[Video] Colorado Springs Police Slam Woman’s Face on the Ground, Accused of Excessive Force


Face Slam Colorado Springs PoliceA video from 2013 was recently obtained and released by the Colorado Springs Independent as part of a report about police brutality.

The video shows an incident that is at the center of an excessive force lawsuit against the Colorado Springs Police Department.

The surveillance video is from the inside of Memorial Hospital, and shows an officer, Tyler Walker, slamming handcuffed 18-year-old Alexis Acker to the ground.

One of the police reports says officer Walker “rolled her out of the chair to the floor.”  Another report says Walker “escorted Ms. Acker to the floor.”  Apparently that’s cop talk for “smashed her face into the ground.”

A letter filed by Acker’s attorney says she suffered a concussion and two broken teeth; also injuries to her face, head, and jaw that have had long-term health consequences including migraine headaches, closed head injuries, memory and cognitive function problems, and post traumatic stress disorder.

Acker crossed paths with officer Walker when police responded to a disturbance at her apartment.

Although they didn’t find any probable cause, Ackers boyfriend, 19-year-old Tyrin Tanks, was arrested for an outstanding warrant.  According to Walker’s report, Acker was “intoxicated and verbally uncooperative with police,” and became “physically combative” when Tanks was arrested.  She kicked at officers, who eventually pinned her down and arrested her for assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest.

Walker, 6’3″ and 210 lbs, who was 29 at the time, reported that he “easily” got control of Acker, even noting her 5’4″ height and estimated weight of 110 pounds.

Walker transported Acker to Memorial Hospital for a “medical clearance” due to her “intoxication level and combative nature,” he says in his report.

Walker’s report says Acker “remained verbally aggressive, continually yelling obscenities towards police and my personal life. … She yelled statements such as, ‘I hope you and your wife can never have any children … because you’re a stupid fucking cop.'”

At the hospital, Walker says Acker refused to sit down, so he “pushed her down into the chair.”  He claims Acker then kicked him “in the groin area.”

This is where the cop logic really shines.

Walker’s supervisor, Sgt. Mary Walsh, didn’t witness the take-down at the hospital, but she says that Walker “rolled her out of the chair to the floor” — his “only means to control her.”

An officer that was called to the hospital later, Anthony Carey, wrote in his report that Walker “escorted Ms. Acker to the floor.”

Out of all the accounts, Walker is actually the most forthcoming.  He said he felt “immediate pain” and “forcefully threw Ms. Acker … face down on the ground,”

“It was then evident that I had caused her injury and knocked out her front tooth while throwing her on to the hard linoleum hospital floor, while her hands still handcuffed behind her back,” Walker wrote in his report.

He says “After my adrenalin wore off,” he felt pain in his left knee, an injury he incurred during his own aggressive outburst. He filed a Preliminary Accident Form and a Response to Aggression Form.

Four days later, Walker was contacted by Detective Christine Somersalmi “to notify him of his victim’s rights.”

Alexis Acker’s criminal defense attorney, Cindy Hyatt, who represented her for the five crimes she was charged with –including two felonies for assaulting a police officer– said she’s skeptical Acker kicked Walker in the groin.

“There’s no way she kicked him that hard in the balls,” she says. “He wouldn’t be standing. He’d be hunched over.”

“This is a very violent attack on someone who is in handcuffs, who is partially restrained and tiny, and there’s just no need for it,” Hyatt continues. “You can’t have something like this, whether it happens 100 times, 10 times or one time. It’s unacceptable. It cannot be tolerated. As a patrol officer in particular, that’s part of the job, dealing with that without planting someone’s face in the floor.”

Watch the video for yourself and tell us what you think in the comments.



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  • Common Sense

    Too drunk to be lodged in jail. Classy. That’s the kind of woman to need to have around, one that can keep up for a good night of drinking.

    “How’d that floor taste? Miss LaTeef? Hello? Oh she’s resting now….sshhh.”

  • JonDillinger2016

    So if your wife kicks you and cusses at you and you beat her, you go to jail. But if a woman kicks a cop and cusses at him then he can beat her and send HER to jail. What kind of dumbass logic is that?? No wonder the country hates its police force.

  • hbs4y2001@yahoo.com

    Beaten to within an inch of his miserable life, jaied for 5 years for attempted murder, then castrated so he cant make anymore like him.

  • billy bob

    You are a dick breath.

  • PiggleWiggleGiggle

    It’s excessive because he could have dragged her from the sitting position to the floor instead of picking her up from the chair. Use of force continuum states that one cannot escalate a physical interaction greater than needed to restrain a person. Especially a person in handcuffs inside a police station. This is why people who are poor and minorities need to start urban secessions from cities and form their own corporations and police forces to prevent this maltreatment, misfeasance and nonfeasance in office.

    As it stands most poor and minorities are disenfranchised by their municipalities and counties. Therefore, they need to move on to establish their own municipal base and corporations, city owned cooperative bank and business services. They can then enter franchise arrangements and monopolize their own locally owned businesses without outside third parties interfering.

    This will legitimize new political parties and delegitimize charlatan sociopaths from running state and local governments and empower local people to run for state office stomping out the monopoly of entrenched pervasive corruption that is dereliction of a proper duty.

    This abuse all stems from status quo of corporations being able to withhold money and threaten the tax base of a major city or county. If they do not get their way they threaten politicians and local firings or leaving the area.

    This attitude filters into the political demands for this type of policing you see here on the video from the corporation, to the mayor to the police chief. This is how they operate and threaten through fear and force. From stop and frisk to the war on drugs this is all meant to divide and conquer using the Hegelian Dialectic.

