Brothers Mow Lawn for 75-Year-Old Woman Facing Arrest Over Grass

Riesel, Texas- When four brothers saw news that 75-year-old Gerry Suttle faced arrest for her lawn being too tall, they responded by loading up their lawn mowers, going to her house, and mowing her lawn.  The Reynolds brothers didn’t know Gerry, but they decided to help her anyway.

“We haven’t met her yet but she’s 75 years old and she needs some help mowing,” said Blaine Reynolds. “That’s the least we could do.”

Others in the community followed by the boys’ example and joined the brothers in mowing the lawn.  It took 2 hours.

“I really wouldn’t want her coming out here and doing it or paying someone else to when we could have just done if for free,” Brandon Reynolds said.

Suttle says she was speechless that strangers would take it upon themselves to help her with her yard.

“I am very seldom without words. This is one time. You might want to mark it down in history that I didn’t have something to say,” she said.

Suttle was shocked when she received a call from the chief of police saying he had a warrant for her arrest.

Gerry Suttle
Gerry Suttle, Riesel Woman with Tall Grass

“I’ll be 76 in July,” she said. “I’m 75 now and I’ve never had a speeding ticket, never had a parking ticket and now here I am got a warrant for my arrest from the big city of Riesel.”

The chief of police said the warrant was for failing to appear in court over the height of her grass.

“It has grown up and the court had issued her letter and then court issued a warrant for failure to appear,” Chief Danny Krumnow said.

Suttle says she never received the letter, and now she’s afraid to leave her house.

My name is on the list,” Suttle said. “If I get stopped, I’ll get picked up.”

Now that the lawn is mowed, she’ll have to talk to a judge about getting the warrant dropped.

This isn’t the first time a town in Texas has issued an arrest warrant for the crime of tall grass.  A Grand Prairie, Texas man served 2 days in jail in April of this year for not mowing his lawn. He opted to serve a 17-day sentence instead of paying a $1,700 fine, but he was released after two days.


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  • DeadPigGoodPig

    another pig that deserves death and this time over grass. the only good pig is a dead pig.

  • Bill Brink

    actually the chief basically refused to arrest her and instead called her out of courtesy.this is on the shoulders of the mayor and the town council. none of whom have access to email. if you want to get a message to them you have to do it through the bookkeeper whom ive already been in touch with. since ive had a pleasant discourse with her and I believe her to be innocent in this I would request that you be civil.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    I’m always civil in real life, the Internet is a place of rhetoric and hyperbole. never take my statements as anything other than laughable. thank you for the information.

  • t

    Don’t think this is getting her out of going to jail…She was found not to be in compliance…

    Accountability…it matters…why shouldn’t she be held accountable?

  • t

    If you don’t want…don’t do the time…don’t do the crime.

  • mobooz

    Tall grass in a drought-stricken town is a huge fire hazard. Once a year I have to call the fire department about my neighbor’s grass–they have no problem with cutting the lock and sending in a mowing crew. Glad she got it done for free and her neighbors are safe now.

  • youradouche

    If I was your neighbor you would find a bag of shit on fire every time you stepped out your door.

    Be a man and talk to your damm neighbor. But no its easier to be a pussy and call the friging cops over GRASS! Were not even talking about the kinda grass you smoke.

    People like you are why our country is in destress…

  • mobooz

    The lot is uninhabited, there’s nobody to talk to. I used to now it myself until they put up a fence that restricts my access to it. Thanks for projecting your own situation onto my comment though, I’m sure you grew a lot from that.

  • t

    So…what your saying is…you want urban blight…and fire hazards…what a guy.

  • JC

    Big deal. She had the warrant before the people came over to mow her grass. It’s the law to keep your grass trimmed. Now she can go talk to the judge and work everything out.

  • JC

    More threats, more paperwork, more emails with one going to the FBI. You better get those knee pads broken in because you are going to jail. You threatened a judge already. The FBI is already investigating that one.

  • martymarsh

    An overpaid revenue agent would say wow I have me a live one here, an honest good hearted cop would say let me see what the problem is and see if I can help. But this certainly proves most of what goes on is about revenue, with no shame.

  • Yankeefan

    you have not reported anything.

  • mobooz

    Also, why are you so anti-grass? Smoke a little, “our country” might not feel quite so much “destress.”

  • weThePolice

    Her and all lawbreakers need to be held accountable. The old lady obviously could not handle a life of freedom. Freedom gave her the idea she can do whatever she wants against the needs of society. Maybe some time in county will set her stragiht

  • t

    We have to earn some money some way or other.

  • martymarsh

    So does your local neighborhood crook, I don’t see much of a difference.

  • corkie

    t, admit that the supreme court can create law.

