Ademo’s Illegal Arrest on 06/28/11 Resulted In An Abuse of the Public Trust in New Hampshire

I have been admitted as “Attorney-in-Fact” before the Cheshire County Superior Court here in New Hampshire for the matter of State v. Jason Talley of Talley-TV.

I am not a lawyer.  I am just a former law enforcement officer who believes in individual liberty, greater government accountability, and am willing to stick my neck out to do something about it.

Pursuant to NH Rules of Professional Conduct 3.6 (c) (2) and (c) (6) (that I am now accountable to) I would like to share with you the following public documents that have been filed in the court.

– Motion to dismiss .PDF
– Notification of criminal defense .PDF
Motion to refrain from authorizing physical force to demand respect .PDF

Please forgive the errors I made in the filings.  This is my first time representing someone in court and I am sure I will improve with experience.



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