Breaking: Addison TX Officer Assaults Brett Sanders for Legally Filming

In a video uploaded to the YouTube channel run by Brett Sanders, an officer from the Addison Police Department can be seen aggressively crossing the street to confront Brett for filming the police department.  Brett was open carrying and videotaping from a public sidewalk.  He was violating no laws.

The officer begins by asking, “Can I help you sir?”  Brett replies that he doesn’t need help.  Next, he tells Mr. Sanders to move along and that he doesn’t need to be videotaping the police department unless he has a reason to be videotaping.  He says that he does have a reason and is questioned as to what his reason is.  Brett says that he doesn’t need to tell him.  The officer then tells him that he needs to move on then.

The officer then asks him if he has any ID on him.  Brett replies yes and the officer asks if he can see his ID.  Brett refuses and the officer tells him that he has him under detention.  Under Texas Law, one does not have to provide identification unless you are under arrest.

addison copThe officer continues trying several more times to get Brett’s identification and each time, he refuses.  He then tells him that if he doesn’t present his ID that he is going to place him under arrest.  The officer is asked several times throughout the video to articulate what crime Brett is suspected of committing and never receives an answer.

Brett tells the officer that he is going to reach for his cell phone and the officer states that he is not and that he needs to reach for his identification.  Brett reaches for his phone and the officer grabs him and the camera.  Brett pulls away and tells the officer not to grab his camera.  The officer states that he doesn’t know if Sanders is going to call someone to come and do something to him.  He is then asked his name and the officer replies Officer Bagley or Bagler, badge number 179.  A car was driving by when he gives his name and it is hard to make out.

The officer then goes hands on and takes Sanders to the ground, handcuffs, and assaults him, all while he was engaged in the legal activity of filming a police department.  He was detained for 20 minutes and given a lecture about why the police get nervous being filmed and then released.  Brett sustained an injury to his leg, which he shows in the video.

Please be aware that standing up for your rights can lead to such things as arrest, injury, and death.  Filming the police is a dangerous activity as you can see in this video.  Brett Sanders is a professional when it comes to filming the police and standing up to them when they attempt to violate his rights.  Notice that he remained respectful while flexing his rights to this bully officer that obviously thought he could push a citizen,  who was not breaking any laws, around.

I encourage you to watch any and all of Brett’s videos as he demonstrates over and over how this should be done. Hats off to Brett Sanders for keeping his cool and not bowing down to this tyrant in a costume.

Light up the phone lines at Addison Police Department and demand action be taken against Officer Bagler/Bagley, badge 179 for his flagrant violation of Brett’s civil rights.  Remind them that  filming anything that is visible from a public space is perfectly legal and is constitutionally protected activity and that “Badges Don’t Give Extra Rights.”  I hope that Brett takes legal action for this incident as this officer had no legal rights to put his hands on him and injure him.

Contact Addison Police Department, 972-450-7156, Officer involved:  Officer Bagler or Bagley, badge number 179.

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