  • corkie

    Heh, what a loser. You would hate if this woman works everything out with the judge.

  • corkie

    Should I assume that many cops are doing crimes because they want the time?

    Admit that the supreme court can create law.

  • Lapidarey Junky

    Fuck off with all that! Tell me you’re trolling or this is a joke right? ALL LAW BREAKERS… Sounds very serious and stern… Tall grass! God you must love this administration and all the rules and laws they impose on the people. Get a life and stop acting like a big kid bully.

  • That Live Mongoose

    Crazy. I live in Texas and my grass was a little high, maybe almost knee high, but I wasn’t able to cut it because it was raining all week a few weeks ago, then got the court appearance letter in the mail. The letter came in a few days after I mowed the grass. Texas has nothing to do but issue tickets over little things so they can rack up money, especially the small towns who need the revenue. Towns like Copperas Cove will hunt you down if you are overdue on a library book (seriously look it up, they literally actively arrested someone here for an overdue library book). Anyway, I’m disputing it and they want me to appear in July with a prosecutor. A PROSECUTOR…..FOR GRASS. I’m sorry, you can take me to jail for the day, I’ll be laughing my ass off in court the whole time.

  • Aj Johnson

    This is an example of well raised boys. Respect and willing to help. Great job young men.

  • Shane Gunter

    Hats off to these young boys that did this for the elderly lady. Wish that more parents raised their children with the belief of giving and doing for others when they are in need of help. Seems that there are many on here that feel like this elderly lady should be jailed and have to face punishment for such a ridiculous offense! Seems rather extreme to arrest someone on such an offense, I mean seriously? Seems to me like its moreless abuse of authority/power behind the Police Badge! ( Mofia style corruption and policing. ) I’d be embarrassed to be an officer of the law that was sent out to arrest an elderly person over their lawn not being maintained and mowed. Better send me back up dispatch on this one. This could could get very intense and ugly. Haha! More like send paramedics for stand by as I’m sure this poor elderly person is going to have a heart attack when they realize I’m there to arrest them. I could just imagine the civil law suite being filed by family or this person over such a BS charge. Look I respect the police and what they do but seriously, your there to serve and protect and to arrest true criminal’s. If you want to make a difference in your community and or county your policing how about in situations you have an officer or code enforcement officer speak with residence face to face to issue warning and then upon realizing this is a residence that is not capable of mowing or keeping up their lawn have those that have truly committed a minor crime and issued a sitation and can’t pay for it do such work like this for the elderly within the community as community service towards paying off their fine! Its a win win for everyone. Just a thought.

  • Pierre Montsion

    They just good people. And thats awesome to read. The Texas town is pretty low…

  • Pierre Montsion

    I agree. Citizenry needs to work like neighbours and help each other out. Mobooz, she is 75 years old man…wtf. Go out and help her out. Fire hazard fuk off

  • Pw4x3r

    You make an argument about your “NEIGHBORS GRASS” that doesn’t get mowed… and when someone comments you expect them to know this “neighbors grass” is completely VOID of any actual neighbors? Would say you were cocky if that all just didn’t make your argument purely fucking retarded.

  • Pw4x3r

    LOL who the FUCK do you think you are fooling with these lies every single day? ROFL!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Knowlton

    Don’t even reply to T. Only believes in accountability when it involves us “civilians”.

  • martymarsh

    John, I honestly don’t care what he believes, if they are not smart enough to see that much more than the people are going against them, then they are going to have problems. We are a cesspool of corruption and if you believe there is a God, you know it will be stopped.

  • Jason Adams

    Good job fellas.

  • Kevin

    Dude what the hell, thats crap that they actually jail people for that, come to colorado where there is tall grass everywhere and its the rich people who let it go too

  • JC

    You are wrong. It is her issue to get the grass cut. This isn’t a babysitting service. The PD enforce the laws. They don’t make them. Blaming the PD for everything in your life is just stupid.

  • old409

    While this is an example of well raised boys it is also an example of stupid azz police and a court system that needs better things to do. Charging children selling lemonade and old ladies for high grass,,,,it’s time to burn down the system and start over with honest people. Can you even begin to imagine what the Founders would do to these ignorant,power hungry,Nazis?

  • Shaun Robert Milligan

    Ok, someone needs to bitchslap the police chief for enforcing this, and the idiots who made this a crime need to be removed from office and detained until they have served equal time for every day that others have had to serve for this asinine “crime”.

  • CherMoe

    Good for the boys and the state of Texas and their legal system sucks! They’re so busy regulating women’s reproductive rights and depriving women of care … I’m surprised they noticed tall grass. DISGUSTING people!

