Don’t Criticize CopBlockers- They Are Just Doing Their Job

About a month ago we almost decided to call it quits and ended up revealing all of the fabulous benefits of being high on the CopBlock hog. Thankfully, we came to our senses, and have decided to stick with it. It’s easy money and a body has got to work.

Besides, if it wasn’t for, several people would be out of a job. We already know that some of our critics are irrational and make irresponsible suggestions, but their desire to see us go kaput would mean a few less people working. Which means a few more people in the welfare line.

Being the responsible citizens that we are, we cannot bear to consider putting people in that position. Nor do we think that, even as greasy rich as we are, we could afford the extra tax burden of thousands of journalists and police critics going out of work would cause.

It is bad enough that we have to cover the costs of growing militarized police forces and the prison system that they create. Even worse that whenever police mess up and get sued, we working tax-payers end up covering the cost.

All of that is expensive enough without adding more mouths for the tax titty to feed. And putting CopBlockers and others of their kind out of work would do just that. So all of you haters out there need to just back up and lay off. CopBlockers are just doing their job.

police cops just doing their jobsSure, we recently added ‘kill innocent people’ and ‘imprison, torture and belittle human beings for political expediency’ to some of our job descriptions. But those things are only wrong if you do them off the clock. Since we added them as work duties, no longer are we constrained by the morals and laws meant for the rest of you pissants. This ‘only doing their job’ thing is actually pretty fucking cool.

Besides, being a CopBlocker is a dangerous job. Since we are dealing with a group of people who regularly kill citizens, sometimes for no reason whatsoever, portraying them in a less than flattering way puts us at high amount of risk. We believe that the danger we face for just doing our jobs should grant us extra rights and privileges not available to everybody else. That is how this works, right?

We have loved ones and families to go home to, you know. You will never know how much those close to us CopBlockers worry about our safety and wonder if we will come home alive and well at the end of each day. It can be really tough being a spouse or child or parent or sibling or whatever of a CopBlocker, knowing that at any time some shady lowlife with a badge and a gun could kill or imprison their loved ones while they were out serving their communities and just doing their job. Do you really want to force your hate-filled message into the public where those worried family members might have to read your vile and angry outbursts? Have you no heart, man?

soldiers just doing their jobsAs the police like to tell you, you don’t know about all the criminals that might be out to get you if they weren’t there to protect you. Likewise, you don’t know how many more cops might rape, torture or kill our fellow human beings if they didn’t know we were here keeping an eye on them. You might be dead of a service weapon fired by sociopath with a badge right now if it wasn’t for us, so before you go running your mouth against us, you might want to thank us for putting ourselves in the line of fire to keep you safe.

Finally, we are all individuals. When you say that all CopBlockers are bad you are making a generalized statement and using stereotypes and logical fallacies. Even if some of us are total assholes and occasionally kill pets, children and the mentally handicapped in the line of duty, most of us are really good guys. Just because we work for an organization that encourages, covers up or denies our trespasses and shields us from accountability and consequences, and none of the rest of us do anything about it, does not make us all bad. We just work here. We are just doing our jobs, which is to enforce the laws of transparency, accountability and non-aggression.

So how about instead of complaining about how all CopBlockers are bad you stop breaking our laws? Just because you did not agree to them, necessarily even know what they are or do not like them is no excuse. They are our laws. It is our duty to enforce them. If you don’t like them maybe you should move to North Korea where they do not allow people to speak out against their Dear Leaders, bureaucrats and authoritarians.

Besides, you people who talk shit about us are usually the first ones that come crawling to us to cover your story when law enforcement beats you up or kills your loved one. But you will never know what it is like to walk in our shoes. You will never understand the sacrifice and danger and worry. You will never know just how much we give so that you can be safe from criminal cops and a violent justice system. So instead of saying ‘Fuck the CopBlockers’, instead you try to say something positive about those of us who are willing to risk everything on your behalf? Do we make mistakes? Sure, sometimes, but in the end- we are just doing our jobs.

