Westlake Ohio Officer Indicted For Excessive Force

Maybe you can’t convict a cop in Cleveland of Excessive force, but that is not stopping the FBI from trying. Robert Toth, Westlake officer from N. Olmstead, has been indicted on three charges by the FBI who he worked with as a narcotics detective.

It seems Mr Toth abused a suspect known only as “T.A.” then tried to lie about it to an FBI investigator. Thankfully the agent did the right thing and reported it. The indictment reads:

Robert Toth, 48, of North Olmsted, was indicted on one count of excessive use of force and two counts of obstruction.

Count 1 charges Toth, in his capacity as a police officer, with causing bodily injury to someone identified as T.A. on or about April 24, 2014. In doing so, Toth deprived T.A. of his Constitutional right to be free from the unreasonable use of force by a law enforcement officer.

Count 2 charges that between April 25, 2014, and May 1, 2015, Toth knowingly falsified a document – specifically an official report concerning the arrest of T.A. – with the intent to impede, obstruct and influence the investigation and proper administration of that matter.

Count 3 charges that on May 3, 2015, Toth impeded an investigation by providing false information to a federal law enforcement officer surrounding the encounter with and arrest of T.A.

But I’m sure the Copsuckers will be out in force defending this bringer of evil. This is the kind of person the drug warriors like to recruit. See, when it come to the drug war, they want cops who have no problem playing the criminal role as well. Because all is fair in the drug war, right? Drugs are so bad that we need to allow the police to act like the criminals to catch the criminals right?

The more the drug war rages on, the more we see there is no difference between the so called “criminals” and the cops that go after them. End the drug war now and put an end to the criminals on both sides of the bogus drug war.

Chuck U Farley

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