“I’m a Law Enforcement Officer, I Can Do That” (Video)

This was sent to us by Michael Picard, via the Cop Block submission page:

“I know this isn’t a huge in terms of police misconduct, but nonetheless, police officers are not above the law and police officers should not be able to break the law to enforce it, nor should they be able to selectively enforce it on others, while letting other police officers off the hook.”

Date of Incident: July 3, 2015
Department Involved: Hartford Police Department
Phone Number: 860-757-4000
Email: PoliceChief@hartford.gov

Police HypocriteOn July 3rd, I was at a DUI checkpoint on Jennings Rd., at the 91 south on ramp in Hartford, CT, reminding people, on the eve of Independence Day, that they have rights, when I noticed a Hartford police officer (vehicle #19, LIC. Plate # 69HFD) turn right onto the 91 South on ramp, where the checkpoint was located. Then, in a high traffic area and without any warning (lights, turn signal, or otherwise), he turned around on the on ramp and exited at the other side of the entrance to the on ramp (another car did the same thing and received a $200+ fine).

He then proceeded to head towards me, driving against traffic to ask if he could take a picture of me, at which point I told him he was going the wrong way. To that, he replied, “I’m a law enforcement officer (the irony), I can do that.” As he turned around, he impeded traffic and could have caused an accident.

In Connecticut, police officers can only violate traffic laws when they are on an emergency call, and they must have their audible siren and lights on, or at least an audible siren, not just their lights (CGA 14-283).

Michael Picard



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