Montreal police caught brutalizing students

January 27th, about 200 students in Montreal were protesting on the Government’s plan to hike up university tuition in front of the offices of the Ministry of Education, were peacefully protesting, standing still holding up a red banner and just staying put not making any aggressive moves to police when suddenly, one hothead thug police officer decided to zero in on a student and beat him. That same officer later later in the video then pushed harshly a female student to the ground.

The video was posting and went viral and now Montreal police are opening an internal investigation following complaints after the publication of a video on YouTube that clearly shows police brutality.

In the video (see above from about 0:36 to 0:43) the police thug strikes a protester with about three punches to the abdomen, pushing the students back about five times.

The language spoken is french since Montreal is 50% French within the Provence (similar to a state) of Quebec, 85 % are French Canadians.

The students in question did not appear to be seriously hurt and did not make any attempt to fight back or defend themselves.

The police lied by explaining that they reacted after the students circled the police in an threatening attempt to prevent them from clearing the area.

Montreal police investigating brutality claims

Montreal police are investigating allegations of police brutality after footage of an officer hitting a protester surfaced on the internet Friday.

The video, shot during a protest against university tuition hikes on Jan. 27, shows a police officer approach a protester and strike him in the stomach using the butt end of his baton. The officer proceeds to shove the young man several times as protesters yell for him to stop.

“What we saw was pretty simple,” event organizer Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois told La Presse. “We have a police who walked up to someone and hit him while this person was simply holding a banner.”

Read more here from Montreal Gazette:

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