Santa Ana Cops Show Their True Colors In Dispensary Raid

Cops in Santa Ana California showed their true colors, recently, when they attempted to destroy evidence of their crimes. Police raided a dispensary and, when they were finished humiliating the business and it’s customers, destroyed the security system that captured their disgusting behavior. Being the idiots they are, they forgot to destroy ALL the cameras and some footage survived.

Three cameras reveal their piss poor attitudes, as well as the fact that they believe their badges grant them extra rights. They can be seen eating edibles and stealing things from the shop, as well as trash talking the handicapped patients who were there to get their prescriptions filled.

war on drugs sticker

To drug cops across the country I say this:

The climate of the drug war is changing. Marijuana is accepted medicine. Refer madness was a lie! I’m sorry your lifes’ work has been a mistake, GET OVER IT!! I’m sorry your superiors have been lying to you all this time, but it is time to realize that your drug war is a failure, which means YOU have all failed! Marijuana is not a schedule one drug!

It is not too late for you to redeem yourselves though. Quit your bullshit jobs and go work for a living! Go try to apply your skills to the private sector and see who wants to voluntarily pay you for the shitty service you seem hell bent on providing! Let me know how that works out for you.

Now go home, grab your domestically abused wives, go to the nearest bar, and drown your sorrows in alcohol, while crying about how bad marijuana is! I can’t believe in all the years you drug war warriors have been violating peoples rights over a plant, none of you see the hypocrisy in that? I guess that’s what happens when you pretend to be better than everyone else. Too bad this video shows just how corrupted you have all become by this failed drug war! Badges don’t grant extra rights, assholes! Oh, and by the way, go fuck yourselves!

Anyway, I can only hope against hope that these supposed “officers” are treated like the criminals they are! Like they treated the people in the dispensary.


Chuck U Farley

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