“I Bet You Call The Cops As Soon As Anything Goes Wrong”

“I bet you call the cops as soon as anything goes wrong.”

I have heard a variation of this accusation more times than you could shake a bloody baton at. It inevitably appears in almost every Facebook comment thread and often those on the site as well. The statement presupposes many things and fails to consider many more. It is a wispy shell of crumbling rhetoric, which cannot hold itself, let alone be a vessel for any meaningful discourse. Let us dissect this carapace of malingering idiocy once and for all.

What if nothing goes wrong?

Most people make it through their life without any real threat to their safety or property. Crime, of the victim-orientated-persuasion, is anomalous. For example:

The odds a person twelve or older will be a victim of a personal crime (including violent crimes, robbery, and pickpocketing/purse snatching) in a year are 1 in 46.61, and the odds of being a victim of a violent crime are 1 in 48.36. The odds a household will be a victim of a property crime (including burglary, theft, and car theft) in a year are 1 in 6.83.

The idea that we are constantly under attack is a pervasive falsehood that has created a climate of fear. The ways in which media are produced and consumed often creates the myth of perpetual danger where it does not exist. Most people, on average, will rarely experience a crime.

On top of this, police rarely ever stop crimes. They usually only investigate them after the fact, and even then, often do not catch the perpetrator.

There is one kind of crime that almost everyone is a victim of and that is white collar crime. The collusion of bankers, corporations and the financial sector are rife with criminals whose deeds effect hundreds of millions. Yet the police are rarely ever found tasing CEO’s in their penthouse suites, or shooting bankers in the streets of gated communities, let alone arresting them for their innumerable crimes.

In fact, the prison-industrial complex has helped to create a cycle of crime. Ex-convicts or even those with a record often see their reputations denigrated in such a way as to bring about the circumstances and desperation that often cause crime. While prisons themselves institutionalize individuals, which often assures their return, and at the same time becomes a de facto university for criminal knowledge.

This is not the jungle, baby. You probably ain’t gonna diiiii-iieeeee. At least not of a crime. However, the police themselves may kill you if you call them.

Why do you think the police will help you?

It is becoming more and more the case that police are just as likely to cause loss of property, kidnapping/imprisonment, serious injury or death as any of these mythically nefarious criminals we are always hearing about. Calling them can be a gamble with your well-being and/or life, even if you were the victim of a crime. Many people are starting to realize that.

Now maybe you believe the police will help you. That’s cute. But even if you do, that does not mean that everyone does. Many people are starting to understand the danger the police present to them. Even if the police do not kill you, or steal your property, their presence may lead them to become suspicious of you. Suddenly you could  find yourself on the investigated side of a minor crime that you may or may not have committed.

Lives cannot be brought back, injuries cannot be healed by sirens and most property that is stolen is never returned. The cops cannot do much for you. And even if they do catch the bad guy, what they do with them may be displeasing to even you. Or if not, a drain on your society which will inevitably trickle down to you in the form of poverty and crime.

Do we really have any other reasonable options than to call the cops?

The state and those who enforce their laws, the police, have a monopoly on violence. This monopoly has helped to deter natural consequences and therefore served to embolden criminals. We are not allowed to work these things out for ourselves.

When many violent crimes are committed, police become involved whether you call them or not. Many people who have defended themselves against criminals have had to suffer legal consequences for having done so. If you shoot an intruder you are not allowed to just drop the body off with the next of kin. Cops are going to show up.

This has deterred most people from taking care of criminals in their own way. It has insured the police a place in society that is not altogether necessary. And it has led criminals to believe that so long as they can escape the scene of their crime, there is a good chance it will go unpunished.

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Have you been paying attention?

In case you haven’t noticed, many of the people who contribute to CopBlock.org, and a large portion of our followers, are proponents of their second amendment rights. A lot of those skeptical of police have long ago decided that it was up to them take responsibility for their own safety and well-being. As a group, we are far less likely to want or need to call the police in the event that a crime occurs. Not just because we are armed or skeptical of police, but because most of us have been able to avoid situations in which we are likely to become victims and are often capable of dealing with them peacefully when we do.

It is amazing what can be accomplished with a bit of courage and rationality. Not only can they save your property or life, but they can often prevent you from ever having to do so in the first place. When you stop believing in the fear mongering myths of ever-present dangers and instead focus on how to deal with the actual circumstances of life through knowledge and self-improvement, you can become the only person you need to rely on.

And that is what threatens and worries the police state the most.


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  • Here’s your ribbon

    To unload his weapon into someone today. Harass a jaywalker on your morning beat. Lie in court during a particular trial.

    You cops are first in so many things not just acting immaturely on a forum.

