(VIDEO) Remember THIS Guy? Cop from Viral DUI Checkpoint Video Encountered Again

(Murfreesboro, TN) The video of this checkpoint stop, which was recorded by an activist group in Tennessee, seems to show a change in the behavior of law-enforcement when it comes to how they interact with motorists at checkpoints.

As the driver comes to a stop at the checkpoint with his window down just a few inches, he is greeted by Sgt. Cox, the same cop who was caught lying on video late last year about a driver being drunk and then forcing the innocent driver to take sobriety tests to prove his innocence. The video got over 200,000 views after it was uploaded and even prompted the local media to seek responses from the Murfreesboro Police and the Tennessee Highway Patrol for their actions. This time, as Mr. Cox approaches the window, the motorist recording the stop immediately says, “I have the right to remain silent.”

Most people aren’t aware that they are not required to speak to the police, even at checkpoints.

The officer quickly replies, “Yeah, you do. I don’t smell any alcohol, y’all drive safely,” he seems to be on his best behavior this year.

You have a happy new year. And a constitutional one!” says the driver.

Last year’s encounter with the officer did not go so well. The video of the incident is below. Still think exercising your rights at checkpoints and recording it isn’t making a difference?




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