The Lee County, Florida sheriff deparment is being sued in federal court by the owners of Larry’s Pawn Shop. The sheriff department allegedly fabricated bogus evidence in an attempt to punish pawn shops for legal operation of their businesses. Rumors abound that as many as twenty+ people were arrested and charged with bogus infractions. According to those involved, and owners that were arrested, the charges were dropped. Christopher and Ryan Close of Larry’s Pawn shops filed a 21 page lawsuit against the Lee County Sheriff Department. Larry Close stated he was targeted by the sheriff department for three years. The sheriff department started the arrests around April 13,2009. All charges against the various shops were dropped by the State Attorney’s office and the records expunged. To date the sheriff department continues its harrassment and intimidation of lawful citizens operating within the laws of the State of Florida. The newspaper article referencing this was published by Naplesnews.com on 9/29/2011.

– Anonymous

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