Neptune Cop Who Killed Ex-Wife Had Been Reported 21 Times

Neptune Cop Shot Wife Daughter CarSgt. Philip Seidle, the officer who killed his wife in the street in cold blood with their daughter watching back on June 16, 2015, was no stranger to committing acts of violence against the woman he eventually shot to death.

Records indicate that at least 21 reports had been filed by police regarding Seidle from a month before the killing and going back to 2001. Although the contents of the reports have not all been made entirely clear, there is evidence that at least some of them involve domestic abuse.

The reports increased in frequency during the period leading up to the troubled couples divorce. It has been well documented that the victim, Tamara, had made multiple claims of abuse by Philip, including having stuck a gun to her head on several occasions.

Also in question are three 911 calls regarding the couple just before the killing. At this time investigators are claiming that the calls did not come from the murder scene itself.

Philip Seidle is being held in jail on charges he obtained as a result of the murder while he awaits the outcome of the investigation and a trial.

Officials are refusing to release the contents of the documents themselves while they conduct their internal investigation, which is likely a ploy to exacerbate the damage the department faces when the public finds out that they had continued to employ Seidle long after it was known that he had a history of domestic violence and aggressive and criminal conduct unbecoming of an officer. Having turned their heads to the situation may have contributed to the escalation which led to Tamara’s murder.

It was noted that the officer was treated much differently than an average citizen would have been treated in the same situation. Not only was he allowed to continue to possess and fire his gun, and was not met with any force whatsoever, but he was also immediately hugged and comforted by his fellow officers after having just killed his ex-wife.

This case not only illustrates how much special treatment police are given when they commit crimes, but how far their departments will go to cover up their own complicity in the these situations. Had the Neptune PD taken more serious action against Seidle for his domestic abuse issues, it is possible that Tamara would still be alive today.

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  • Common Sense

    9 kids and he was the only wage earner, you know he was going to be hosed in child support, he’d lose 50-75% plus alimony from their 23 year marriage.

    From some other articles he “follows” her, she wrecks and he pins her in. He confronts her with his pistol (over money/visitation) and then he shoots her 4 times, cops in the area rush there and it doesn’t sound like they know what’s up but he there with his pistol to his head. They get his daughter out of the car (how is unclear) and he’s doing a Blazing Saddle. The stand off begins but then he fires 4 more times into the windshield. Was that to get shot by the police? To ensure the ex was dead? That will be the key part of the wrongful death lawsuit filed by her family/estate. The 21 calls might be nothing more than then argueing or it could be a DV, time will tell. Her alleging DV in her complaint for divorce and it being set to charges to a DA are two separate things.

  • CopsKill

    Of course there were multiple reports made about him and they were ignored. He was a police officer, why would other cops bother looking into it until after someone turns up dead ? He was brutalizing his wife and that continued to get swept under the carpet.
    Surprised he didn’t just get a paid vacation for his actions.

    Never trust police

  • Pw4x3r

    Maybe it takes them 22 times to wake the fuck up….. Nah… just proves they don’t give a fuck about anyone if they aren’t wearing a badge. The woman is lucky her corpse wasn’t beaten and handcuffed… Fucking disgraceful police. Absolutely pathetic. They should all be charged as accomplices because THEY ARE!!! Fucking hug the man? The cop who did that should get life for being a SICK MOTHER FUCKER. You can bet your ass he is one who ignored some of those 22 initial WARNINGS. The entire department needs to be demolished and replaced with state. Fucking period. The entire scene is absolutely fucking horrible.

  • JC

    It should be interesting to see how this one turns out. Again, you plagiarized the article.

  • keepitreal

    “…on charges he obtained as a result of the murder”

    “…while they conduct their internal investigation, which is likely a ploy to exacerbate the damage the department faces…”

    Regular Hemingway at work right here, folks. Drop the bong and step away from the typewriter.

  • keepitreal

    Interesting is what behavioral psychologists all over the United States call you, slaps..Along with anti-social, obsessive, and in need of some strong psychotropic medications.

  • keepitreal

    That issue actually runs the spectrum of society. Victims of domestic violence as well as their abusers come from all walks of life. Many women have made multiple reports of violence, filed protective orders, and still ended up dead.

  • PiggleWiggleGiggle

    Most police are like this….



    Fugue state

  • vegas jack

    It will be interesting when the inmates get a hold of this piece of shit behind bars.

  • t

    Geez dude. Do you have absolutely no life experience other than college?

