Cops Go Feral At Marijuana Dispensary, Eat Medicated Edibles to Calm Down

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Date of Interaction:
Police Involved: Santa Ana PD
Police Department Contact: (714) 245-8029

Santa Ana Cop Racist AssholeCops in Santa Ana, California raided the Sky High medical marijuana dispensary on May 27th, 2015 – guns drawn and battering ram ready. After several attempts to bust through the secured door, the staff in the facility simply unlocked the entrance. The police flung the door open and the madness began.

The police in this video appear to be going for some kind of fucked-up hat trick: they make racist and derogatory comments about the physically disabled patients, attempt to destroy the surveillance cameras and DVR system, then – once they believe they are no longer on video – they bust out the medicated goodies and go to town. Let’s make sure they are held accountable for their thuggery.

The LA Times reported the following:

A video that appears to show a Santa Ana police officer eating a pot-laced edible after raiding a pot shop has prompted a police investigation.

The pot shop’s surveillance video, released to reporters by attorney Matthew Pappas, shows Santa Ana police officers entering Sky High Holistic, a marijuana dispensary, and forcing patrons to the ground as they raid the facility. At some point, officers appear to be removing security cameras and playing darts.

An officer examines what appears to be an edible. Then he tosses it into his mouth and flashes a thumbs-up gesture.

The dispensary’s manager, Marla James, an amputee who uses a wheelchair, told KTLA-TV reporters that she was victimized and intimidated by police.

The video shows a female officer saying, “I was about to kick her in her [expletive] nub.”

Santa Ana police Cmdr. Chris Revere told KTLA-TV the video was heavily edited, so it’s not clear what actually happened inside the dispensary. He said it’s hard to determine whether the officer was actually consuming an edible.

But Pappas told KTLA-TV that he and his client, James, plan to file a lawsuit next week.

Santa Ana Cop Eating EdibleEditor’s note: “He said it’s hard to determine whether the officer was actually consuming an edible.” If you’ve ever had any doubts that the so called “good cops” will lie and cover up for those Bad Apples, read that quote again and then watch the video (or that handy GIF to the right). See if it’s actually in any way hard to determine what he is doing (and saying) as he eats the thing they just threatened sick people with guns over.