Does Jeff Ross Roast Inmates or the Justice System? You Decide


Jeff Ross, master roaster, tried to find a jail in the USSA that would allow him to roast the inmates they house. The video doesn’t say exactly how long it took them to find Brazos County Jail in Texas, but they seemed to be the only ones willing to let him in. After watching the whole video, I guess the other jails/prisons knew of Jeff’s approach to this. As you watch the 50 minute episode, it’s uncertain if Jeff’s goal was to roast the inmates or the justice system.

Throughout the video Jeff, or the producers, points out how ‘america’ incarcerates more inmates than any other country in the world, how the war on drugs is ruining lives (while not stopping drugs), and that the system is absolutely broken. As someone who’s been locked up for nonviolent drug ‘crimes,’ I can relate to this a little more than most. Sure many jokes were made during this show, and we all should take the time to laugh, but the reality is real. This country has more jails than schools, more inmates than teachers, and more debt than wealth. These are serious issues that will be addressed. I thank Jeff for taking the time to address them via comedy.

Below you’ll find a few other videos about the war on drugs and the prison population of the USSA:

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