Another Email About Police Abuse received this email a few days ago from a viewer who had a run in with an angry police officer. We’ve been receiving a lot of emails the past couple weeks with links, calls for help, and more. Unfortunately, we’re unable to assist in most these cases because we’re merely volunteers and have no budget to get to those in need.

I’m hoping that by highlighting others who take the time, like this person below, to write, film and talk about their experience with police, we can soon launch a feature for those willing to share such encounters. Again, if you have a story, or video, of police abusing you or their powers contact us by clicking on the CONTACT tab above.

Thanks, here is our most recent submission:


I live in Bayonne, NJ and thought I would share my experiences with the local police I have had over the last 2 1/2 months. I work in the transportation business.

First, on September 17th, I was getting ready to do a pick up. I just double parked when a voice next to me told me to “move my fucking car.” I told the person that I just pulled up and would be out soon. He stated he didn’t care and again told me to move. I noted there was someone on the other side of him who was also double parked and asked him why didn’t he bother him since he was waiting for someone in a Chinese restaurant and that I was doing my job. The person then pulled out his badge. It was Sgt. Speirs of the Bayonne Police Department who at the time was working undercover. He pulled me over, yelling, cursing and being rude the whole time. He demanded my information, said he hoped he would find 10 things wrong with my car so he could give me 10 tickets, called in 2 other cars plus a motorcycle all for a traffic stop! He caused me to embarrass myself over our 2 way radio by not letting me call my dispatcher on the phone to tell her what was going on. I had to say it where all my co workers and customers could hear. I asked him to please stop cursing. He refused and stated that he was doing it because “he fucking felt like it.” In the end he gave me 3 tickets: one for blocking traffic *which he and the other cars he called over did for 20 minutes vs. my average of 2 minutes* one for no seat belt *which I wasn’t moving when he saw me* and one for not wearing a shirt with a collar, which is a law in my town for cab driver. It also turned out he was friends with my old boss, so he called him, twisted the whole story around and managed to get me fired from my job. To serve and protect my ass!

Anyway, I got another job almost immediately as a limo driver, but have not escaped the doughnut eating pigs. I got a parking ticket in NYC for parking in a “No standing except commercial vehicles” even though in New Jersey, Limousuines are commercial vehicles. I also got 2 tickets in Bayonne for parking the car on the street over night. The law states in my town they can’t be parked on the street, but my car is a regular sized Lincoln Town Car. God forbid they make an exception for a regular sized car.

But the kicker is Officer Oliva of the Port Authority Police Department. He usually patrols the arrivals area of Terminal C. Anyway on October 7th, I was doing a Curbside pick up. I had to hold the sign outside my window so my passenger could see it. Officer Oliva pulled me over. He called 3 other cops over, who proceeded to inspect my car for a fire extinguisher and letter of liability insurance. After 30 minutes, he comes back over with 5 tickets: no seat belt, which I had taken off because I found my passenger, unsafe driving, no letter of liability insurance *they claimed it was expired*, no insurance card *they claimed it was a copy* and no fire extinguisher. After I left he wrote 3 more tickets: tailgating, unsafe lane change, and failure to comply with direction of officer. 11 points all together. My boss hired a lawyer for me to take care of this. I go to court on December 9th.

I had another encounter with the same pig *I refuse to acknowledge his authority at this point* the day before Thanksgiving in the same area. One section is blocked off for Handicapped loading and unloading. I was picking up someone who was on crutches so I had to go in the area. I get out of the car to move the cones, go in and load my passenger in. Pig Oliva comes over and again demands my paperwork. I’m asking him what I was doing wrong and he refused to answer me. He wrote out a ticket, all the while my passenger asked him if he wanted to see her handicapped placard. He said no, it doesn’t matter. There was a second cop there whose name and badge number I did not obtain, who refused to back me up and said “He already started writing the ticket.” You mean to tell me he can’t stop writing it and just toss it? Come on now.

In the end he gave me a ticket for disobeying a traffic control device. I asked him how I was supposed to get in there to pick up my handicapped passenger. He said I wasn’t supposed to. I said but it’s for handicapped loading and unloading, and my passenger was handicapped. His response to me? “Yes, she’s handicapped, but you’re not.” I asked him how that made sense, and he said to me “If I were you, I would just get back in the fucking car and leave.” I did, but not before taking a picture of the sign which does not state who has to be handicapped to be in that area, and also while he was glaring at me.

Feel free to use this for the site and edit it in any way, shape or form. I love the site and I think more people should see this stuff. All I do ask though is please do not use my real name.

Thank you.

Ademo Freeman

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