Police Brutalize Minor in Nova Scotia, Halifax on Canada-Day

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Date of Incident: July 1st 2015
LEO’s Involved: 7 Unidentified RCMP Police Officers
Contact: +1 (902) 244-7208

The minor who is being brutalized in the video below asked the police officer why he was being detained. The cops took that as a hostile act and responded and acted under the guise that he was “resisting arrest.” Immediately they proceeded to use a choke hold, which is a prohibited method of restraint, and especially disturbing when used on a minor. At that point more Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers rushed to the scene and shoved him into the vehicle by force. The situation ended with the sixteen year old man’s unjust incarceration

The victim has agreed to the release of this footage. I had no involvement in filming it, but I want people to know that this unjust “police state” is not only a problem in the United States, but has also spread north. I’m only here to share this incident with more people and do not want any un-needed attention. I trust CopBlock.org to get this noticed and hope it helps to bring awareness and justice, and an eventual end to the brutality and corruption of the police forces in America, Canada and around the world.

Pledge $1/month to help spread the message that, "Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights."
Pledge $1/month to help spread the message that, “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights.”

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  • Common Sense

    Someone’s all jacked up on Mountain Dew and Pixie Sticks

  • putwingsoncorruptpigs

    Yet there’s way more civilians there then shiney tin badges. We the people hold the power.

    Everyone there should of curb stomped those pigs and left them there to die slowly…

  • simpleton

    Someday I would like to see a video of a couple of cops start whooping ass and abusing their authority on a man/woman or child around a crowd of about 60-80 people. And then all 80 people decide (or figure out) that they actually can do something about it and knock the piss out of the two cops. All we need is a handful of incidents like the one I described (on video) and things would change quickly in my opinion.

  • abc
  • Common Sense

    And what county was that in?

  • RaymondbyEllis

    And that just begs the question: is Canada a country or just a really, really large suburb of the USA?

    Canada went by common law until the 1980s, then they created a Constitution. There’s just no way to compare the minutiae of the actions of Canadian police to USA police. You’ve got the laws, the policy and procedures, the cultural paradigms (including the subculture that is police), and the culture of the government itself. Regarding the latter, do they see some sort of immunity for government actors everywhere they look?

    The macro is kind of easy. In the entire first world, American police use force, including lethal force, so much more often as to raise questions about America. Every incident I read here or elsewhere involving American police shootings just makes us the bottom of the first-world.

    See, I can even editorialize off of all jacked up on Mountain Dew and Pixie Sticks.

  • Common Sense

    I would agree. The US is a gun culture and a violent one. It was a nation brought about by war and must have conflict to thrive.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    No, let’s not make that facile statement especially if it’s why you agree with me. The guns just facilitate, if we removed all of them tomorrow the murder rate would go down, while the ERs would deal with a lot more more stabbings, slashings, and eviscerations. It’s the violent culture, the only thing guns provide is a greater chance of a successful kill. Like I told t. a long time ago, change the damn 2nd Amendment by the Constitutional process. Amend it or get rid of it, quit parsing it into meaninglessness. The National Guard isn’t the militia they were writing about…

    “It was a nation brought about by war and must have conflict to thrive.” Violence is an economic loss, a nation doesn’t thrive by violence within its borders. Somalia would pass us in GDP if that was the case (hyperbole to make a point, disclaimer for the crazies).

  • Common Sense

    …and that’s why I have stock in Hornady and Lockheed Martin.

    But that’s the rub, the US will always have firearms. The US loves violence, its entertainment.

    I agree, the National Guard is not the “militia” as it was written, no other nation can afford to invade the US.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    I had stock in Apple, bought it at 12 and 16, My only regret is that I didn’t by a shitload. Had the money, knew it was going to take off (I bought it when Jobs was coming back from NeXTSTEP to Apple, I was using Redhat as an OS and KDE as a DE on my Mac but saw the elegance of NeXTSTEP)

    The US has left Pandora holding her box. If we banned all guns tomorrow, how many decades would it take to round up all guns? Your guess is as good as anyone in government.

    The US does love violence in movies for entertainment, we don’t like the real thing. So it’s not entertainment when it’s real.

    Glad you understand the NG isn’t the militia that the Constitution spoke to, so few do. It is the militia by SCOTUS, but then SCOTUS approved of apartheid.

    I’m a Coastie, so naval strength is my measure (you can’t project power without a Navy, Air Force and Army depend on a navy). At the heyday of the British Empire (Rule Britannia, rule the mighty waves, you gotta love them if only for the song) they had about a 3 tonnage. We have around a 15 tonnage (it was 17, so I’m being conservative). That number is how many nations it takes to match. The British Empire that ruled the waves had a 3, we have around a 15. Think of that every time you read our Navy is being eviscerated by some cut back… The US is hyperpower today, if only in terms of its Navy.

    I ignore nukes as military power, anyone that uses a nuke today is asking for a glass plain as a country. Fusing sand by high temperature is nuking. I do not ignore nukes in terms of political poker.

  • t

    Exactly right sir. Trying to compare us to Canada isn’t apples to apples…..not by a long shot.
    Still violence there though. Lots of knives.

    I’m disappointed though at you didn’t call out JSH for what is yet wan other of his fabricated stories.

  • shao

    portugal :D

  • Krys

    There are no RCMP in that video those are HRPD — that is not RCMP jurisdiction, they only do outskirts of Halifax, rural and former rural HRM.

  • billy

    I was there, there was a gang fight and he was involved. Shut up and stop complaining and because someone saw a blurry 30 second clip and want to attack the police for no reason

  • billy

    There was no choke hold, he fought the whole time and did resist arrest

  • Eye Wittness

    There was a lot of additional footage that probably will never be shared of this kid attacking the police officer first.
    Just because the police fought back doesn’t make it “assault” like the kid who took the horrific video states. The kid who was arrested deserved it. Bottom line.

    I’m glad there is someone who doesn’t take the side of a kid who screeches “f$#k the police” almost 50 times in a 30 second video.

  • Jastin

    In the video the kid was clearly resisting arrest and the crowd is filled with a bunch of morons yelling dumb shit. They all deserve to be put in a choke hold.

  • nomore bs

    Hate to say it but the guy who used a caradic restraint, which is legal in canada, was a security guard and not a cop. There was no RCMP there that was Halifax regional police. the video is so shaky and blurred and picks up after the incidents already occurring so knowing the truth is impossible

  • Sam Franks

    Do your due diligence in investigating your articles. You’re just grasping for headlines with your weak attempt to create conflict for no reason. There are no RCMP in that video. The video shows nothing but the kid resisting. The “choke hold” is a cathartic restraint.

    You are an irresponsible attention whore. Stay in the States where your sensationalism will make you a hero among the ignorant.

  • JohnnyG

    You dumb fucks, one of these days you will need these cops to protect you….One day these cops will think twice because a mob of douche bag cop haters jumped them.

  • JohnnyG

    I’m very glad not everyone is as dumb as the morons posting this video and the douche bags in it screaming “Fuck the police” Billy and eyewitness restored my faith that not everyone is jumping on the Cop Hating bandwagon !

  • realtalk

    the cops were doing their jobs, i have one suggestion for those that disagree with the laws of canada and nova scotia; pack your shit and leave, there is no happy medium if they do their job no one is happy, they don’t do it no ones happy.
    the rights and freedoms everyone enjoys have limits, if you don’t know them get a book read up on the laws so your not spreading propaganda