Killer Cop in Des Moines Shoots Man through Car Window

Ryan Bolinger

Tuesday night around 10 pm Ryan Bolinger stopped his car next to the squad car of Officer Ian Lawler, who was on an unrelated traffic stop, and got out to start dancing. Bolinger’s car was so close to Lawler’s that the officer couldn’t get out of the car. At that time Bolinger got back into his car and proceeded to drive away. According to

Police say officers Lawler and Vanessa Miller went after Bolinger.  “Copy. Southbound approaching Douglas.” Miller says, “101 I’m gonna call it. Going through douglas continuing southbound.”  A dispatcher asks, “One one what’s your speed?” and Miller replies, “He’s 35 right now. Hanging out right at speed limit.”

At Urbandale Avenue Bolinger did a u-turn and stopped. Officer Lawler, according to police, stopped his squad car in front of Bolinger’s car and Miller stopped behind it. Police say Bolinger got out of his car and headed toward Miller’s squad car, so she opened fire, shooting him through her car window. “102 shots fired.” Lawler can be heard saying, “Need rescue. Copy 102 shots fired. All cars assist.”

Police say officer miller did not report seeing a weapon and no weapon was found at the scene. The Des Moines Police Department policy on when to use deadly force is vague.  It simply says: “The decision to use deadly force shall rest solely with the employee`s individual judgment.”

Des Moines Police Sergeant Jason Halifax explains, “It all has to do with how an officer is perceiving the situation and what they are feeling at the time. Its what they are seeing, its what they are experiencing. There`s not a hard fast, this is when you shoot this is when you don`t ”

According to Iowa code, “The use of deadly force is only justified when a person cannot be captured any other way and either:
1. the person has used or threatened to use deadly force in committing a felony or;
2. the peace officer reasonable believes the person would use deadly force against any person unless immediately apprehended.

First off, this is government policies at its finest. Of course the decision to USE deadly force is solely the INDIVIDUALS (or employee’s) and obviously Miller thought she needed to use it. The question shouldn’t be whether or not she thought she was in fear of her life, she has to say she was since she killed a man, but what happens when it’s deemed her life wasn’t in danger at all? The facts indicate that Bolinger didn’t have any weapon, he hadn’t harmed anyone and his demeanor wasn’t that of a violent person. When he stopped by the first officer Bolinger was DANCING and he drove the speed limit as he drove away from police. Does this sound like the actions of someone who was about to harm another? Why did Miller feel the need to fire from the safety of her car on an UNARMED MAN? These are the questions that need to be answered.

Ryan was taken away from his fiancee and three children.
Here is the GoFundMe Account to help them in their time of need.

Right now it seems that Bolinger was in some sort of altered state or he was going for the most epic troll of police ever. Either way this shooting backs my post, “United States Police; You’re Doing it Wrong” which was published here at earlier today. In that post I highlight how Netherlands police dealt with a drunk suspect who was aggressive, kicking at the officers as well as swearing, but wasn’t tased, abused or shot dead. While in America police who encounter those who are in of need of help with deadly force. This is a direct reflection of the training police here in the United States for police officers. They are told during training that everyone is dangerous and that they should resort to their weapons first and foremost. This policy has made the USSA police the most violent police force the world has ever known.

Until these issues of training are addressed then there will never be justice for those who kill at a whim. This is what happened with Officer Miller, her training failed her and she subjectively made a rash decision to use deadly force. Sadly, this is a decision she’ll have to live with for the rest of her life and I can only hope she attempts to break the standard police protecting police policies and speaks out. Unfortantely, most of us know how this will end. Miller will be found to have used a legal amount of force by her fellow officers, the DA will fail to prosecute her and she’ll be back on the force.

Maybe we can change that with a little public pressure. Consider calling the Des Moines Police Department (515-283-4824), commenting on their Facebook page or joining us tomorrow at the event to protest this police brutality.


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