    It’s time to remove the power and spread it out because the people are no longer represented by justice and fairness. The clear power dynamic is greed, fear and force. We need to restore the power by voting into existence small corporations that divest their power and add to the people’s power thus diminishing concentrations of power nationally into smaller blocks.

    This internal struggle will not go quietly but must be done quickly. The first step is removing money from politics. The next step is voting to divest power from those not being represented from the local level then gradually breaking up power to the state and national levels.

    The Koch brothers cannot buy off hundreds of thousands of local governments that all have politicians running for state government.

  • t


    I thought of my replies to your comment

    I’ll go with:

    I give it a 9

  • Common Sense

    Don’t forget to ask for a pony, since you’re dreaming and what not…

  • Common Sense Is Uncommon Sense

    You’ll get yours like that then the shoe would be on the other foot

  • t

    Different topic.
    I just read an article about the “sharp spike” in gunfire in Seattle recently in a year when gunfire was already high.

    They do note the nurses are down by half.

    Sounds like the legal dope is making them trigger happy but they’re to high to aim well.

  • Common Sense Is Uncommon Sense

    You are a dumb motherfucker

  • CopApologistsSuck

    Look at it this you fucking piece of shit. What if it was your sister or Your girlfriend? or wife? Would you be cheering at the officer beating the shit outta her then?

  • Freedom

    common sense most likely beats the shit outta women, so probably wouldn’t affect him either way.

  • Freedom

    keep blindly sucking the laws corrupt teet you bootlicking sheep.keep blindly sucking the laws teet you bootlicking sheep. the video clearly shows what happened. and in no way did she kick officer gutless in the balls.

  • Wendy

    IDIOT…….another prime example of violence against women! I’d never want to be his girlfriend/wife! !!!!!!

  • Melinda Craig

    She kicked his clipboard.

  • Bill the eighth

    Just like stinking pigs who cannot hit the broadside of a barn.

  • Bill the eighth

    Yes, I agree! I give it a “9” on the mentally retarded spineless jellyfish scale.

  • ResistTheNWO15

    5230 Slickrock Dr

    Colorado Springs, CO 80923-7645

  • Bill the eighth

    Sounds like a typical pig to me. Get her drunk so you can have your way with her, because we know no self respecting woman would willingly go with a pig. When you’re done, beat the crap out of her so she knows her place. Have I got that about right piggie?


    He should be in JAIL!!

  • Yup

    Sigh* Cop shouldn’t of used so much force. Girl shouldn’t have been acting this way. Have to blame both parties here. Break the law, go to jail. She may have never been in this situation if she acted more responsible. He may never be in this situation if he acted more rational. Either way. You can’t just place all the blame on a cop, despite the headline which could have easily been worded in favor of the officer. Don’t let hate corrupt you. This goes for everyone, not just cops and not just those that hate and generalize all cops.

  • S. J Sampsel

    I am a former police officer, Glynn County Police Dept. 1970-1973. At the time there were approx. 32 uniformed officers.Among these, there were 2 who were former military. Myself and one other,retired Navy. I recall only 2 who weighed over 200 lbs., and neither of these were what you would consider a bully. The one thing we all were was dedicated professionals. Something you don’t see much of these days.
    If you watch the video closely, you can see what is apparently the girls toe of her shoe appearing just past the officer’s left hip. If she had made contact, the officer’s reaction would have been to back up and show distress. Instead,he immediately leaned forward and grabbed the girl and threw her to the ground. He reacted at her attempt to hit him, and from the description, the verbal abuse she was throwing at him. This is the reaction of a bully. Not a professional police officer.
    I did note that 2 more officers immediately responded in a attempt to subdue the woman. Ha-ha they knew there was video recording in progress. I saw both were large. Colorado Springs probably has the “bigger is better” attitude. Believe me, no matter what the profession, you protect your own. But it is obvious in the clip, that all 3 officers knew they were in the wrong, and were immediatly trying to cover the mistake. Guess now you know why I went into the construction industry.

  • Ok

    Construction? Why didn’t you stay in the police force and try to improve conditions? Maybe attempt to start small programs that regulate this kind of behavior and prevent it? You apparently can recognize situations like these and the reactions of officers, so why not put those skills to use in bettering society by training these officers better?

  • Kenneth Coney

    Looks justifiable to me. You hit a cop, well he or she is gonna hit you back. Usually much harder than you want. That is life and as it should be.

  • Gaia

    Did you not read the part about “protecting their own”? Cops who go against the grain find their lives pretty bad.

  • Matt Becham

    it wasn’t just the kick, it was the whole time since arriving at the house. She deserved it.

  • Carl

    You try to kick a cop in the balls, you get the horns. She got what she deserved. Someday, people will learn to behave properly around police officers.

  • Kenbx

    These pigs are out of control. This is becoming a police state.

  • waynyatta

    You’re kidding right? S.J. is supposed to single handedly try and start a transformation of his department? Ever heard of Serpico?

  • Ok

    Only takes one to try to make a difference. What do you have against people trying to make a transformation?

  • waynyatta

    Where did I say that?

  • If that happened to one of his female loved ones, he may see things differently. hmmm

  • Ok

    What happens to the cops that do nothing about it? You want change, but you don’t want anyone to do it?

  • Ok

    Were you not implying that he should try to make a transformation of his department, single handedly?

  • Ok

    * Not try to make

  • Nearly Impossible

    It is impossible to change these thugs from the inside, keep in mind ,serpico, schoolcraft and watts.

  • jwinks

    She didn’t need to be slammed face first on to concrete. Totally excessive force. I haven’t seen or heard ANYBODY playing the race card so are we evolving finally?

  • waynyatta

    No, I was asking YOU if you really thought it was possible.

  • Nah

    Common sense hasn’t been close enough to a beat a women since he climbed off his momma’s lap.