  • Good kids…
    It is shameful that the state is willing to take away the freedom of an individual because of something so silly. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize grass regulations have to do with creative financing through the handing out of imposts. Of course like any good tyrannical action, the notion of the greater good is used to justify the impost. In this case the declared justification is to limit rodent population and to keep property values from being appraised at a lower dollar value. After all, the higher the dollar value of a property, the more the state can collect from the owners in imposts. Two birds with one stone…

  • kpsmith

    You should be ashamed of yourself, my nose is on fire right now. Do you have any idea how bad it burns to laugh so hard you blow orange juice through your nose? I am now completely convinced you actually work for the website with the purpose of keeping things interesting. There is nobody who could possibly root for putting this old lady in jail. Thanks for the diversion though

  • MistyH

    Way to go, boys!!! Heroes who helped stop THE MAN from caging this elderly woman for being unable to mow her lawn!!!! Why don’t the police who arrest people for this “crime” do something to HELP the elderly instead of arresting them for things beyond their control???? Serve and Protect, not Enslave and Oppress!

  • praline

    A neighbor had posted this on another article. As I was shocked at
    this news story and angry I wanted to share it. Not all is what it seems
    in this story. I did some quickie searches and found this person’s
    version is very accurate but please do your own search. Once a again the
    media is not being responsible!

    Flanary Jr How is it that a so called “journalist” fails to report or
    even investigate the actual facts? KWTX has never requested copies of
    the complaints or letters against Mrs. Suttle. Had they done that,
    they would have seen that the city has been sending her letters since
    2013. And the grass was initially not the problem. The weed ordinance
    also prohibits RUBBISH. And that was the problem in her case. She has
    accumulated junk on both pieces of her property. Broken toilets, old
    appliances, scrap metal and junk that should be disposed of or stored in
    a garage or shed or indoors or behind a privacy fence. The grass got
    out of control after the horses were sold. Numerous complaints have been
    made by neighbors. If KWTX would have stayed for the council meeting,
    they would have seen the complaints being made first hand during the
    visitor’s comments. And, the real shame of all of this is that Mrs.
    Suttle is completely capable of caring for her property. Maybe not
    physically, but financially, she is certainly able to maintain it. Also,
    her children are capable and do well for themselves as well. The only
    reason it hasn’t been taken care of, is that she refuses to do it
    because of her beef with the mayor. She has been “disgruntled” ever
    since she lost the election and she was removed from the RMS Water
    Board. Ever since then, she has been bitter and angry and she is doing
    this to smear the city. I think it’s pathetic that she would play these
    political games and allow some sweet kids to come do all that hard work
    that she should have had done herself. On a final note, she also told
    the chief of police that she had been getting letters from the city but
    she just threw them away. So, everything is NOT as it has been
    portrayed. You’ve all been duped by a bitter ex-political figure. You
    may consider her “old” but she is NOT elderly. She lives a full life and
    travels and goes dancing and gambling and traveling all over the
    country. She thinks just because she was a city council member, that the
    law doesn’t apply to her. Well, guess what, the law is the law and
    EVERYbody lives by the same rules. And, guess what else! She was on the
    council that changed the weed ordinance to make it into a criminal
    offense! Yes, she knows the law very well. The vote was unanimous and
    she put this law into effect. The only time it has ever been a problem
    is when trying to enforce it on a council member. Local people,
    including my wife have volunteered to mow the grass, and were refused.
    If you or I ignored a court summons and failed to come to court, I’m
    pretty sure we would be arrested. But, she won’t be, because of who she
    is. She is only doing this to cause grief for the Mayor and Council and
    city staff. I think this is a disgrace and she should be ashamed of
    herself and KWTX needs to thoroughly research before jumping into a
    story immediately. Get your story right before you rush it out to the
    public. Anybody have any questions, I’d love to discuss it further. FYI,
    my wife and I started a volunteer group when Suttle passed that law in
    2009. It was called Pass It On Riesel. We did not believe in people
    getting fined $500+ court costs just because they weren’t able to keep
    their yards mowed or their brush trimmed. We mowed many lawns, hauled
    off trash, cut down trees and limbs and brush and removed tires and all
    kinds of trash for people that had nobody to help them. They were
    disabled, or very poor, or were physically unable to do for themselves..
    And, we ran an advertisement in the paper for a couple of years here in
    Riesel, asking for volunteers to help us… and we never ever got one
    single volunteer! We paid for everything and did all the work ourselves!
    And, then people began taking advantage of it, and we had to put a stop
    to it. It’s a shame that people are so self-centered and driven by
    their own personal agendas. This story, just caused me to lose a little
    more faith in humanity… until those boys showed up and mowed that
    yard. They deserve a medal! And Mrs. Suttle deserves her day in court!

