FBI Backs Up ‘Gone Girl’ Accused of Kidnapping Hoax by Police

A March 23rd, 2015 incident that came to be known as the ‘Gone Girl’ kidnapping was dismissed as a hoax by the Vallejo Police Department after the girl was found unharmed on a beach two days later. Meanwhile the victim and her boyfriend maintained that it had been an actual kidnapping and were shocked and angered at the police dismissal of the crime.

Now the FBI has a potential suspect in the case which could validate the claims made by the victim, Denise Huskins, and her boyfriend Aaron Quinn, who reported her missing.

Huskins alleges that she was abducted from the home of Quinn by kidnappers who later left a manifesto and demanded an $8,500 ransom. The entire incident seemed like something out of a movie, with nearly unbelievable twists and turns. As a result, police failed to take the claims seriously, calling it a hoax without having performed an in-depth investigation.

Yet as strange as the entire scenario seemed, a similar incident prompted the FBI to investigate Matthew Muller, a Harvard educated lawyer. Now Muller is in custody as a result of that investigation and the FBI says that he is also a suspect in the ‘Gone Girl’ case.

Read more about the recent developments in the case here.

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At the time that they accused the couple of perpetrating a hoax, Vallejo police responded with mock outrage at the troubles they had to endure in just doing their jobs. But now the tide is turned, and if the kidnapping turns out to have been real, the cops will have to answer for their failure to do their jobs. And apologize. OLOLOL

As it is, the rate at which crimes with actual victims, like theft, rape, kidnapping and murder, are solved continues to decline. The rate at which crimes are solved is referred to as a clearance rate, and nationwide, those numbers continue to plummet. Meanwhile police forces continue to grow underneath a steady diet of revenue collected by harassing people for committing petty, victimless crimes.


It seems that the Vallejo Police not only failed to do a thorough investigation of this reported crime, but made damaging statements against the accusers while excusing their ineptitude and malfeasance by denying the crime ever happened.

Now imagine going to work tomorrow and telling your boss that his work orders were a hoax and that he would be lucky if you did not retaliate against him. You know why you can’t do that? Because you would be fired. Only police can treat their employers with such disdain and disregard and not have to face severe consequences. Then again, that reasoning is based on the shaky logic that police work for their communities, rather than for the ruling classes who use the police to extort the citizens to pay them for protecting the interests of those socio-economic elites. Then you can begin to see what the real nature of the police state is.

Dance your mouse this way and press the little button to get your shit all stickered up.
Dance your mouse this way and press the little button to get your shit all stickered up.

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