Police Attempting to Seize Pit Bikes on Private Property

This was submitted by Max Millward, via the Cop Block submissions page:

“The reason I bring this to your attention is because you share a lot of videos like this, but most of them are in America. I would like to point out that this happens here in Britain and all over the world, which is why I came to you so you can share my video and let everybody know.

Thank you for your time.”

Date of Incident: April 25, 2015
Officers Involved: The badge numbers are in the video. One of the cops names was “Bryan Westwood”
Department Involved: I believe they work at Hounslow Police Station, Greater London.

Police attempting to seize pitt bikes on private property.Feltham Pitt SHARE

Posted by Max Millward on Sunday, April 26, 2015

British Police Bike ThiefMy friends were enjoying the day riding their bikes over the pitt, apparently we had permission by the owner to ride our bikes on there, even though it is private property. (Sadly, there is no proof of this.) Then the police showed up and tried to seize one of the bikes even though I explained we were on private property and had permission to be there.

Midway through the video, I asked the officer if he was detaining my friend, if not he has the right to leave. The police officer would not give me a yes or no answer and one of his colleagues then pushed me away. I went back to argue our rights then my friend pulled me away saying “he will arrest you,” which you can see on the video.

Max Millward

Police attempting to seize pitt bikes on private property.Feltham Pitt SHARE

Posted by Max Millward on Sunday, April 26, 2015

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