  • Sean johntol

    That was a hard throw but she shouldn’t of kicked him. Don’t put yourself in those positions and there won’t be negative outcomes. You can’t kick a cop period. And he did jolt a hair when she kicked him. She got his tip not the balls. Instant man reaction that was not professional. He snapped. That’s physical abuse to a women.

  • Ok

    Frank Serpico did more than just become a victim. He also inspired many officers to stand up or join the police force in hopes to stop corruption. There are risks in doing what you feel is morally right and what others feel like an attack to their lifestyle.

  • Jaipersaud Etwaroo

    Look him in the eye and shoot him , this is a mad dog.

  • Nah

    Yet homicide by gun is half what it was last year in Seattle.
    9 more injuries and one additional suicide.
    Hardly a spike nor necessarily related to pot.
    Nice try tho on tring to corrupt statistics to suit your narrative.

  • Ok

    Oh sorry for the misconception. I do. I believe there are more good people than bad and any one man can make a massive change or start a transformation.

  • dodot24

    The Policeman has a circumcision that day and the petite girl kicked that part. Maybe that the reason why the policeman is so violent. But the girl can sue the department for 8.4 million .

  • Nearly Impossible

    Many people have tried and are still trying but you can not say the best or most intelligent way to do so is to stay on the force and do it.

    Staying in most cases will get you killed, jailed, institutionalized and your supporters harrassed as well. What good does that do anyone.

    Do it what ever way will result in the most change.

  • LaurelMA

    No excuse for what he did.

  • all cops are bastards

    I’m not the same commenter as the one above you

    BORN 1983

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    Pigs can not be helped, they can only be slaughtered.

  • JC

    An underage intoxicated person who was resisting and fighting with the police wants money. Go figure. I’m sure she looked like that before the PD got there and her alleged “head injuries” were from drinking.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    You really are a dumb fuck.

    “It was then evident that I had caused her injury and knocked out her front tooth while throwing her on to the hard linoleum hospital floor, while her hands still handcuffed behind her back,” Walker wrote in his report.

  • Well…

    Well, except for the standard, “You don’t know what happened before the video started, you can’t hear what she is saying, she had the strength of ten men because she was on drugs, we gave her a ‘lawful’ order and she didn’t immediately comply, It’s SOP and he followed procedure, the public can’t understand the pressure cops are under, he had a bad day before this because they were out of his favorite donut.”

    Oh cops have an entire chapter of excuses.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    I think they have a whole lot more than just one chapter.

  • Well…

    Look at the copsucker JC’s excuse. She had those injuries before the police touched her.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    You sir, are as naive as they come.

  • Bart Gault

    I looked at the video multiple times. Yes, her behavior was improper, but if you take a detailed look, she did swing her leg up and tried to kick him but her foot passed by his legs and you can see it pass from his right side to his left side, it never hit his groin. Take another look and verify. Yes, our Law Enforcement Officers take a chance each and every day to protect us and they do put their lives at risk. In this case, he obviously used excessive force and failed to perform as he agreed to. He is not qualified to be a law enforcement officer and he should be terminated. His behavior was improper. As for the girl, her behavior was wrong too.

  • Adrian Parker

    whoa…it was hard for me to watch this video. and I think everybody might want to watch it…because I saw this cop put his hand below this young lady’s waist (it looked like it was directly in/on her privates) the cop could have easily (if he was under control) pushed her into the chair using his hand on her shoulder) not to mention that he claimed that she was acting out…well in this case there should have been a female officer there for many legal reasons (note there was one in the area) last but not least the raised foot looked as though it was a direct response to where the cop put his hand. and if you look closer you would see that her foot landed above his crotch. unless they are calling his whole body his groin (which after watching this video and reading about their false statements ..I concur) then her foot looked like it was on the part of the groin closest to his stomach area,

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    This pig’s family should be set on fire in front of him. Then he should be pulled apart with a pair of pliers and fed to dogs.

  • MistyH

    Doesn’t surprise me-it IS Colorado Springs, after all! There’s a reason we left.

  • MistyH

    So she DESERVED to have her teeth knocked out when she didn’t even connect, get a concussion, and lifelong health problems? Yeah, you’re just another sheeple. Police officers are the ones who needs to learn how to behave properly around PEOPLE, not the other way around. She is a tiny woman who was intoxicated (impaired) and HANDCUFFED. She had NO WAY to protect her face, and he knew it.

  • MistyH

    So she DESERVED to have her teeth knocked out when she didn’t even connect, get a concussion, and lifelong health problems? Yeah, you’re just another sheeple. Police officers are the ones who needs to learn how to behave properly around PEOPLE, not the other way around. She is a tiny woman who was intoxicated (impaired) and HANDCUFFED. She had NO WAY to protect her face, and he knew it. So get over it.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    That’s why you don’t hit the pig, that’s why you chop them into small pieces. The only good pig is a dead pig that has been cut to pieces with a pair of hedge shears.

  • Adam

    No you’re still mentioning it. Whose race are we talking about? Officer Walker is white.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    Do you prefer to be cubed in 1 inch cubes or 2 inch cubes?

  • M

    Looks like in slow motion that she kicks the clipboard

  • Ok

    Why’s that?

  • Thug

    It looks to me like he was going to backhand her first and then decided to grab her chest before throwing her down. He has definite anger control problems.

    And where are the hospital staff? It is possible she was actually in their custody and they should not have allowed this to happen.

  • Hmm

    And what is your name/address/number so everyone knows where to find you and everyone you may possibly live with? ;-)

  • Thug

    His statementthat she made remarks about his “personal life” also shows he is immature.
    I think he was also trying to frame her for kicking him in the groin because she wanted to make sure he never could have children.

    His statements are so transparent.

