Harford County Sheriff Abuses Law In Wake of Illegal Gun Grab

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On 30 November 2012, the Harford County Sheriff’s Department, along with federal law enforcement agencies (ATF, FBI, DHS, et al), illegally raided a privately owned home in Bel Air, MD. In violation of state and federal law, a government gun-grabbing group seized a private collection of firearms that the lead gun-grabber, Penman, described under oath as an “obscenely large” collection.

To bolster their case, the gun-grabbers knowingly and intentionally falsified charges and fabricated evidence against whom they believed owned the guns. After four days of torture in the Harford County Detention Center and charged with about 150 years of prison time for countless false non-violent felonies by Wyzga, the accused was released on the highest bail in Harford County Maryland history despite never having been convicted of a previous crime, having served his country honorably for over 30 years, and being 100% disabled. In fact, the accused was released on bail despite every unethical attempt possible by the law breakers to prevent his release.

Unfortunately, 98.6% of all Americans that are rightly or wrongly charged with one or more crimes in America during the past few decades accept a plea deal and admit guilt to crimes even when many are innocent of the crime. American county, state, and federal government gun-grabbing law breakers know this fact and are confident any they accuse today will do the same and thereby prevent all of them from being exposed as lawless government thugs. More importantly, even when these government gun-grabbing lawbreakers fail in their lawless attempts. they know all too well that they will not be held accountable for their actions because they are legally immune from prosecution under American law.

Fortunately, the accused failed to follow the norm established by the previous American herd and refused to accept a plea deal. Consequently, the government gun-grabbing law-breakers increased their lawless activities against the accused to demonstrate their unaccountable power in an effort to coerce the accused into accepting a plea deal.

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The two innocent victims being unlawfully arrested on 10 January 2014 are the son and wife of the accused. They were identified during Discovery to Assistant State’s Attorney H. Scott Lewis as key defense witnesses. It is important to note that Lewis attempted to coerce the accused on more than one occasion into accepting a plea deal by stating that he would charge his wife and son with false charges if the accused did not accept a plea deal. The two innocent victims were indicted and charged for alleged crimes over a year after they were supposed to have committed the crime. Their arrest came three days before the accused’s Suppression Hearing to determine if 4th Amendment Right was violated and was scheduled to begin on Monday, 13 January 2014. They were intentionally arrested on a Friday in the hope that the accused would not be able to raise the bail money in time for two of his key witnesses to testify on his behalf at his Monday hearing.

The video you are about to watch is the arrest of the accused’s wife and son. It is one of the most disgusting displays of police abuse one can see in America. Two cowardly male individuals that never identify themselves unlawfully enter a private home without warrants and brandish a gun after knowing that the occupants were previously disarmed by government gun-grabbing lawbreakers.

On 13 April 2015, the situation was finally resolved when a Judge ruled that the government gun-grabbers violated the accused’s 4th Amendment Rights. All charges against all of the defendants were later dismissed. The government gun-grabbing lawbreakers remain unpunished to this date.

The sad fact is that it appears no Maryland attorney is willing to sue the government gun-grabbing lawbreakers simply because, “there is not enough money to be made in suing them.”