  • Don’t need police

    I have only called the police in the capacity where they could “serve”.
    Instances where they should use their light racks while they clean up road debris. Or direct traffic around dangerous situations. Otherwise I would only ever call police if the person I am calling them on deserves to have his life ended or ruined. In that case I am using the police for the only other thing they are good for. Ruining lives.

    I have never called to protect myself. They are not on my mind when I am in fear nor should they be.

    Police are not the everyday reality of the vast majority of Americans no matter how often they attempt to inteject themselves into our lives. They have overstepped their bounds and for the most part lost their usefulness.

  • psyop

    Has anyone seen the new US military ads on TV?

    There propaganda AF. Looks like there working for a federal police take over using the military as the “Peoples hero’s”. Now that they have purged alot of the Oath keepers, lots of mindless drones just looking for war. Any war as long as there shooting..

    There’s countless pictures and videos of people spoting mass military vehicle’s, trains, FEMA, UN, etc inside the USA. There’s many more of the “FEMA camp’s” or enturment camps of yesteryear all across the USA.

    Almost every picture/video uploaded lately has military training that looks like there rounding up people in american city settings. Shit just look at how many towns have been bought or built just for police/military trainng.

    “Jade helm” or any other exercise that’s been going on this year all look like copy’s of each other. There all practicing for the same fight…

  • mobooz

    Using police as a weapon? For revenge? Sounds like you’re the biggest part of the problem.

  • What?

    How did what he said make him the biggest part of the problem? What problem?
    It is simple really, don’t call the police on anyone unless you are prepared for that person to be killed or have their life ruined. If the person is murdering your grandmother then how is that a problem if the police are called and he is killed or sentenced to prison?

    You don’t call the police for a stray dog or because your teenage daughter mouthed off. That just puts you, the dog, the child and everyone else in danger of the police.

    And police should be doing more community work like decreasing road hazards instead of just blowing right past them and thinking it isn’t their problem.

  • JC

    More paranoid bullshit. I’m sure the activist that wrote this ridiculous article would be the first to call the police and then bitch about the 4 minute wait for the PD to show up. Anytime someone bumps into you activists you are on the phone to the PD. Hypocrites.

  • Thank you

    Thank you, that’s exactly what I meant.

  • Common Sense

    SIGTARP does in fact prosecute this in the financial field, about 100 per year for fraud, laundering etc.

    If you want general police to be trained as financial investigators and in forensic accounting, be prepared for taxes to go up.

  • Common Sense

    Which Jade Helm? There’s been one every year for what? A decade?

  • Joshua H

    You must be the dumbest motherfucker to ever use a keyboard.
    Its like I wrote an article explains what blue is, then you immediately comment, “what is blue?”

  • kpsmith

    It may change when I get older, but at this point in my life I would not call a cop to “rescue” me from any situation. Why would I? If someone is breaking into my home dialing 911 is a waste of time. If I am in a traffic accident I would call them because it is the law and it makes sense. If I come home and my house has been broken into I have to call them because the police report in necessary for the insurance claim (or at least helpful). Those are not “rescue” situations and the whole myth of the cop busting his/her ass 24/7 saving the rest of us from the evil elements of our society is pretty much just that,,,,,a myth.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    the only reason the cops should ever be called, is to slaughter them when they show up. the only good pig is a dead pig.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    the last time armor movement has been this intense was World War 2.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    I truly believe he is mentally disabled. that can be the only explanation for his outright asininity. if we’re lucky he will commit suicide, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. it’s really too bad it’s not legal to kill fuckers like this, we certainly don’t want them breeding.

    keep up the good articles, and disregard my rhetoric and hyperbole. ;)

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    you really are a stupid fucker if you believe people actually want to call the police. the only good police officer is a dead police officer. the only good thing they can do, is be cut up into a thousand pieces and used as fertilizer. even then they would probably work as a shitty fertilizer, due to all the fucking donuts. how much longer do you think you have? I know.

  • JC

    No what is dumb is the way you write your little articles. You make up most of them, and lie about everything else. You are a paranoid piece of shit with no brains.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    I would call the police over a burglary. Why? Try making a claim to an insurance company without a police report. Do I expect them to recover my property? No.

    Skenazy constantly goes into worst-case thinking as first-case happening at “Free Range Kids”. You’re doing the very same thing all those fear-ridden, helicopter parents are doing. Worst-case thinking.

    What this is about, or should be about, is the real worst cases of police behavior. And, no, the police here don’t get to define it. They are about 0.25% of the population, and so often shown to be only slightly better in the law. (I was just looking at a PINAC video where a Texas cop claimed it was law that you had to identify yourself when he had reasonable suspicion. The Texas law is clear: you only have to identify yourself when under arrest, what you can’t do is falsely identify yourself when detained. This is ongoing in Texas.)

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Hey, I like the “Be all you can be” commercials. Frankly, the military does give you that chance. If you learn to be disciplined and work hard.

