Kidnapped by the State of Texas

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Officers Involved: Only one arresting officer named, out of 6-8 officers on scene. The only name and badge number given was: Holland 3204
Department Involved: Fort Worth Police Department, Texas. Tarrant County jail.

Fort Worth Police PatchMy nurse friend and I were asked by a well known, all night diners employee, of where we finished eating and were leaving. The employee told us there was a man in parking lot that needed help. Would we just check on him?! She’s a nurse, and I like to help. We ventured to parking lot to find a small, caucasion businessman lying face first in parking lot.

My friend and I got him standing, walking and talking slowly across lot, as he was drunk and upset about something. Yet not violent in any way. Suddenly, and what happened next, happened so fast, there was no time to video or even move.

Suddenly this harmless man and I were surrounded by three cop cars. Before we could think, out flew this huge, pock faced, beaked nosed, cop. The drunk guy took one step and this cop cuffed, picked up, and threw this slight man through the open back door of one of the cop cars. As drunk stranger slammed across the backseat, into opposite back door, this same cop, leaned into the back seat, and proceeded to pepper spray the cuffed, detained, in enclosed space, man. Literally five inches from the mans face. Up and down his body. Soaking the suffocating guy.

It was then I yelled out, ” Why are you spraying him?!?! He didn’t do anything to you!!!!”

The spraying cop turned to me and told the other cops standing around to arrest me. I was arrested and they “forgot” to lock my cuffs. I was taken miles away to Mansfield maximum security holding for 5 days. Then I was booked in Tarrant county jail as a trustee for another five days.

My friend searched for me to bond out. I didn’t show up in system for eight days. No one knew where I was for eight days!!!
Just for exclaiming out loud from watching excessive force. I had no warrants. No drugs. No tickets. No probation. Nothing.

I was charged, and plead guilty to “interfering with duties” a class b misdemeanor. If my speaking up was interfering with this cops duties, I am guilty and would speak out again, upon witnessing police brutality.

Shantay Thompson

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