  • Penni Gates

    great kids another shitty cop A respectable man would have mowed the damn grass

  • martymarsh

    I’m wrong because you say I’m wrong? Corrupt politicians making law continuously to get more money out of the masses and all you can say is pd enforces not make the law. Of course that goes along with I want a raise and I couldn’t give a damn about the tax payers that make less than me. In my book that is flat out stealing, and you can’t fathom helping an old lady, buddy you are a class act. Are you a atheist?

  • Alan Correa

    actually they need to be arrested for violation of their oath of office which is a crime against the public they work FOR. Now they have a felony arrest on them and should be removed from their position being as they are a felon and are not permitted to carry a fire arm. Throw their laws back at them. WE THE PEOPLE

  • dbwells

    They need to make money somehow. Bunch of crooks.

  • dbwells

    Would be an idea but how many D.A.’s would do it? None.

  • mobooz

    When you make an assumption, you make an ass out of you and -mption.

  • mobooz

    How do you know that my neighbor is 75? Are you a spy for the security state?

  • melfaye

    I’m a life-long Texan and have always been pretty Texas proud, but shame, shame, shame on this Texss town for doing this to this woman. I’m a single woman, only 45, and it is VERY hard to maintain a house and yard by myself, even at this age, let alone at 75. Praise God for the good hearted guys of this town that helped her out!!! But, again, SHAME on the town for even making grass too tall illegal in the first place!!! Issuing a warrant for arrest is just going way too far!!!

  • Ann Peoples

    This is what comes of the “no taxes” mantra! The money to run the basic necessities of a municipality has to come to somewhere.

  • Johnny Graham

    But they can`t collect revenue that way.

  • Don Mullican

    I’ve always thought a DA or judge should have to serve 6 months in jail incognito in order to hold the office so they will know what they are doing to people.

  • Songbrook

    Kudos to these young gentlemen and to their parents who obviously have raised them well.

  • Paul

    But out tax dollars go to food stamps for people scamming the system and this community doesn’t have a community chest–or a police chief that has a brain and his finger on the pulse of his community? did the judge even ask what the deal was before issuing the warrant?


  • igotplans2

    Kids may just be the saving grace of Texas, bless them.

  • steve

    I just called and left a message that the swat team should be called out to take care of these lawns immediaetely.

  • Shane Gunter

    You got a very valid point there Johnny! So yea they won’t go for lost anything that’s going to cause them to lose revenue. What was I thinking. SMH.

  • pat Eaton

    That live Mongolia. Thanks for sharing. Good to read real news.

  • Bill Hughes

    Man i thought my state was horrible. They try to arrest woman who physically cant not do it because of her old age then kids come over mow the lawn and they arrest the kids. Revenue the whole Criminal Justice System has gone mad for the love of money. Even lying in some cases about crimes to always murder or rape, but they start out with smaller lies on traffic tickets. As long as it for revenue the rules are out the door. They create false made up stories sometimes, but in troubling ratios of cops. If so many claim that it happened to them as well.

  • Pw4x3r

    And when you give half facts and misleading information to try and manipulate others to agree with your viewpoint? That must make you the prostate gland of the ass.

  • Andy Solomons

    Warrant for arrest over height of lawn? What happened to “Land of the free”? Well done, boys anyway.

  • mobooz

    Right up there with Dylan Donnelly, amirite? :P

  • Scott Swearington

    The idiots among us. Each and every participant leading to this warrant ought to feel like the cold and self-righteous idiots they are. Why didn’t any of them consider getting off their tax-paid ass and help this elderly citizen themselves? Nobody expects them to exert themselves to mow this lady’s yard personally, but, they could have thought outside their cubicle and hired some youngsters (hellooo?) to keep this woman in the good graces of the pettiness of this town’s ordinance. Good job boys for showing up the very one’s who believe themselves to be an asset to your community.

  • madeuce42

    Are they replacing the cop’s brains with hemmoroids

  • Dan S-word

    Hahahaha! “land of the free”, he says. Welcome to the USSA.

  • Matthew R. Kucera

    we have to save eachother from the police now.. come on.. how people dont see this as corrupt is just blowing my mind.. but im telling you.. you gotta start beating your kids because they dont respect the police or the law.. if the law says put a woman in jail for not mowing her grass then these little kids must be terrorists right? they stand up to the law.. little protesters in training.. doing the right thing.. against the superior morally correct laws.. this might be the best example of protesting government abuse..

  • Matthew R. Kucera

    maybe they could budget instead of criminalizing everything.. just sayin..

  • Matthew R. Kucera

    for every fucking story of a cop buying some kid a fucking bike there are thousands of these stories showing what theyre really up to..

  • Aaron Davison

    Your an idiot