    But I will say this to all:
    Be quite aware that we do write reports on just about everything. The police are…in many ways…innthebonformation gatherig business.
    Many/Most PDs have policies requiring reporting anything that is even remotely “domestic related”. While I personally don’t agree with that stance…I certainly understand it

    Domestic situations are the most volatile the we deal with and most state have some sort of mandated arrest statutes for even the slightest violence (if it can be established to have occurred)

    But we write reports on couples arguing about phone bills. And laundry.
    And there isn’t any law against having an argument
    But there also isn’t a law against us documenting our response and what we saw or heard (this is one of my biggest concerns with body cameras)

    Just be careful about how you might be listed in any report. Many reporting systems pigeonhole officers in classifying people as suspects or victims in response to certain types of reports.
    You may end up listed as a suspect in a domestic when you were just arguing with your wife over not taking out the trash. There wasn’t any crime…but still you might get listed as a suspect.

    Just saying

  • t

    Directly on point sir.

  • RAD

    Another manifestation of the police religion. As long as people continue to place their faith in these gangsters as their messiahs they will continue to get more of the same. Until they take responsibility or the system is driven to bankruptcy and the church of state goes broke. Which would mean societal collapse if society is still addicted to government by that point.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    It’s an absolute fact that she would still be alive if these fucking pigs did their job. But no pig does their job. Nearly all of them are fucking women beaters. Lessons and it shows without question how much the police treat themselves differently than they do the public. They should all be slaughtered for it.. If somebody finds the legal way to do it, to skin these fuckers alive, hand me the knife to me.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    It’s an absolute fact that she would still be alive if these fucking pigs did their job. But no pig does their job. Nearly all of them are fucking women beaters. Lessons and it shows without question how much the police treat themselves differently than they do the public. They should all be slaughtered for it.. If somebody finds the legal way to do it, to skin these fuckers alive, hand me the knife to me.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    I’m on all sorts of fucking lists t, list don’t mean a fucking thing if the pussys wont fucking come touch you because of fear. They know if they fuck with me, horrific things are going to happen their family if they don’t kill me. Plain and simple. You know what I’ve told you about bodies disappearing, it’s a very easy thing. If morals and the ethics mean nothing to you, nothing can stand in front of you.

  • Ymygody

    You have got to be the dumbest motherfucker on the Internet hands down, pretty soon your hands will be gone so I won’t be able to say that. Every time you open your fucking mouth stupid falls out. I see you’ve made some new friends that would really like to meet you.

    Dictionary motherfucker, do you have one?

    Definition of plagiarism:

    “when a writer duplicates another writer’s language or ideas and then calls the work his or her own.”

  • Marianne Neal

    Looks like steroids may have been involved too.

  • simpleton

    I don’t understand your point?

  • simpleton

    I don’t understand your point? Maybe he should have use his brain more than his dick before he had those 9 kids. So I don’t feel sorry for him one bit on the child support or alimony. Horrible for you to defend him on that point. Furthermore, I doubt he would have gotten hosed, judges and cops seem to get along just fine.

  • Common Sense

    Child support is simple math. Father makes X, first child will be paid Y, second child Z, etc. I would hedge a guess it was about 50-60% of his pay, and maybe more if she sought alimony (varies by state).

    And no, it’s not defending, it’s looking into something beyond the emotional response. Just like anyone else, a “domestic complaint” can mean many things.

  • mobooz

    You know it doesn’t go straight from arguing about who’s scooping the kitty litter to a roadside murder, some of those reports were most likely legit.

  • t

    “Some say”. Some say lots of things.

    I have zero idea about this case. But as I was trying to point out…and CS pointed out below….people call,the police all the time…and report lots of things. Man and women try to use filed police reports in divorce and custody issues all the time. But the police can’t act if there isn’t PC to,believe that a crime occurred. Just because someone says something happened…that doesn’t mean it happened.

  • mobooz

    Seriously man, you’re treading into MRA territory with some of this stuff.

  • Topher Freeman

    This guy unloaded on his exwife in front of the Asbury Park police, THEN they let him stand there, make phone calls, reload his gun and then fire into her car on her AGAIN.

    If it were anyone else, we’d already be dead.

  • Shawn

    It is the two faced nature of cops t will never acknowledge. Anyone else would have been dead, and rightly so. They had numerous opportunities, and there was zero question he was a threat to her and other people’s safety. Had they been more concerned about their duty, than they were over protecting a brother officer, she’d have survived.

  • Shawn

    Yes, but cops are very good at ignoring their own bad apples’ history. They always wait, and wait, until this happens. And then, like this, they waited AGAIN to act until he had actually ensure her death. Then they arrested him and hugged the piece of shit. She’s dead because they chose to value his status as a brother officer more than their duty.

    There are few guarantees in life. But one is sure, if cops ignore their bad apples, they will get worse.