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Click here to get stickerlicious!

Do you have a knack and/or a passion for writing and police accountability? If so, is always looking for self-motivated folks with some experience in blogging to join us in our fight against the police state. If you are interested in Just Doing Your Job, CopBlock style, contact me using the email listed in my author profile below.


Extremely Rare - C. 1880's - 1911 Nypd Police Collection Lot 1 picture
Extremely Rare - C. 1880's - 1911 Nypd Police Collection Lot 1

Usaf Security Police Presidential Inauguration Badge picture
Usaf Security Police Presidential Inauguration Badge

	Police Comics #2 Nm 9.4 picture
Police Comics #2 Nm 9.4

Extremely Rare - C. 1870's - 1917 Nypd Police Collection Lot 2 picture
Extremely Rare - C. 1870's - 1917 Nypd Police Collection Lot 2

Original 1920's Prohibition Law Enforcement Badge picture
Original 1920's Prohibition Law Enforcement Badge

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  • Common Sense

    Nice, citing the crucifixion and now North Korea. Soon CB will be making references to Darth Vader.

  • JC

    What a bunch of bullshit. Copblocking a ‘job”? Give me a break. It’s a hobby. Of course Pete and Ademo try to scam money from people, but to actually think it’s a job is laughable. To think you are saving lives is a bigger joke. What is interesting is most your little articles about police officers “caught” by camera aren’t from copblockers. Unless you people are so desperate you film something and then edit it into something that never happened.

  • mobooz

    That’s funny. Wait, “funny” isn’t the word. That’s… sad.

    By my estimate, pulls in about $1900/month from AdSense, before expenses. That’s no fortune, but it’s enough for rent and weed every month, especially if you have people generating your content for free. You do all this writing and get nothing in return to defend the people who profit from your work.

    Or maybe you do get a cut? Hell, for $20 an article, I could blather on about the Pasteurized milk conspiracy all day long.

  • Common Sense

    And you wondered by Joshua submits a majority of the articles. Funny, in the end Adam goes the way of the capitalist.

  • t

    Did you write this article?

    Even though JSH is an unrepentant fraud….this’s seems a bit much for him

  • Oz

    Wait a minute…that sounds just like a slew of trolls that hang out here…..just add blockers to cops….and look how antagonized they get down there ↓ !! ROFLMAO!!

  • BustDaMaTriX

    It is satire you dolts, not really surprising you buffoons can’t figure it out. I guess that is to be expected from a bunch of lickspittle copsuckers.

  • tratiorseverywhere

    Speaking of scamming money from people. What do the police do everyday? How do they get money for there pay checks?

    Crickets…..crickets….. That’s what I thought. Stupid copsuckers, dicks are for chicks!

  • Darth Vader

    Troll I am your son

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    are you really this stupid? do you know what a metaphor is? you don’t know how fun it would be to skin you alive. do not breed, it’s bad enough that we have to get rid of one of you.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    1900 dollars a month, wouldn’t even come close to covering my weed and mortgage. it may cover my weed, but I doubt it, I have expensive tastes.

  • BustDaMaTriX

    One might even think they are a large gang of entitled whiny welfare whores.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    that need to be killed.

  • ymygody

    awesome article. the pig lickers here won’t even get it. Hahaha.

  • Common Sense

    Nice, I give you +2 for originality.

  • No?

    Seriously did T delete his comment where he didn’t understand this was sarcasm?


  • tz1

    Maybe this should be retitled F*** Cop[blocker]s, and someone should record a song with appropriate lyrics.

  • mobooz

    I never wondered why. He’s deeply passionate about the encroaching police state and wants to use his talents as best he can for the betterment of all people. Also he can’t get published anywhere else because he writes like a high school junior who is too full of himself and yet still filling. But hey.

  • Common Sense

    Yep, its his site.

  • Common Sense

    Nope, not this one.

  • Chris Rickard

    Satire is lost on you.

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