  • Carl

    She brought it on herself. She deserved to get thrown to the ground for trying to kick a cop in the balls. Her injuries are an unfortunate result of that poor decision. First, she was dumb enough to do something to get herself arrested. Second, she kicked the cop. Two moronic decisions. She is the primary cause of her own injuries. It’s time for people to stop behaving like animals and then blaming cops for events that such people set in motion.

  • True

    She never makes contact with him. His reflexes clearly show this. He was angry at her for her mouth and her kicking at him.

  • Carl

    You don’t deserve to live in this country. Go play in Syria or Iraq and learn what happens where cops aren’t around to help you.

  • SSaunders

    I hope he went to Anger Management classes. And was reprimanded for what he did, because i’m pretty sure he would do something like this again if action was not taken. That was unnecessary action he took, and he is supposed to be trained to handle individuals that are combative. He would be out of his league trying to handle a guy this way, what would he have done then?

  • Ok

    For some it may be the best way, and for others that are concerned, they may have different methods of attempting change.
    Agreed, what ever way will result in the most change.

  • Yup

    I’m sure this will be an eye opening experience for him and he will need to go through many programs. He will more than likely realize what he did was too much and attempt to change his behaviors in the future.

  • Andy PepPep

    if someone kicks me in the “balls,” as her lawyer so eloquently put it, gloves are off. That said, I’m not a cop. Definitely think she kicked him.

  • Gregory Townes

    It has to start at the top

  • jst1

    she got what she deserved, never kick a man in the groin and not expect repercussions.

  • lisa

    No need for that! Plus she didn’t kick him in the groin! Just another bad cop who takes their authority too far!

  • Brody

    Smoked him right in the nuts they both took it too far he shouldnt of slammmed her like that but she also isnt in the right for doing that either

  • More to the story

    Let’s not forget why she was even in custody.
    Apparent the cops went to her apartment for a supposed DV call and while they didn’t arrest anyone for that actual call they arrested the boyfriend on an outstanding warrant and her for being “combative” because she was angry her boyfriend was being arrested.

    So,.yet again we have the police inserting themselves into a personal issue, not finding cause to arrest anyone for this but going out of their way to “protect and serve” by arresting a girl who was drinking in her own apartment.

    And anyone who thinks the police can arrest anyine under 21 for drinking better check the law.
    In Colorado you may drink under the age of 21 on private property, with property owners consent and guardian consent. She was 18 and in her own apartment so.she could legally be as drunk as she wants.

  • medievalde44

    fire him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Statements

    Good point. Verbally combative isn’t even an arrestable offense so how can you resist arrest when you haven’t done anything to be arrested for?

    And why are officers that weren’t even present permitted to give statements or make reports on what happened?

    Isn’t that illegal or at the least against policy?

  • Pay

    Cops are paid and trained to accept this sort of thing without over reacting.
    If you don’t like to be kicked without being allowed to throw the person down then don’t accept the paycheck and don’t become a cop.

  • disqus_6on6VB82a5

    When are we also going to learn not to put our hands on each other!!!! This young lady probably thought, I can lay my hand in this case feet and they wont do anything.

  • enemil

    Fire him for excessive force and assault. And if any officer lied in official documents, fire them, as officers of the court, their word is no longer good as testimony as far as I’m concerned.

  • Just wait

    And he probably thought I can slam her face first into the floor and they won’t do anything.
    Now we will see what is done.

  • Thugs

    This all started because he felt disrespected when she didn’t lick his boots back at her apartment.

  • weThePolice

    Fire him??? Why? Calm and cool under pressure, not influenced by gender in preformance his dudies. She was obviosuly a danger to herself and others. He’s the ideal officer

  • weThePolice

    You have no authority to fire anyoen. Just shut up and stay out of th eway

  • weThePolice

    I thought the perp was a female. It IS a female that assaulted the officer .., isn’t it?

  • wolfenii

    It runs wild through the thin blue line.. Everywhere you look. Time to start shooting back..

  • weThePolice

    It’s up to the officer to decide what she deserves.She needed some direct discipline for attempting to inflict serious injury on th eofficer

  • weThePolice

    Thats right, they need to give officers respect and compliunce,, if they want to keep their teeth

  • Lorilei28

    Looks like she kicked him in the groin(doesn’t have to
    be in the balls). Did he overreact? Yes,he did. Did he need back up? Yes, that could’ve helped. Could anyone be a policeman? I couldn’t handle the long days of dealing with ***holes and the pay wouldn’t be high enough to be abused by the public. Too bad there isn’t audio too.

  • Jonathan Reynolds

    Are you actually serious? In what world would that officer have any reason to slam that woman’s face on the ground like that. There is a 100 lb weight difference and in his previous arrest report he commented on how easy she was to subdue. I have a friend who is a retired Marine (side note, due to this, he has PTSD), who I was at a bonfire with one night. At this bonfire, one of the women there who was drunk got angry at him, pulled a burning log from the fire, and began to hit him with it. Want to know how he subdued her? Put her in a head lock until she stopped try to hit him and then called the police. You’re telling me a Marine with PTSD who is being attacked with a burning log can subdue a woman who is smaller than him simply by making her pass out but a police officer who may have been tapped if even that in the groin area cannot calmly subdue a suspect or at the very least non-violently? I can’t believe you just tried to justify his actions.

