Ex-Judge Leaks Video of Chicago Cop Firing On Unarmed Teens In Car

Andrew Berman, a retired Cook County Judge, was so disturbed by the actions of a Chicago police officer, that he recently leaked a video to local media. He says the video is the most disturbing thing he has seen in his 35 years in the Windy City court system.

The horrifying dash cam footage shows Officer Marco Proano fire his weapon over a dozen times into a car full of unarmed teenagers. The former judge comments on the video:

“I’ve seen lots of gruesome, grisly crimes. But this is disturbing on a whole different level.”

Unsurprisingly, Proano is still on the force and has not so much as been reprimanded for his actions.

Luckily, only two bullets struck passengers, neither of which were life-threatening.

It was later found that the car the teens were driving had been stolen. Judge Berman was assigned to the case against one of the teens in his last days on the job. His opinion is that the actions of the officer were racially motivated and that Proano was both out of control and outside the law.

Chicago law does not allow officers to fire into moving vehicles when there is no clear and present danger to officers or civilians. As you can see in the video, nobodies life was in imminent danger.

This is not the first time Proano has been accused of using excessive force. Between 2011 and 2015 he was cleared of six complaints against him, one for excessive force.

Given the CPD record for the ol’ ultra-violence, it is likely that Proano was allowed to continually slide through a system of checks and balances that is supposed to get dangerous cops like him off the streets.

The case was at the center of a federal lawsuit against the trigger happy officer. The payout will cost taxpayers $360,000 dollars.

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It could just as easily have cost several young people their lives. The outrageous response of this officer and his outright disregard for the law are unacceptable. The fact that Proano is still allowed to represent law enforcement in Chi-raq is another strong indicator of how corrupt and monstrous that cities legal system has become.

Violence strangles Chicago on both sides of the badge, criminals and cops. But the picture we are getting from the facts appear to indicate that the real divide in Chi-Town is between the law-abiding and the lawless; with both cops and criminals appearing to be teamed up on the latter.

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