne story. A sad story of a woman who was killed waiting for permission to defend herself from New Jersey police. New Jersey has some of the strictest gun ownership laws in the country. For example, even if she did get the gun permit in time, the law would not allow her to carry it outside her home, which ironically enough, is where she was actually killed. She was stabbed to death by her psychotic boyfriend, who later took his own life with a gun in the driveway of a different ex girlfriend! She may still be alive today, if she hadn’t lived in the police state of New Jersey. That’s the main reason I left all those years ago!

We were also scheduled to talk to Adam Rupeka of Capital District CopBlock about his case where he was Pepper sprayed for giving a cop the finger. Good news though. Even though Adam couldn’t join us last night, the charges against him have been dropped and the officer fired! Congratulations to Adam. Whatever happened last night, I’m just happy to hear it turned out this way.

We also aired our store/network spot Ademo and I made together.

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Chuck U Farley

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