  • Jess Mary J Walls

    Tht kick doesn’t even look like it made contact this was way out of line I will say the girl holds some responsibility bc there was no need in here attitude or actions however that was a use of unnecessary force especially considering the seize difference

  • Jess Mary J Walls

    I understand where you are coming from and a support your decision to have a positive out look about the goodness of people but im afraid its just not realistic unfortunately the corrupt are fare out waying the honorable these days and I can understand him wanting to leave while I agree that people can make a difference in this world I also do not fault him for choosing to step away especially in these circumstances it could’ve endangered him his job and his future ability to be employed it could’ve cost him everything his family his future his freedom even his life and while some choose to take those risks and its admirable that they do I can completely understand choosing to step away as well. I know I would want to help in anyway I could but if it came down between choosing the safety of my family and myself knowing they depend on me my first instinct is to protect them just food for thought

  • Nope

    Women who take YMCA defense courses would have handled that better.

  • Seicho

    Nothing happens to them. That’s the point. You can change from outside but changing from within by calling fellow officers out just isn’t happening.

  • Nope

    I doubt there was even a reason for her to have been arrested. The police were in the wrong from the start.

  • gtbike

    She kicked his clipboard…after being slammed into a chair handcuffed.

  • 1in7billion

    JC wins the award for posting the stupidest comment on this thread. There have been a few other idiotic comments, but his takes the cake.

  • Jess Mary J Walls

    Im not trying to be rude but this is a completely ignorant statement you are classifying all cops as bad and that they all need to be put down when that just isn’t the case they are goodand bad the same as the rest of us this man is not abad man but he was a cop my grandmother was one as while and retired shes one of the best women you will ever meet and I also know plenty of cops that are on our force in my town that are amazing people id even call some of them friends so stop stereotyping and perpetuating hate where it isn’t warranted well yes some are bad maybe even most but there are still good ones who just love doing there joband protecting there people and well there isno excuse for what some of these officers have done you should also remember some of them have become this bc instead of being respected and appreciated for the job they preform they were cursed at ridiculed and spat on so they decided to become what they were being accused of if we as citizens would support those of our officers who are just trying to fo their jobs and vote the right people into places of authority instead of constantly butting heads with “the man” things would get better

  • Jess Mary J Walls

    Unfortunately you are probably right I was merely mentioning her responsibility if the cops report about her behavior was true but as I said even if it was that was completely uncalled for and an abuse of his badge for sure

  • She didn’t kick him, though. What I saw was a response to being pushed back onto a chair and trying to regain her balance. You can see in the video that her foot goes past the officer’s hip. It’s clear that she didn’t kick him or kick at him because if she had made contact, her foot would not be visible beyond the officer’s body. This is clear police brutality. I urge you to watch it again more closely because I’m not the only commenter who saw her foot.

  • John

    What kind of dumbass logic is comparing a married couple fighting to a police officer slamming a citizen to the ground and breaking her teeth?

  • Tam Bernard

    Welcome to the world…I don’t know why anyone is shocked or surprised, people are people and I don’t care what job they are doing, the negative side is always there ready and able to strike. You condemn the police, well, there are many other professions where wickedness is quite evident. Child welfare workers for instance. Innocent kids who are considered worthless by their own parent(s) are bartered and shuffled through a system that couldn’t care less about their ultimate end. Have first hand knowledge, decent people who want to adopt kids are put through the mill and finally the poor kids have to remain in foster care, why? It is more profitable for the state and the child welfare system. What makes that situation less horrific than the violence a rogue police officer delivers to an inmate? Do you honestly believe that one or more conscientious child welfare workers can make a change in the system? Circling the wagon is done in all phases of government agencies. As frustrating as it may seem, I do believe there are more good ones out there than the occasional hot heads.

  • LaPaul Newman

    it is sad she has had her face damaged and incurred pain …….. but when will people stop fighting against the police or any type of enforcement …. she was not there because she did not deserve to be there. Now if she had not kicked him after being put into the chair all would be good…. the attorney says could not have kicked him in to balls well you can sure feel the hurt with just a glance to feel pain .. you do not know unless you have been there… He did what he had to in his judgement and IMO nothing wrong

  • simpleton

    What are doing about it?

  • simpleton

    Jess, an admirable post, but a pipe-dream. I don’t doubt there are some good people under those badges, but its not longer a profession ANYONE can be proud of. Far too many videos have come out in the last couple years that demonstrate even the so called good cops can’t get things to change for fear of retaliation. Therefore, its hopeless.

  • bali1228

    B*llshit. I just re-watched it twice and she *did* kick him. She may not have hit him square in his testicles, but she did graze him (with his clipboard likely taking the brunt of the kick). He pushes her in the chair, she sits for a beat, and then she kicks her lower leg out purposefully and quickly in an attempt to kick his groin.

    That being said, he was totally unprofessional. There is no excuse for a police officer to use that much force on any citizen. Their oath is to protect and serve…..no matter how much the person in custody may be asking for it.

  • simpleton

    You’re referring to one person who tried to do something over 40 years ago. Its apples and oranges. The only thing that is the same now as was 40 years ago is that cops still wear a badge and carry a gun. Other than that, its a completely different environment, attitude and even their goals as law enforcement has changed. The focus is now on revenue generation and complete authority.

  • simpleton

    Can’t do that either. The mayor in Baltimore put a moratorium on some type of thing awhile back and the cops just said “fuck it” we ain’t gonna work if we can’t be killin’ and stealin’. The city’s revenue from citations dropped 90% and they were forced to drop the moratorium. The unions also are too strong.

  • Ian Battles

    I didn’t shoot the cop, I “escorted a bullet through his body”.

  • simpleton

    I have no doubt that cop hated her. She sounds like a 10 out of 10 on the pain in the ass meter. Even tried to kicked him in the nuts (but missed). That being said, he (and all other cops) have to realize that they can’t just “fuck em up” because they piss you off. Personally, the guy is safe. he’s probably not going to be charged criminally or lose his job, but his antics just cost the city millions. If I was city manager or mayor, I would be telling these knucklehead to stop doing this shit. Provide them incentive and let them know that they could probably earn 10% more per year if the city wasn’t spending so god damn much money on lawsuits.

