Graphic Video of West Monroe Police Shooting Released

As the trial is underway in the shooting death of a homeless man, Keith Raymond Martinez, by officer Jody LeDoux, a graphic video has been released showing the horrific killing.

On December 4, 2014, Officer LeDoux pulled into a convenience store where Martinez was (and had been known to regularly) loitering out front. In almost no time at all, the officer drew his weapon and fired, claiming that he thought the subject was reaching for a gun.

Martinez is a Vietnam veteran with alcohol abuse issues. He has been arrested over 50 (all non-violent offenses) times and is well known by locals and police. For this reason, many are saying that it should have been known that the man did not present any physical threat and was almost entirely unlikely to have a weapon. His death was a chilling occasion for the mostly quiet community.

LeDoux was indicted for the killing last month. His fellow officers came out to support this criminal. At his arraignment last week he pleaded not guilty and his initial hearing has been set for August 31st.

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The killing of the nations homeless by police provides strong evidence that class is a major determine factor in law enforcement profiling and homicide. An overwhelming percentage of those who suffer from police brutality and shootings are at the low spectrum of income. All the while, corporations and defense contractors get rich stealing and killing and committing innumerable other offenses without so much as a handcuff bruise or traffic ticket.

Is our entire system broken, or is it working exactly how those who benefit most from it have determined it should operate?

Alia Atreides

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