CopBlock in DesMoines, Iowa Saturday to Protest Killing

On Tuesday June 9th Des Moines Police killed an unarmed man, Ryan Bolinger, for “walking purposefully” because “it’s whatever the officer is feeling”. As the Huffington Post has pointed out, the response to this has been dismal-

So how do white people in Iowa respond when police kill a white person under questionable circumstances in a heavily white neighborhood? If Des Moines is any example, they don’t: A single protester showed up outside the police press conference on Wednesday, according to the Register. There was no wall-to-wall media coverage of large-scale demonstrations, because there were no demonstrations to cover.

Well, as a white Iowan and a CopBlock editor and writer, I will be responding. And I will be joined by Ademo and Deo, who are coming down from Ohio to demand accountability in this grisly killing. And hopefully, we will see many of you there, too!

We will be meeting at the Des Moines police station at 4pm on Saturday June 13th which is located at: 25 East First Street right downtown.

Also happening this weekend in downtown Des Moines is the ComicCon Wizard World event and DesMoines PrideFest, so there should be lots of diverse people there to talk with and hopefully join us!

This killing was absolutely unjustified. A young man was killed for no apparent reason, leaving behind a fiancee and three children, one yet unborn, who will never know it’s father. We do not want that family live in and a world that won’t let his death be met with indifference.

Here is the Facebook Event Page for the protest

GoFundMe Account for Ryan’s fiancee and children

Even if you cannot make it, you can help spread the word in social media, or you can contact the police directly to demand accountability.

Des Moines Police Department (515-283-4824)

Des Moines Police Facebook Page

Support the CopBlock Network, that helps make events like this possible.



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Alia Atreides

Hi, my name is Trevor. Thanks for reading!

  • t

    An officers decision to shoot…is based on the officers feelings.

  • I believe he left behind two children and one yet unborn. This is all so sad and so senseless. “Walking with a purpose” Those are chilling words and that is really digging deep for a reason to kill a young father.

  • Pw4x3r

    The police are killing so many people at the current rate their own families will want to burn them alive in a matter of another decade. Stupid fucking swine filth.

  • drinkupthatredbullofficers

    I fear for my life when ever a armed thug in blue is around me. They love walking up to people purposefully. I have the right to self defense by any means.

    When these pigs start dropping like fly’s, I wonder if things will change.

    Maybe whole police departments will call in sick like they were doing in NYC. Spend more time joy riding on patrol cars hoods then bothering with law abiding citizens.

    One can only hope…

  • tratiorswillhang

    Picture 20 million a kid, lost wages over his life time, pain n suffering, all past n present bills including lawyer fees for the suit, 20 million for each parent, plus 20 million for his wife.

    I see a police dept going under water verrry fast. I see that officer living in a cardboard box behind sears after they take its house in the suit.

  • JC

    Another idiotic article. People don’t even know exactly what went on so they are going to protest? Typical.

  • Terry Moore

    I guess that means if a MRC walks with purpose in his step towards somebody, they can shoot him too?

  • I don’t have the confidence you have. As is usually the case 98% of the time, the officer will be found with good cause and innocent. If the children and spouse get anything, I doubt if it will be anything near those figures.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    hopefully this pig will be quartered up using a hacksaw. the only good pig is a dead pig.

  • Philip Kaminski

    FU Maggot, now you can Resume sucking Cop Cock, like the bitch you are!

  • Frankie Fakeas

    I just drove by the “protest” on Merle Hay
    Rd. A whopping 4 people, 1 with his sign on the ground smoking a cigarette. Way to “protest’!

  • jason12321

    If you have a defense for a person who shot an unarmed person from inside a closed vehicle when she had backup 15 feet away, let’s hear it. Your “Bandwagon” logical fallacy is irrelevant. Nobody stood up to the Nazis, look how that turned out.

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