  • bali1228

    I don’t think Lorilei28 was justifying his actions, just that policing is a difficult job that not everyone can do (this officer in particular springs to mind). The woman was clearly combative. However, I don’t think that warranted a face plant.

  • So wrong

    Years ago I worked with children ages 9-12, in a youth facility, as part of a college internship.

    I was kicked in the side by one. I was 20, still in college, had no training with violence, but I knew I couldn’t strike a child no matter how much it hurt or how angry he made me.

    I didn’t touch that child, nor did I retaliate in other ways that were in my power. I took my badly bruised self, made a report, told his case workers and made sure he got the help he needed.

    Now why can’t a specially trained police officer react better? And why is he permitted to even do it to begin with? If he can’t control his reaction he needs a new line of work.

    It doesn’t matter what she did. What matters was his wrong reaction.

  • IronGod1640 .

    Trying to be a good and professional cop, or I guess you would say “the odd one out”, isn’t that easy or simple. I have a friend who is a cop, a female, and she feels bullied often. She is miserable at being one of few female officers in a male dominated profession and always being passed up for promotions. The boys like to stick together. I know this isn’t exactly the same situation, but the point is that the majority of officers will back each other up and make life miserable for those that don’t play along.
    The good cops have to decide whether it’s worth staying in a position that sucks the joy out of their life. Sure, they’d like to make changes, but it’s really hard to do by themselves. It’s even worse when the media blows everything out of proportion. Not that this situation is being blown up. This cop was excessive.

  • Kate

    Just a quick view of video, seems she assaulted him first? I do agree his response to slam a hand cuffed woman was EXCESSIVE but jeeez ppl if in police custody keep your mouth shut and DON’T kick the police!!

  • Karianne Jones

    I gotta say it … ok if a gnat brushes a guys balls they swear a donkey kicked them .. i watch where his hand and arm SLAMMED her down in the chair… well believe it or not a females INternal organs can be damaged beyond repair… such as hitting a woman in the ovaries uterus bladder can make her sterile… cause bladder and possibly colon issues .. he did slam her down and hold her there with brute force and such… that pelvic mesh stuff… that will screw a woman up… so there is that possibility now … so 19 and pissing all over herself due to bladder damage.. unable to have kids.. not to mention the emotional and mental issues im sure this has caused.. so there ya go a 19 yr healthy woman … screwed because some big bully of a cop just couldnt handle her mouth… cop better grow some thicker skin or retire and go hermit his ass away from society…if she actually did manage to make any contact … which really… no … when she lifted her leg he was already blocking she never got near his dumb ass.. but to show what a MAN he was and how lil girl your gonna listen to me blah blah… he face slammed her with her arms cuffed unable to break the fall or protect her face in any way… he should pay all dental and medical and for therapy… maybe sit in the county lock up like other men who do that to women do.. think about his bullshit… pay fines out the ass… and pray he didnt mess her up internally… because if he did… he will never own a thing in his life again.. her lawyer is pretty shrewd … and im pretty sure .. she would tie up his every spare cent in legal costs and proceedings … its time cops learn they CANT DO THAT … like the fool in texas who grabbed that poor black girl by her head and swung her around actually lifting both her feet off the ground at one point .. because he told her to leave and she said… ok let me find my glasses please and he went Macho female / in her case child abuser … this cop did the same thing.. and because theres no audio its his word against hers that she was being rude… she actually looked really calm and you could tell she wasnt yelling before he slammed his hand and arm in to her pelvis and shoved her down and back in the chair… tell ya what …. treat me like that… i damn sure will yell your ears off… i dont have to take that crap from ANYONE ,, and after years of abuse i learned that… noone touches me unless theres permission granted or im in an ambulance but even then i tend to be watchful… hes ruined her… and should pay for the rest of his damn days because shes got a long life to live like this now

  • Calum

    Police Officers are Citizens as well. People seem to forget that. In their service they must be held to higher standards as they are representatives of the Law. They’re given the power of authority and therefore should be held more accountable for their actions. Injuring any handcuffed person to this extent should be immediate loss of badge, revocation of pension, and jail time. No ifs ands or buts. The law needs to be rewritten to stop protecting and exempting on-duty officers from force excessive force. There is far too much red tape. Red Tape prevents accountability.

  • lol

    Graduating from the police academy appears to come with a master’s in creative writing.

  • Matt Becham

    She dont have that many problems. lawyer made it up.

  • Matilda Mayes

    Get off your high horse, Ok. What are YOU doing about it? At least the cop admits this was messed up and wants nothing more to do with the force.

  • Matt Becham

    people have gotten worse so that gets to any human.

  • Karianne Jones

    if you frame by frame the video it shows the CLIPBOARD not anywhere near his precious danglies but down by his knee..she did hit the clipboard… but never even grazed his delicates in anyway… makes me wanna put on my steeltoes and sing here coppy coppy coppy… here to teach you what a ball kick is … and im even shorter than she is hahahaha… he needs to pray he didnt do internal damage to her ovaries bladder uterus and as hard as he was pushing.. possibly her colon.. because if he did .. hes gonna pay for life for what hes done.. she wasnt even yelling at him .. watch how calm she is and talking calmly before he slams her down and back in to that chair…. hes a lying asshole just like the tx cop who told that 14 yr old black girl to leave and she said OK i need to find my glasses first and he went all macho abuserman on her.. slamming her down on her face… and spinning her by her head and making her feet leave the ground at one point just before she smacked grass…. i hope he gets fired… the cops cant not do this shit… this is part of the reason shits the way it is right now .. bully cops … trigger happy and abuse oriented so sad….

