If Police Action Figures Were Realistic

One of the main reasons that the majority of those living in the United States, or any other political boundary, believe so strongly that police are good and helpful, heroes even, is because that is what people are taught to believe from a very young age. Books, comics, TV shows, and even toys targeted towards young children almost always depict police officers as heroes. In schools, children are taught that any time there is a problem, or any time they suspect there is a problem, they should call the police. What children aren’t taught is that oftentimes calling the police will only make the situation worse and result in further harm, for them and anyone else involved (and maybe even a family pet).

Sure, there are some police officers who genuinely try to be helpful, deescalate situations, and do the right thing. Unfortunately, those police officers are sorely outnumbered by those who will escalate situations, use excessive force, racially profile, and so on, and even some of those police officers believe they are doing the right thing – but they’re not. Oftentimes, the “good cops” will stay silent about the crimes committed by the “bad cops,” instantly transforming even the “good cop” into a bad one.

If police action figures were realistic, maybe children would learn that you can’t trust a person to do what is right solely because they are a police officer. In fact, maybe they’d learn that based on what is happening in the world today, you might be better off distrusting police officers, unless and until that specific individual gives you a very solid reason to believe otherwise.

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If police action figures were realistic, maybe people would grow up with a realistic view of what is happening in the world today rather than just believing one-sided propaganda. People would know that police are harming those who have harmed nobody, police are lying in court, police are “teaming up with the district attorney to make sure they never get indicted.” People would know the fact that when it comes to government, what is often portrayed as justice more often than not is exactly the opposite.

If police action figures were realistic, the supply of “Good Cop” action figures would be limited, as noted towards the end of the video.

Mainstream media will continue marketing the police state to your children, as it did to you. You have the ability to dispute the one-sided message they are receiving, inform them of what is really happening in the world, and let them come to their own conclusions.