Guardian Calls On Public To Contribute To “The Counted” Project

Earlier this month, we published a post about The Guardian’s “The Counted” project, which is an interactive reporting project aimed at tracking all police killings in the United States, and seeks to serve as a resource for families to share their stories and press for change. (See “The Counted” project here). The site also features a database for killings. The Guardian encourages submissions by people, noting-

The US government has no comprehensive record of the number of people killed by law enforcement.

So the Guardian has embarked on a special project – to work from an inaccurate standard toward a more perfect accounting, and tell the stories of people killed by police. But we need your help.

Do you have information about an officer-involved death that the public deserves to know? This is the place to share the truth about police killings. Send us your tips, images, video and more – and we’ll use it in our reporting.

Information regarding a victim of police homicide can be entered directly on this page. Additionally, the Guardian invites members of the public to contribute to “The Counted” in the following ways: send a tip via the interactive,; join the new Facebook community; tweet at @thecounted; or contact The Guardian confidentially using the private PGP key send your files anonymously via the SecureDrop system.

Join CBN and help us, help you, help others.
Join CBN and help us, help you, help others.

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