  • Freedom

    Jess, not all statements made here are the general thought of us all. I know there are good and bad people (and cops). I know of stories where a cop will go out of their way to make a difference for the good. But what makes the good cops bad..?..not standing up to their shitty brothers and sisters when they have gone too far. It’s the blue code of silence that they are taught not to cross. It has been stated before, if they do, they are looked at as not a team player, and basically their career is over. They are not trusted by their big brother fraternity anymore. That in my eyes makes them the bad one’s as well.

  • C

    They wouldn’t be dealing with assholes in most situations if they themselves didn’t act like assholes. There is a reason why there are special officers called negotiators who handle suicide talk downs and hostage situations. A calmer voice can often diffuse a horrible situation much quicker and safer than coming at someone who is anxious and feels threatened. The officers should have sat her down and immediately stepped away. She was handcuffed. She was not going to be running anywhere fast. The way he sat her on the chair was also quite violent and is probably what caused her to get even more irate. On top of that he knew she was most likely intoxicated. He should have handled the situation with care not Authority and Violence.

  • CopsKill

    Another assault by the police…nothing will happen.
    Never trust police.

  • Payton Rush

    No, she definitely tried to kick him. But she barely tapped his leg. She definitely did not hit anything in his groin area, but barely touched his leg. It was not something to regain her balance, but it definitely was not reason enough to throw her down on the ground and slam her face onto the floor. This video made me physically sick.

  • lol

    Men should be castrated before getting a badge considering how delicate it obviously is.
    For his own safety.

    Assuming he had any balls to start with.

  • lol

    Don’t these victims of police violence ever know someone who knows someone?

    If that happened to me I would have to beg people not to F that cop up. And then I can’t be sure some of my hick cousins wouldn’t just do it for fun on a Saturday night.

  • Aileen Perna

    I watched the video and don’t believe she connected when she attempted to kick him in the groin. I would say balls but its obvious he doesn’t have the ones he was born with if he can treat a woman in handcuffs like that. He should be fired for his actions.

  • FioreNero

    Did anybody else notice that, even though she did kick, her foot never makes direct contact? If she kicked him that hard he would have been pushed backwards. So, I would say that cop needs anger management and to pay the unnecessary medical bills that he caused her to incur.

  • mobooz

    Makes sense, former dealers had to move into new markets.

  • Common Sense

    Reremember what Sean Connery said about women. Sorta old school like that.

  • Common Sense

    Ooohhh, so ominous…..

  • Ian Battles

    But sadly, only works of fiction.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    I completely stand by my statement. They might go into it being good cops, but it takes very little time until they are blackmailed into silence because of the piece of shit pigs they work with. A large chunk of my family is law enforcement, I know exactly what I’m talking about.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    Actually people have gotten better, crime statistics are down.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    This is exactly what I hear from the retired law enforcement in my family. And they retired from the department after 30 years of employment.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    You don’t understand the motives behind the reason the cops are trained this way. You believe that law enforcement is there to protect you, you don’t understand the reason they exist. You live in a fairy land where you believe the media.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    The guy should lose his skin to a cheese shredder. And that’s no exaggerated statement, he should die for his actions.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    City folk don’t understand how easy it is for a body to disappear in the woods, they don’t understand that in less than a week that body is gone.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    You are a fool then. Not a big surprise, there’s one born every day.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    Fuck pigs, the only good pig is a dead pig. He should be gutted and hung by his own intestines. That pretty much goes for all pigs, the streets will run with their blood.

  • gman91478

    If this was my daughter, first, I would put her drunk ass in rehab until she snaps out of what ever stupidity she got herself into. Second, I would make this asshole’s life hell for what he did to the girl. I support members of our nations police departments as a general whole; they mean well and really do want to protect their towns, cities, counties, and states. Unfortunatley, the bad cops (like this one) are the only ones we really hear about in the media (these stories bring higher ratings). S. J Sampsel put it best: he’s a bully. He either is a mysoginist or has no respect or honor for his badge by abusing his “power and authority.” If a cop cannot control his/her temper in stressful situations (or, in this case, simply annoying situations), they need to be at a desk pushing paperwork instead of in the field. If a cop thinks he/she is above the law, that individual should not have the honor of protecting his/her community.

  • Scipio

    It’s ironic that if a drunk woman punches a guy at a bar and he completely destroys her Dante’s inferno is unleashed upon the dude, but if a 190 pound cop face slams a handcuffed woman into the floor everyone tries to justify it. The irony

  • WD!

    Looks like she kicked
    At what he hand in in hands, tough angle

  • WD!

    Pathetic shill

  • WD!

    Weak theory, “dope” has always been easy to get, legal or illegal, legalizing it wouldn’t increase violence, but you know that don’t you shill?

  • mioman

    as for the pay.. the money you can steal plus all the perks are worth thousands

  • mioman

    well said C That’s there job to deal with assholes get use to it or quit

  • kaththee

    I think he has a point. I mean you couldn’t do this to another human being who was bound no less and not face serious criminal charges. Try pointing to a non existent wound and telling the police that is why you threw a person head first on the floor breaking out teeth and causing a concussion. Walker is a piece of excrement. That tiny girl had two hand tied behind her back and he threw her on the face. What a POS.

  • kaththee

    That was really well put. After he is fired he should be handcuffed and then beaten by someone twice his size.

  • kaththee

    I didn’t approve of the 19 year old football players lack of self-control, but he isn’t in the same category as that monster who slammed a helpless woman on her head. The football player is just a teenager himself. He was wrong and overreacted but it is forgivable. This is inexcusable.

