Fresno, CA – Police Turn Elementary School Into Shooting Range to Calibrate “Shot Spotter” Technology

The Fresno Police Department turned Susan B. Elementary School into their own personal shooting range on Monday night to calibrate their new gunshot detection technology called “shot spotter”.


Fresno Police Shot Spotter School DrillOnly SST offers wide area protection. Its first-in-kind technology detects the fullest range of gunfire, covers exponentially more geographic area, and collects data that helps communities define the scope of illegal gunfire. Other solutions on the market offer point protection, also known as a “counter sniper system.” While these work very well for military or SWAT team applications where the target of the attacker is known in advance and it is possible to put a sensor at the target, urban areas and critical infrastructure require a wider system of protection which can cover a large area.

SST provides wider coverage, detects more types of gunfire.
Whether installed in local communities, critical infrastructure or on a campus, for a gunfire detection system to be effective, you must extend your protection zone. Optimized for civilian application, SST’s technology is the most effective security solution on the market: the smallest SST system covers 250 times the area of the typical point protection sensor, or 3,000 times that of a typical counter-sniper sensor.

Unlike counter-sniper sensors which can only measure a limited range of sounds—the supersonic signature of a sniper’s round with a known ballistic coefficient—SST’s wide area protection system measures the full range of impulsive sounds (sounds which are explosive in nature) found in urban weaponry, from sub and supersonic impulses to explosions.

FPD distributed a flyer earlier in the week warning residents that field training would be taking place in their neighborhood, but people we talked to still didn’t know why the cops were shooting guns after dark on a school campus across the street from their homes.

Cop Block Fresno was on scene, but they didn’t let us get very close. For our own safety, of course.

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Pledge $1/month to help spread the message that, “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights.”

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