CopUnBlock Shows CopBlockers How to Chalk the Police (VIDEO)

A few months ago I was sent a link to a site called, and though I was thoroughly amused, I didn’t give them much of my time. Mostly because I assumed that most of them were just family members, spouses and/or washed up LEO’s, so why waste my time? That was until I saw the video above and I just couldn’t resist posting about it. Please, take a moment to watch the video if you haven’t already.

I’ll wait… it’s ok.

CopUnblockPretty funny right? Instead of their usual green screen video shoots these guys actually went out into the streets to thank the police. Now I know no one is going to expect me to say this, but- Bravo! Normally copsuckers only step up when cops are being filmed or it’s some sort of statists parade and all government agents get their boots licked. Not CopUnBlock, they go right to the source. It appears that the recent videos of police accountability advocates using chalk to share their thoughts with police has upset the group of UnBlockers, and even though they called it childish in the video, they proceeded to Block the bad chalk with some of their good chalk.

That’s what I’m giving them credit for- actually doing something. Sure making green screen videos is all fun and games but if you really believe the police are so great, then head out there every night with them. Any time you see one, thank them – even when they have you pulled over – and go out of your way to let them know you really care. Afterall, what’s the worst that could happen? It’s not like the police have killed anyone on accident before, right?

I didn’t get to marvel in my amazement for too long because near the end of the video the mood went from being proud to simply hilarious. Not only does a police officer come out to greet the chalkers, but he forces them to stop chalking too! Even when you chalk, “I love cops” or “you protek me” they  still ask you to leave. As if they don’t even want the love of an UnBlocker…oh wow, was that a funny part. Now if the UnBlockers had any balls they would have stayed and continued to exercise their first amendment rights, but like most CopSuckers, they merely followed orders. I know if that were me, or the messages any different, I would have either been arrested or ticketed – see video below.


I guess even when you lick the boots of the man, love them blindly and attempt to give them everything they ever wanted, simply saying thank you is just out of the question. It’s not like that fancy hot water treated walkway was paid for by the public or anything. Or that the cops even care what you think whatsoever, and that’s the true hilariousness in this video. Thank you so very much Cop UnBlock, and for those reading – check out some of their other videos below.

I hear that Cop UnBLock folks are planning to attend the 3rd Annual Chalk the Police State event(s) coming up on July 18th. Maybe we’ll see another video of the police kicking them off their property, albeit nicely, again.

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Join CBN and help us, help you, help others.

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