  • kaththee

    I knew a girl who was kidnapped by a child molester and “saved” by a cop from a very small town police force. The girl was drunk out of her mind and babysitting her was a complete pain in the butt. At one point she even got one of the cops guns and ran out of the building and hid in the shrubbery out front. They managed to get her back in the building and recover the gun without harming a hair on her head. My friend said that they didn’t even get angry with her. They just rolled their eyes. She was 12 and drunk. That was in the 80s. Today they would save her and then kill her and think nothing of it.

  • kaththee

    Exactly most of them seek to escalate every single situation.

  • Mitt Zombie

    The taxpayers will end up paying for this, it should come out of the cops own pocket. He of course should be fired and lose his pension, and probably go to jail.

  • Mitt Zombie

    She tried to kick him for the way he shoved her, he was wrong first. The he was really wrong, he could have killed her.

  • Carl

    I hope that the FBI finds you and sends you for a swim with cinderblock fins.

  • Buck D Elder

    Thank you for your service in the construction industry.

  • Karianne Jones

    RIGHT!! hahaha i know way to many race car drivers both dirt and NASCAR if some one breathes at me wrong i have a zillion drivers saying got a prob? we fix it LOL her boyfriend was there .. he was being treated .. for what i dont know maybe a lil to drunk but yea i agree .. and he needs some of those southern cornfed BigBoys to pay him a visit in the dead of the night hehehe shes jacked up bad .. i feel for her

  • Karianne Jones

    oh man im laughing so hard right now .. ya made my day which has been cruddy hehe well she kicked the clipboard and if his balls hang to his knee then that mans got serious dangly issues .haha

  • Onlywifey

    Nope. Not buying the sob story. The woman got what she had coming after repeatedly kicking and spitting on police officers. He told her to sit, the idiot crackhead should have sat. As a woman, I am uncomfortable thinking that had she been male, the news wouldn’t bother running this.

  • Onlywifey

    You are wasting your time, although you expressed yourself well. Some people need to cling to their hate because they fear they have nothing else.

  • Onlywifey

    She had also been spitting on him. God knows what diseases she could pass. These days that’s as good as a hard hit.

  • limdog

    It also appears the tried to bite him as well. Notice the way her head moves right before she kicks him. I think the audio might have proved that she was non compliant, but we don’t have it.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    I don’t think you have a grasp on true hatred. I will allow you your ignorance, and allow you your arrogance to believe you know better.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    He has got to work pretty hard to be that dumb.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    Just like it’s up to me to decide when those pigs go out to the forest. Field dressing men brings out a lot of critters.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    Fucking pigs don’t care when I say you stupid bastard. But maybe you would like me to visit your family, is that what I’m hearing?

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    I gotta come play on this side sometime, it’s scary how dumb people are.

  • 1in7billion

    Maybe he should consider a career in law enforcement.

  • Carl

    Is that what you’re threatening to do? I want to be clear on that when I contact the FBI. That will eliminate any ambiguity that might impede your arrest.

  • Law

    “The woman got what she had coming”

    I guess you really like the taste of boot leather?

    “He told her to sit, the idiot crackhead should have sat.”

    I bet you sing “O’ER THE LAAAAAND OF THE FREEEEEEEE” especially loudly when you’re attending your sporting event circuses.

  • Onlywifey

    How cute. Nope, actually I am not much of a joiner, nor do I like to draw attention to myself in public.
    Not so for this chucklehead. This female was reported by her neighbors for a disturbance wherein she and her partner were both violent and under the influence of whatever. She kept the violence at a high.
    It’s possible she is mentally ill and deserves pity and treatment, in which case I was overly harsh.
    Otherwise, she’s just another violent jerk who expects that any negative consequences of her lousy choices, will be someone else’s fault. Is the cop blameless? No. But let’s hold this female accountable for her part in the debacle.

  • Onlywifey

    19 is an adult. Poor “kids” go to jail all the time at 19 for doing less.

  • Ardalan

    A bad move by officer. he was right but he made a mistake by act like that.
    she is a possible low life drug abuser / thief / dealer and has a long list of felonies in her background at the PD, but now trying to score something.
    it is very simple: you are innocent? why are you in handcuffs? OK, it was a mistake!? wait and everything will be clear soon. why kick around like donkeys?
    police officer in other hand… not much to say. he responded like a rookie.
    stupids are everywhere and they just see a video like “Look! he smacked a girl what a BASTARD!” .. they don’t try to think who is she or what would they do in that situation to control a lunatic and possible U.I problematic suspect or felon?
    anyway, it was too much. just put her on the ground with less force and knee on her back. it hurts a lot more and less headache for yourself. you won’t be accuse as bully or other things by bunch of momma boys and girls.

  • Ed

    Unacceptable!! Doesn’t matter what a tiny pissed/intoxicated girl could said or do handcuffed to anyone. The actions and injuries are unjustified. Really? For a small kick like that? He pushed her down! She was provoked to react!! Please don’t say he did the right thing! I’m not saying she was wrong but that was extremely over excessive force. There are many other ways to approach this situations. That Animal has to be punish. You wonder why cops are seem like a threat.

  • Midnight

    Typical swine beating on women…just like at their homes…

  • Matilda Mayes

    Nobody should have to keep their mouth shut and do what a bigger person with a gun tells them to do. You’re entitled to your opinion, but I’m also entitled to tell you that it grosses me out.

  • SJ – First and foremost thank you for your Service as a Law Enforcement Profesional. Also thank you for the comment and insight you shared in your post.

    You were an Officer in the early 70’s and I want to ask you a question.

    Why do you think the current Police system is so screwed up from when you served? Is it the simple fact that we now have cameras in our pockets? Is it Cops coming home from War with PTSD or something wired differently? Had it always been like this and we, as a Nation, are finally waking up to this epidemic?

    I hope my questions are taken in the proper context. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this subject.

    Once again thank you for being one of the “Good Guys” that children used to admire, respect, and dream of growing up to become.

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