    I have no idea how DoD commercials apply to the police. Is it that police mistake themselves for military, or that others mistake them for that? The former seems more the case, but that has nothing to do with DoD commercials.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Tell that to Iraquis. I like hyperbole as much as the next guy, but not that much.

  • t

    Dude….don’t. You’re gonna crush their conspiracy dreams. All that prepping just going to waste.

  • t

    Why the hate?

  • RaymondbyEllis

    No, he’s the same kind of extreme thinking. He’s just on the other side.

    What’s the difference between every cop is bad and every cop is good?

  • Missbeanz

    I have called the police one time in my life. My apartment was broken into. They came, took a report, suggested I get a gun and that was the last I ever heard from them. How did that help anything again? I’ll never call the police unless it’s to pick up the body of an asshole who tried to break into my house while I was home or something. Other than that, it’s pretty pointless.

  • Midnight

    Police don’t prevent/stop crime…they document the results of crime. Calling them is useless.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Why the fear? The 95% of us won’t hurt you, but you think we will and you make decisions from that fear. So you hurt us thinking it justified by your fear, a fear that turns anything but absolute compliance to you a threat.

    Get a grip about the rest of us, quit the shit you make up from your self-justifying insular world. If you have to fear all of us, we would all be criminals out to get you. Your fear of us makes your decisions, quit blaming your fear on the rest of us. Embrace your flaws and acknowledge them.

    We seldom hurt you, we seldom challenge you. You hurt us more than we hurt you. On point “You can beat the rap, but you can’t beat the ride”, how dysfunctional is that in a legal system? The ride takes place before any proof of guilt, it’s a cop way of hurting people for a cop’s satisfaction.

  • Risk

    You can file a non emergency report at any police station or even online in many jurisdictions and it does not involve the police coming to your home and is valid for insurance purposes. In some jurisdictions reports can even bypass police altogether and go straight to prosecutors or grand juries or city hall, it depends on state constitutions. Most jurisdictions however, will not have dealt with this sort of avenue outside the police in many decades so it may be a difficult learning curve for them.

    People need to think outside the box and ask themselves do you really need to call 911 or the police to attend to your problem?

    We need to as a society stop thinking the police will always be there and establish new avenues of achieving the justice we deserve.

    Worse case is not a bad way to think when police have more power over you than just about anyone else. Why risk it by thinking of lollypops and rainbows?

  • Aaron Davison

    Nice !

  • RaymondbyEllis

    And that gets me an ice cream cone. Focus, you’ve just been burgled and you go “I can file a non-emergency report not involving the police (coming to your home)” Do you know that I live in those jurisdictions? Do you know that I called for an energceny?

    Is making a non-emergency call somehow not involving police? How many jurisdictions dance on the head of a pin? And in some jusrisdictions reports can by pass police, hallelujeah (great song by Leonard Cohen). Which reports? You mean “I had a burglary” goes straight to the DA. Always?

    Until very recently, Louisiana used Napolenic law. What does that mean? No idea, but I think you could it make into somehing you think sensible. You’ve proven you’re worth…

    If you had just focused…

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Really, you should pay attention to the world beyond the insularity of your outlier beliefs. The overwhelming majority in this country call the police when a crime happens. The overwhelming majority in this country do not suffer adverse affects when they do.

    When you make it all cops, like those here that make it all activists (whatever an activist is, no cop in a union should rail against activists if only over the hypocrisy), you go into outlier to be ignored. All cops? All Democrats? All Republicans? All doctors? All dentists? All lawyers? All people with bad teeth? (I forgive the British for making me come up with such a stupid example, even though they have bad teeth).

    Face it, a lot of cops are actually better people than you are, a lot more aren’t. What goes on here is to force the cops to actually look at themselves and face who they are, as a profession, really are. They aren’t solons, they are so far from it while arrogantly believing they are so close. It’s the arrogance that needs to be broken, the cops need to understand they aren’t lawyers, hell, they aren’t even paralegals.

    They confuse their policies and procedures with law (it’s why they don’t rise to a paralegal), thinking the P&P and they are law. Every once in awhile the courts stomp on them and then they squeal like greased pigs, no greased pig understands why the focus is on him, humans should know unless they are as stupid as pig.

    Oh look, we’ve never found a shooting unjustified, why are we being challenged? It must be political because we’ve found every shoot to be justified. The caricature is so easy because the excuses of the PDs are caricatures. How many major PDs are under some sort of court control? If that extends to Podunk, USA, we are so fucked if only by money. 17000 Pd’s roughly.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    I take it that you’ve never read a false police report? Make note that no article here puts someone in prison. False police reports do, and if it isn’t found to be false before the trial, the prosecutors argue heaven and hell as to why it should be found true after or why it really had no impact (wink,wink)

    Okay this is tangential so OT, but have you known the people that have said someone got off on a technicality. Did you take the time to explain to them that they actually said “I’m a moron. I have no idea how justice actually works, I only care if it gives me what I want.” Did you further explain that the law is technicalities as likely to ensnare the innocent as to let the gulty go free?

