Militarized Santa Clara Cops Arrest Man ‘Because You’re An Asshole’

The following post was written, recorded and shared with us from the Submissions by Mick

Date of incident- 5/28/2015
Officers Involved- Capt. Phil Cooke, Det. Bell and other unnamed goons
Contact- Sgt Gary Lee Hosman, Head of “Professional Standards Unit”

[Go to 3:45 in the video to see the action and check out the rest of the playlist to see it all.]

Elk Grove SWAT RaidAround 8:30 on May 28, 2015 in the evening I was relaxing on my front porch when a group of “soldiers” ordered me to put my hands on my head and then cuffed me. They never once identifying who they were or who they were after when they arrived, and they proceeded to try to pry info out of me, like my last name and an access code to get in.

Or course this was being “uncooperative” in their minds, so they assaulted me and even pushed me against a door, applying a painful wrist lock as punishment for not obeying their commands. I told them I had numerous back problems before they even cuffed me.

I later found out that they had earlier invaded downtown San Jose, and based on statements from a tweaker they took into custody, they believed that a guy who rented the downstairs apartment where I live was in violation of his probation. So, of course, they used the “4th waiver” excuse to invade and terrorize everyone in the house for “stolen computer equipment” that never even existed.

The only reason I was given for my illegal arrest and detention was “Because you’re an asshole.”

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