LA Deputy Charged For Beating, Setting Woman’s Head On Fire

The violent aggression police officers consistently exhibit on the job often finds its way into their personal lives.

In one of the latest cases, Los Angeles County Sheriffs Deputy Alejandro Flores, 33, was arrested Monday for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, lighting her head on fire and threatening her with an off-duty weapon – all in front of her 2-year-old child in their Buena Park home.

The unidentified victim alleged that following an argument about the child’s pacifier on June 28, Flores pushed her in to a wall, hit her, threw her to the ground, drug her across the house, held her over the stove and lit her head on fire.

Orange County prosecutors also say the woman alleges Flores threatened to hurt her if she reported him to police, took away her cellphone, threatened to shoot her, and turned up the volume on a television so neighbors couldn’t hear her scream.

Flores was charged with a total 9 felonies and and faces up to 25 years and eight months in state prison if convicted.

Those charges include: three felony counts of domestic battery with corporal injury, two felony counts of assault with a force likely to produce great bodily injury and a felony count each of aggravated assault, criminal threats, dissuading a witnesses and false imprisonment.

Officials also allege that Flores struck his girlfriend in the face, breaking her nose in an October, 2014 incident that was not reported to police.

They say Flores was first detained on June 30 and charged Monday, after the woman left home while he was at work and told two relatives what had happened.

The family members reported the officer to police.

Flores has since been released on a $50,000 bail but his arraignment, which was scheduled for Tuesday, has been delayed until Aug. 3.

The startling claims have enraged citizens who are now calling for the deputies immediate dismissal from the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department, who have not yet offered any comment on the allegations.


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  • t

    Yet another story about the police doing it right.
    Article after article destroying the myth that the police won’t police themselves.


  • t isapaidtroll

    You fucking dumbass no where in the article was a cop being praised…. but you know that you copsucking fucking prick

  • Joseph Murray

    Article after article describing the violent thugs the PD hires. If they have to continually act to root out these kind of people, doesn’t it indicate there’s a more fundamental problem? How many more innocents will be hurt before they find the next one? If he treated his own girlfriend like that, how many people did he abuse on the job?

  • JC

    This will be interesting to see how it turns out.

  • SineNomine

    She was walking with a purpose. No wait, she made a furtive movement toward the pacifier. No wait, he though her cell phone was a gun. He felt threatened and in fear for his life, dammit!

  • t

    Looks like the entire article is praising the police for investigating this incident and bringing the appropriate charged.

    Maybe you read a different article.

  • weThePolice

    Police have a difficult, dangerous kjob. Theire homes are a sanctuary from the wild eyed junkies and gangsters and psychopaths they have to deel with all day. Working around psychos all day would put anyone in unbeleivable stress.

    Now, we dont know what his girlfriend said or did to upset the officer and made him feel he needed to respond in an ungentlmanly way, but it is clear that a man under great stress is easily provoked into unfortumate choices. Before we misjudge the officer we need to know more about what she did to provoke him, what kind of day he was having, and whether his family gave the officer some time to relax when he got home

  • RAD

    If the cops have a legitimate purpose in society, then this is it(or at least one of the main ones anyway), wouldn’t you agree(catching the violent and dangerous in society and separating them/keeping them from their intended victims so as to lessen the chance to hurt them)?

  • Common Sense

    I guess she forgot he liked his eggs scrambled…

  • azigarovich .

    What have you been smoking because your brain is fried

  • simpleton

    I agree, and now if there were only about 50,000 more stories like this, it would even things out a little.

  • Bill Allyn

    “threatening her with an off-duty weapon”

    Say what? The weapon was off-duty?

  • Lottidotti

    well, if thats the case then they should change everything about it, 1st off, being a police should not be a career, after 5 to 10 years it should end n new ppl come on in. police, politician, n every other government work should be changed regularly. so they wont get a chance to get a swollen head, power tripping.. thats a solution.

  • RJ

    I completely disagree. A law enforcement officer is authorized to carry firearms and with no more oversight than his/her personal judgement, use said firearm to injury or kill a person. The very second an officer demonstrates that he/she, for whatever reason, is unable to maintain good judgement, they should be terminated from law enforcement, their credentials revoked, and disallowed from being allowed to carry a firearm in public. They have proven that they lack the good judgement to be trusted with the most serious of civil authorizations. Also, the “difficult, dangerous job is (pardon the pun) a cop-out. Law enforcement isn’t even in the top 10 most dangerous jobs and you don’t hear the other people that do far more dangerous work than police whining about needing to be excused from their felonious behavior. And lastly, only a true candyass, punk of a man goes hands-on to a woman in anger.

  • Ruben Hernandez

    Wow! The surprising thing is that the judge will give him six months probation. Seems to me that the police have started charging criminal cops to appease the public, but work hand in hand with the D.A. and judge to basically commute the sentence.