    Nah, I’d have to dig the hole first so you could claim depth by getting into it. Such a bother to let you claim “winning”;

  • t

    Why all the stupid?

    For someone who thinks of himself as the smartest guy in the room….you get your ass handed to you all the time.

    Hundreds of millions of 911 calls each year
    45,000,000 direct police contacts.
    12,000,000 arrests.
    Average of 400 people killed by the police each year.
    Around 50 or so officers murdered each year.
    Around 59,000 officers assaulted every year with more than 15,000 injuries or serious injuries.

    That looks like less than a millionth of a % of being killed by an officer.
    But a far higher incident rate of officers being assaulted.

    “You can beat me off”
    That’s another typical CBer nonsense tag line picked up from bad movies and TV.
    “Arrest” is simply a tool (kinda like you ?)
    How many times has this topic been run through…and every time you get crushed on it.

    Just look at the current thread about the 17 year old kid who got shot at a traffic stop. ALL of the classic CBer stuff is there. But when none of that intimidates the officer….he turns to violence. In that case….it was a sole “where is your drivers
    License” issue. He wanted to make it harder so he forever the officers hand to arrest him to ID him. Arrest…a tool to ID the driver.
    Large fights…unruly crowds…arrest is a great way to take the problem out of the crowd and eliminate the fights and assaults
    Some arrest are statutorily mandated…based generally on good ideas. Domestic violence jumps readily to mind. The temporary elimination to the assault risk…a very good thing.

    So to recap:
    Your thoughts about fear are simply
    Destroyed but the numbers
    You ideas bad movie line? Is exactly what it is…and you can’t even see that ?

  • JC

    In other words, you agree these articles are extremely biased and hypocritical.

  • JC

    More threats, more paperwork, more emails.

  • Condescending

    You are a condescending little shit. The OP was correct that you do not need to file a burglary report with the police. I am a claims adjuster and insurance companies might try to give you a hard time without a police report but they won’t deny you. We don’t always use the police report because we know they haven’t been to the house nor have they questioned the homeowner to our satisfaction. We will send an inspector to your house and question you and base your claim on that. Same as we would for any home claim not crime related.

    Get your head out of your ass, you don’t require the police for anything because they are not a stipulation in the constitution.

    You could learn from people if you would crawl out of your own ass.

  • Insurance Adjuster

    I am a claims adjuster for a national insurance company and you’re correct that we don’t require a police report nor do we usually use them to determine your claim.

  • Insurance Adjuster

    I heard on the news just yesterday the national average of police related deaths is closer to a thousand but because there is no national record of deaths it can be difficult to know exactly how many. This average is based on new reports of deaths and court filings.

  • chrismalllory

    Nice sleight of hand. You use “being killed by government employees” when talking about the risk to citizens, but you use “assaulted” when talking about the risk to government employees from citizens. Just more lies from a trained liar. Now run along and polish your badge.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    I’ll keep it brief.
    The number of people killed by police is 515 so far this year. It has likely been around a thousand for years. The FBI stats are not stats as they have admitted.
    The number of citizens shot that lived we have no idea. The number of citizens beaten by cops for less than good reasons we have no idea. We do know that when a major metropolitan PD comes under scrutiny for excessive force it usually ends up under court control.

    You can’t make your argument by stats other than police killed, other citizens killed by police. There are no stats to make any comparison on “assault” or injury. Assault on an officer is problematic given the cop neurosis over being touched out of a neurotic fear of the rest of us.

    The rest you wrote would take a book to unravel the simplistic assumptions, the ignoring of the actual results (DV is a good case, given it’s presumption of who is the assaulter), and the general shallowness of your thought.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Read your own comment. Of course you don’t always use the police report, because it’s insufficient to address the claim. Even the adjusters visit may be, because over time other items may be found to be missing. However, I’d rather do that first level of reporting to the police to avoid that “insurance companies might try to give you a hard time without a police report but they won’t deny you.” You as one claims adjuster know that they won’t deny you?

    “Get your head out of your ass, you don’t require the police for anything because they are not a stipulation in the constitution.” That reveals everything about you I need to know.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    No, I meant like police reports. On reflection, false was a false distinction, any police report has a lot of self-interest tied-in if it involves dealing directly with the person thought to have committed a crime. Assault on an officer, disorderly conduct, interference with a govenment employee, etc., have a lot of self-interest by the officer. Shooting so much more (don’t carry a towel).

    Police reports that are about indirect involvment have the least self-interest.

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