Karma: Cop Arrested for Meth Possession after Lying about Fast Food Worker Spitting in Drink

(ROSWELL, N.M.) A former Roswell Police Officer is now facing criminal charges after falsely accusing a Sonic employee of spitting in his drink. Shortly after the false accusation was made, Roswell police officers shut the restaurant down for two hours to execute the search warrant only to find that Officer Chris Ray Moreno had made the entire thing up.

Investigators checked the security cameras in the restaurant and found no evidence of wrong-doing by the employee in question. Saliva was found in the drink, but when investigators informed Moreno that they needed to test his DNA, the officer admitted that he had spit in his own drink because he didn’t like the employee.

Officer Moreno, knowing he would soon be fired, turned in his patrol car and equipment and then resigned from the police department. During a search of Moreno’s patrol car, police were surprised by what they found in the trunk.

In the vehicle, police found meth, pipes, a BB gun and several other stolen items that the former officer had kept from past cases. As a result, Moreno is not only facing charges of false reporting, malicious criminal prosecution, and tampering with evidence, but on top of those he is also being charged with possession of controlled substances and paraphernalia, receiving stolen property, and larceny. Roswell Police arrested Moreno at his home the next day.

On Thursday, Roswell Police Chief, Phil Smith, issued this statement about the investigation:

“We truly regret that a local business and one of its employees were unduly affected by this false allegation and the resulting investigation, and we offer our apologies. As a police department, our role is not only to arrest the guilty, but also to exonerate the innocent. We want to find and protect the truth.”

Moreno was booked into the Chaves County Detention Center and was released on a $5,000 bond.




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  • RAD

    Probably one of the most popular drugs among cops.

  • Friend

    This is why all police activity must be scrutinized and questioned by brave citizens. Absolute power is the most dangerous psychoactive
    Drug, even a good person will succumb to their own Innate predelections.

  • Megatron

    man what a great cop. thank the flying spaghetti monster we have guys like him keeping us safe from actual criminals

  • mobooz

    I don’t want a Large Farva, I want a God damned liter of cola!

  • StBernardnot

    When this kind of crap happens, the sentences should be doubled.

  • Shawn

    Anyone think this is his first?

  • JC

    It should be interesting to see how this one turns out.

  • Joseph Murray

    A lot of jurisdictions wouldn’t have bothered with this level of investigation; they’d have just taken the cop’s word and had the employee fired. Kudos to the Roswell PD.

  • Shawn

    By the time he’s done? Probably turned out, Key West style.

  • weThePolice

    So he made a minor error in jugdement. For all of the nobile service he’s done the community he should be given a second chance. Let this be a lerning experience. He will return to the force a better officer. Were pulling for you Officer Moreno

  • weThePolice

    Youre to harsh. You have no soul. Every police officer deserves a second chance for their nobile service to the communty

  • TruthBeKnown

    He does not deserve a second chance. Officers know what the law is when they go into the job so they have to follow thenkaw as well!!! For any police officer to admit that he spit in the employees drink BC he didn’t like said employee, shows that he is obviously suffering from some mental illness. He deserves to sit in jail like any other person would have to do. Just BC he’s a cop does nit mean he deserves a second chance.

  • r0llinlacs


  • r0llinlacs

    He’s a person like everyone else. We don’t get second chances, we get the book thrown at us. Fuck you and your blue privilege.

  • Are you serious?

    Well, actually, breaching public trust is a huge offense, just not legally.

    Think about it. Think of how hard the job is now because the public doesnt trust police. The people no longer believe the police are here to protect them (and with good reason). People respond accordingly.

    The more you guys act like the laws do not apply to you, and let your fellow officers get away with it, it erodes not only your and your departments credibility in the eyes of the people, but EVERYONE WHO WEARS THE BADGE AND UNIFORM.

    If you went into Wal-mart and was given sub par service from a rude teenager who snaps their gum and cant be bothered to look up an item for you, youre going to carry that expectation of Wal-mart with you to every one you enter.

    This guy tried to set some kid up because he didnt like him, and had the power to ruin his life. Not only that, he stole from people and didnt do his job properly. He shouldnt get a second chance to try that.

    Bad cops make policing harder for other cops.
    They deserve twice the punishment.
    They instead get a paid vacation….sorry, administrative leave

  • Shawn

    He’s a clown. Ignore this troll

  • Matthew Putman

    Waah! He’s a cop, he deserves a second chance. Sounds like somebody has a hard on for this guy! He didn’t give this employee a chance.

  • Hayzor

    I am not normally one to harp on spelling corrections and such because most people type quickly and are unable to see any mistakes but looking at your statements, I think it is more likely that you are just really stupid.

    BTW to be clear, it should be “former officer” moreno.

  • simpleton

    someone in the department doesn’t like this guy, or this is one dumb cop. He spit in own drink and try to set up a fast food employee. This could have been covered up or “internally investigated” and gone away in a heartbeat. Cop cover for one another for MURDER and get away with it, so this was an easy one. But he stated he knew he would soon be fired….why? Only thing that makes sense is that someone who also wears a badge, also wanted him fired. Oh, and this happened in New Mexico, why does that not surprise me.

  • CopsKill

    Cops lie to get results…nothing new

    Never trust police.

  • CopsKill

    It would be interesting to see an original post from you……never happen

  • Pw4x3r

    So you’re excited to find out how many years behind bars he gets?

  • t

    Copblockers want policing to be harder for the good cops. They want the job to be so hard to do that the system implodes. The only thing they love more than double-standards is complaining about getting the short end of the stick.

    You seem like a nice liberal, don’t get caught up with these goons.

  • Midnight

    Another criminal pig…another day in the US police state.

  • Midnight

    Pigs serve themselves…as this POS with a badge displays.

  • Eric Frein

    You are a real piece of shit. Graham gave me all of your information. We have big plans for you. All your activity is being reported to the FBI. You’re in big trouble. They know all about everything you did.

  • Phasung Baccam

    let see he will get full punishment i doubt he be on street set people up put him out

  • It has already been established that police applicants with high IQ’s are turned away. This idiot proves it.

  • Theron

    Ha! Probably framed by his own.


    cops are just a bunch of babies who torment the public as they know the law doesnt apply to them. I think the politicians who allow this should wake up and remind the police who they work for, if that doest happen well, Im sure the US public will remind them soon again, like Baltimore…

  • Rico TrapBoss

    It is funny as hello when pigs go to jail.They are pussies so the are put in PC the snitch pod solitary because they are scared little bitches who hide behind a badge and a gun they are all the nerds from school who got picked on think they are cool with their shitty smelling cologne and sunglasses on top of their stevie wonder haircuts fuckin spiked hair.. I hate how pigs walk talk look. I just hate them I think it is really funny how they think they are tough but they are really all nerdy pussies they carry bottles of mountain dew full of shit dirty rednecks the funny thing is they eat tons of spit and pubes everytime they go out to eat I can tell you 5 restaurants right now that spit on cops food they dip the mop in their spaghetti when the order 3 ways put their chicken on their dicks ha that’s what you get for being a snitch punk act tuff with handcuffs. I hope you all get snuffed.I love when I see them going to jail you punks I see a cop in jail its stomp his teeth out time.

  • Rico TrapBoss

    Fuck the ops and the dick eaters association the cartels rule the usa not you pussies. Free El Chapo!!