Des Moines Man Hacks Police Shooting With Two Words

Just one week after the fatal shooting of Ryan Bolinger in Des Moines, Iowa; another man in that city led police on a chase, and then exited his car. This time, however, nobody got shot.

Daniel Phillip Garetto, 27, led police on a car chase Tuesday night. After a short chase through the eastside, Garetto exited his car and attempted to flee on foot. His efforts were unsuccessfully, and after the short attempt he yelled ‘I’m crazy!’ to the pursuing police officers. (The yelling is right near the end and is a bit quiet, so volume up.)

And none of them fired on him! Was it just a stroke of luck or did this guy figure out the loophole in their system? Does an immediate admission of mental illness serve as the secret key to not getting shot? If so, you think they would warn people, right?

Nah, we doubt it. At any rate, we certainly wouldn’t recommend testing that theory. What we hope is that the recent outcry there has made officers more aware of their need to limit force unless absolutely necessary. And again, we certainly wouldn’t recommend you go testing that theory.

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Alia Atreides

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