Video Shows Cops Attack Teen For Refusing To Give Name

A short video has surfaced showing officers in West Deptford, New Jersey, attack a teenager for refusing to state his name.

The footage shows one officer ask the boy, identified as 18-year-old Chris James Cuneo, “Whats your first name?”

“I’m not telling you,” the teen responds.

“OK then, you’re going to get arrested for obstruction,” the officer says.

“For obstruction of what?” the teen asks.

“Obstructing my investigation,” the officer retorts.

“Give him your name,” another officer commands.

After the teen refuses again, the officers get physical by appearing to smack away his recording device and take him to the ground.

“Why are you punching him, why are you punching him?” a bystander can be heard asking the officers. “That’s not right. Don’t punch him”

Watch the raw footage:

The video was posted Saturday on twitter by an individual claiming to be a friend of the teen.

He told this investigator that police responded to a party last night as people were leaving, and told the 18-year-old to stay.

He claims that after the the teen was assaulted, he was charged with “hindering, resisting arrest, and obstruction” and “was not read his rights.”

Pictures posted to Facebook appear to show stitches or staples received to treat facial wounds allegedly sustained from police officers and Cuneo claims he was knocked unconscious.

“I took two steps towards the door and they bum rushed me,” Cuneo said. “The cop I was talking to got on top of me on the ground and punched me 3 times in the face, knocking me unconscious.”

A woman identifying herself as Cuneo’s mother called the incident “extreme,” and added that it was “not necessary for [police] to use brutal fore like that.”

The officers involved have been identified as Creedon and Svenson. West Deptford police are reviewing the incident.

Individuals have the right to remain silent when talking to police.

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