You Can’t Wear Muh Flag!

The news has been busy keeping Americans distracted with stories about this flag or that flag recently.  Here we have a video of an officer that is totally ignorant of the law telling a citizen that he is violating federal law for wearing a flag around his neck.   He tells the man that he has seen him wearing the flag around and that there is a federal law that prohibits him from “Defacing the Flag.”  The guy is just wearing it, not burning the flag or throwing it on the ground and stepping all over it.

This officer needs to brush up on his legal knowledge, as the law he is referring to was found to be unconstitutional in a Supreme Court decision all the way back in 1990.  Whether or not you agree with actions or ideas of the guy wearing the flag like a cape, it is a constitutionally protected activity.  These officers have sworn to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.  How are they to do this when they don’t even know what is legal and what is not?

One thing I will give the officer is that he probably saved the man from an ass beating, as there are so many out there that feel it is their duty to beat down someone because they don’t like what someone else is doing- even when it affects them in no way at all.

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