  • Shawn

    Common, the biggest issue here is they had ample opportunity to save her life. Pigs can pull up to a kid with a toy gun and drop in in under five seconds, but couldn’t bring themselves to put this piece of shit down when given the chance. She’d have survive, had they done what they would have done with anyone else. Hell, I doubt anyone would have questioned them taking the shot, given that he already showed deadly intent, no question.

  • Shawn

    How come they didn’t shoot him as soon as possible, like they would anyone else? They can kill a kid in under 5 seconds, but gave your buddy wife kill lots of time to finish the job.

  • t

    Let’s not jump to conclusions…we still haven’t gotten the results from the grand jury…you don’t know if he was guilty or negligent…it may have been an accident…video doesn’t tell the hole story…remember the innocent until proven guilty mantra…but you are a hypocrite when it comes to police…you are always so quick to judge your superiors for the slightest error…shame on you.

  • t

    The officer is still a hero…why do you assume he’s guilty…just because he’s police? Thay’s two faced…how is it…you have to think he’s authomatic guilty?

  • t

    You are being investigated as a possible serial killer.

  • t

    Shawn you have no idea the stress of the job…until you experience it yourself.

    His actions are understandable under the situation…being taken to court is a lot of stress…you need to stop looking for a chance to blame officers for your feelings…your not the victim.

  • t

    It explains a lot…copblockers all they want to do is judge the police…its sad.

  • t

    If an officer looks bad…the motto is…it never happened.

  • Shawn

    WTF? Everyone watched him shoot her? You have to be t’s evil twin. Good job looking just like the asshole t is though.

  • t

    I’m not surprised.

    The point is that people file reports all the time over all,kinds of things.
    People…and no offense…woman…call,and file domestic reports all the time as they are trying to lay a foundation for custody or divorce.
    And YOU need to be aware of that if it starts occurring. You can take the naive approach and think that it doesn’t matter if there isn’t any arrest….but with a great many family court judges….men are always in an uphill fight.

    In a great many ways….it’s like I’ve said about complaints against the police. If officers just sit back and wait…and then move on like its nothing when serious complaints are filed against them with the thinking that “well…I’m not worried because none of those complaints were substantiated” ….are dumb. I highly recommend that officers sue for defamation.liable or slander when those complaints are filed. Officers need to demand signed statements and recorded interviews to use against those false complaints.
    I have numerous complaints of all kinds of things in my career. Most weren’t worth my time either. Many were handled in a way that I couldn’t follow up against the complainant. For me….3 of the them I successfully sued 3 and that’s is now attached to those false complaints.

  • Paul Mitchel

    imma go out on a limb here and assume you’re just fucking retarded

  • Paul Mitchel

    bottom line is that PIG murdered that lady in the middle of the street with his daughter and several other PIGS watching, anyone other than a PIG would have went down in a hail of bullets in the first 60 seconds of the video. Whether or not the police reports filed against this piece of shit piggy were true or not is irrelevant

  • Paul Mitchel

    his actions are understandable? you really are a fucking moron. so let me get this straight, it’s understandable to hunt down your spouse like an animal and kill them because you’re stressed out over a divorce battle? thats understandable? you must be one of these pieces of shit. Stop looking for a chance to blame officers? Even when they are the one’s to blame? Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit

  • FalconTypo

    It’s not an accident. He brandished his gun and shot her in a parked car. You are really, really ignorant.

  • FalconTypo

    Yeah, the correct course of action is an “internal” investigation. These idiots need to ALL be investigated for letting the domestic violence to continue without punishment. This poor woman and her family.

  • Armindo

    He’s retarted for sure!

  • t

    MRA? No idea what you are referring to.

    But which part aren’t you getting or believing?

    Again…knowing nearly nothing about this incident….my statements of observed behavior is not only rampant….it’s widely known and advised by attorneys.

    I don’t have any idea what you are saying

  • t

    Interesting view of reality
    Sounds like he chased her, the crash occurred, they argued, he shot her, the child was used as a hostage, he was taken into custody and the child want hurt.

    As its described…she was shot long before any police were on scene (as we don’t live in the police state you goofs say we do).

    Sonar which part does the shooting him save her?

  • t

    She was shot before the police arrived according to the witnesses.

  • t

    We don’t “shoot everyone as soon as possible”

    Dead force is rarely used. 45,000,000 direct police contacts a year. Around 400 police related deaths a year. That boy a lot it’s like far less that a millionth of the time.

  • t

    Geez dude.
    One of my many imposters trolled you….and you fell for just like a sheep.

  • t

    Umm…you know that’s just an imposter you made that comment to right?

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    Lol, they will never find the bodies.